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Real Madrid, will the dynasty end?

So for all of you that watched the Champions League yesterday, you saw Ronaldo do Ronaldo things. Real Madrid was down 2-0 in the aggregate going into the second leg, some thought it was over for Madrid. But it’s never over when you have a freak athlete like Cristiano Ronaldo. He came to play yesterday and scored a hat trick to advance his team to the semi finals. This is why he is known as arguably the best player in the world. When the team needs him the most, he shows up and produces. Which is incredible how he still shines for Real Madrid looking at the other talents on Madrid. Just to name a few, Bale, Benzema,┬áRodriguez, and Modric. So yes, if Madrid is smart they will do whatever it takes to keep Ronaldo on their team and make him happy. There has been a lot of chatter however if the Madrid players are happy and whether or not the team you see next season will even look similar to the one you see now.

First rumor is that the current right wing of Madrid aka Gareth Bale is going to reject a new contract with Madrid and come back to the Premier League with Manchester United or City. My thoughts on this…if this happens, that would be a huge blow to Madrid because they really do not have a back up in this position. With that said, they easily have the funds to go buy someone to fit that role but then team chemistry becomes a problem. If you don’t think chemistry really effects a teams performance, just look at Chelsea or Leicester City.

Second rumor, also a rumor that happens every off season….. will Ronaldo be moving back to Manchester United?? This year, I could see it happening more than ever because of the fact that he is getting to the age where he only has one or two more transfers left before he starts to decline in skill. He always talks about how Manchester United was like a home for him and how he loves the fans and coaches there. So what if he left? Well, Madrid would have to learn that they just can’t rely on Ronaldo. Which I think they might become better as a team and play more of a team game rather than Ronaldo being a focal point. This also might open up some room for other players to shine on the team. You never know, the next Ronaldo might be right in front of us but just hasn’t been given the chance yet. ┬áIf this happens, it would be for a ridiculous amount of money. So there is probably a .001% chance of it happening…still a chance though.

Finally, Sergio Ramos. Ramos has been linked to the Premier League with a lot of sources saying he is unhappy at Madrid. I can see this because he has been there for so long and maybe he is just looking for something new. He’s not considered “old” yet but he is getting there. Once you hit 30, in my eyes, you really have 5 -7 years tops before you ship off to the MLS aka the retirement home. So a move this summer would be a good thing for him. Let’s hope he goes to Chelsea, now that would be nice.

So if Real Madrid lost all of these players, would their dynasty be able to adapt and still carry on?

Answer to the question: yes. I think they can as long as the organization is willing to spend a lot of money on good players. If they keep buying people for stupid amounts of money like they have done in the past, they can keep the team stacked for a while. But if they decide not to, or if the signings fail miserably and they start losing money, it’s over. Honestly I hope they fail, some BBVA team pulls a Leicester City, wins the league, and establish a new dynasty. I hope that team is Real Betis….hot jerseys.