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Why Manchester City could finally win the Champions League

Huge story in the Champions League. Ronaldo didn’t play in the first leg game against Man City. They tied 0-0 and now are going to Madrid for the second leg. This will be a huge game, and did I mention that Ronaldo is also doubtful for this game? Real’s main striker, Benzema is doubtful. Yes, Madrid has home field advantage but, they might be missing two of their stars. Let’s start with Madrid’s starting line up. Their defense is pretty solid with Pepe and Ramos but, Ramos is said to be unhappy with Madrid. So his mind might be else where. Midfield is obviously world class but has been disappointing at times like James Rodriguez. Then they still have Bale up top but he also has been disappointing.

Reason why I think Manchester City could win this stage.

  1. Kevin De Bruyne: He has been looking very good this year with scoring a lot of goals for Manchester City.  He has only been on the team for a year but has been looking promising and in good form.
  2. They have a world class team. With having players like Aguero, Touré, Kompany, Silva and Sterling, their team has never preformed to their potential in the Champions League. With players like these they should have a good chance now.
  3. Weakness of Real Madrid: Basically what I talked about earlier.

If they win the next game they will be in the finals. Which I predict they will, by beating Real Madrid 2-1. They will either play Bayern Munich or Atletico Madrid. I think it will  be Bayern personally, who are a very good team but beatable. Bayern sometimes just blows games in their league that they should win. Also they almost got knocked out in the Champions League but pulled back in the second game. So if my prediction stays true with Man City winning, then I believe they could beat Bayern in the finals. Also, they play at Wembley Stadium. Which for all of you that don’t know is in England. Thats like Man City having home field advantage.

This is why City has a good chance at winning the title this year. They are closer than ever so if Madrid is injured they have a great chance. If they play as a team with chemistry they can’t be beat. Go City!