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Everyone Is Talking About NBA Tinder Habits

It all started with a lengthy ESPN article from Tom Haberstroh detailing how the 21st Century has changed the partying habits of NBA players. Back in the 1990s, teams weren’t nearly as good on the road as they are in the present day. Haberstroh anonymously interviewed several NBA execs and players, and they all reached the same conclusion: it’s very easy to get laid in today’s NBA with dating apps like Tinder, and that is the reason that teams do better on the road in the year 2017. Not a better fitness regime, not some crazy new advancement in rehabilitation and recovery, nope. Just good old-fashioned intercourse.

“It’s absolutely true that you get at least two hours more sleep getting laid on the road today versus 15 years ago,” one former NBA All-Star told Haberstroh.

This article set off a firestorm of reactions from various media outlets. Everyone from Maxim to Bleacher Report published articles reacting to this strange phenomenon, and it seems nobody can get enough of gossiping about the sex life of professional athletes.

Back in the day, things in the NBA used to get dicey after dark. In the ESPN article, former No. 1 overall pick John Lucas discussed how cocaine was a constant presence in 1980’s NBA. We all know the story of Len Bias’ cocaine-related death in 1986. Many other players have since come clean and admitted to excessive drug use during their playing days. The 1990s weren’t much better. Even when drugs weren’t involved and guys were just trying to find a lucky lady, they used to have to actually go to a club and put a little bit of effort into their evening rituals.

The concept that better road records in 2017 can be attributed to Tinder and other dating apps, however, is mind blowing. The article also talks about the fact that athletes are becoming more disciplined and staying out of the public eye, which sounds like a much more likely explanation for improved road performance. The “tinderization” of the NBA, as one executive called it, however, is a much more interesting tangent of thought. Plenty of people weighed in on the topic and offered their opinions:



Andre offers us a thrilling discovery:


And this fake Tracy McGrady account took it upon themselves to roast the poor guy for writing the article in the first place:



So, who knows? Maybe Tinder actually is making NBA players better on the road. Tinder and other social media apps have also done their fair share of harm to the NBA, so let’s not go crowning them the savior of the league. Just ask Draymond Green and D’Angelo Russell about Snapchat.