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Bashing the Broncos

Sunday proved to be an important win for the New England Patriots.

Facing the Denver Broncos in Denver is never an easy task, especially against what remains of one of the greatest defenses of all time from last season.

Is it too early to say that? Last year’s Broncos defense was one of the greatest defenses OF ALL TIME? Maybe that’s too bold of a statement? I’m sure that’s an argument for a different day. For now I’m going to go with it…

It got to the point on Sunday afternoon where Tom Brady didn’t even need to get going to win the game. The Broncos defense got manhandled although it was never shown on the scoreboard. It was a battle of run games and lines.

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For the home team, the Broncos offensive line is simply weak. Gary Kubiak’s offense revolves around having a running back that can wear down defenses (see: the revolving door of running back success last year for the Broncos and Kubiak’s stint of success with Arian Foster for the Houston Texans) and a quarterback that has decent footwork. This is why Brock looked better than Peyton Manning last year: the old timer just didn’t have quick feet anymore. The problem this year is that they haven’t been able to maintain health at the running back position and their offensive line hinders running back progression. The Patriots did a good job locking down the big weapons at wide receiver in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders and the running game essentially took care of itself.

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For the Patriots on offense, there’s a lot to applaud here. The Broncos defense simply can’t guard the run without Danny Trevathan and Malik Jackson while also missing key guys like Brandon Marshall to injury. The pass rush is as good as ever with a line consisting of Derek Wolfe, Demarcus Ware and the unstoppable Von Miller. Except.. Von Miller was stopped on Sunday… multiple times. In fact, if right after last season’s AFC Championship Game I told you that the next time these teams were to face off Patriots lineman Marcus Canon would shut down Von Miller you would’ve laughed in my face. The funniest part is that it actually happened. It was a battle, but the line managed to hold just enough. Dion Lewis led the team in rushing, while LeGarrette Blount got his 15th running TD of the season and dominated carries in the final quarter of the game. The two of the combined typically ran on first and second down and got enough yardage, if they didn’t convert the first down, where Tom Brady just had to make a routine play to convert for a new first down. The Patriots played the clock more than they did the opposing team, and in turn they won the game.

Not a bad idea to play it safe against the Broncos in Denver, a team that typically gives us trouble in a place that usually gives Tom hell. This week should prove to be a tad bit easier when playing the struggling Jets at home.


NFL Preview Week 15

The hunt for the Lombardi Trophy is in full force. December games are always ones that can make or break a franchise’s playoff hopes, and there are still 23 teams eligible to make it into the playoffs. There are a number of games this week that could be critical to a teams playoff chances. Let’s take a look at week 15’s top 5 match-ups.

Sunday 1:00

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints : News Photo

Philadelphia Eagles @ Baltimore Ravens

After settling with a tough loss last Monday night to the New England Patriots, tempers flared this week at Ravens practice as veteran WR Steve Smith slammed his helmet in frustration and walked off the practice field. It will be interesting to see if the many veterans on the team can settle the squad and move to this week’s matchup with the Eagles. Philly looks to rebound from their four game losing streak and douse Baltimore’s hope at sneaking into the playoff picture. This game will definitely have a playoff atmosphere at M&T Bank Stadium tomorrow. Ravens will use some of that old magic and Coach John Harbaugh will have his troops ready, Ravens win.

Ravens 28-Eagles 17

Washington Redskins v New York Giants : News Photo

Detroit Lions @ New York Giants

The Giants are coming off  a huge win last week against the division leading Dallas Cowboys. Their defense seems to be firing on all cylinders and offseason acquisitions Janoris Jenkins and Olivier Vernon seem to be worth every penny. Detroit currently has a two game lead in their division, but Aaron Rodgers seems to be getting back into his old self and the Packers are rolling . And trust me, Detroit does not want to let them back into the picture. This is a must win for both teams. Although Detroit is in better position to make the playoffs, my senses tell me that when Giants are in the playoff hunt, they’re probably going to win.

Giants 24- Lions 17


AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Denver Broncos : News Photo

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

Mile High has never been a friendly place for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots as it is one of the only places they have a losing record in the Belichick era. However, this is a much different Broncos team than what we saw in January of last year. No Peyton Manning and no CJ Anderson means that it is a whole new ball game and the advantage goes to the Patriots. Brady seems to have found comfort in rookie Malcolm Mitchell and newcomer Chris Hogan. The Pats also have Dion Lewis and Legarette Blount in the backfield this time and Denver can’t stop the run. Advantage Patriots. Although you can never predict what will happen in Mile High, I still think it’s pretty clear. Pats win

Patriots 31- Denver 14


Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints : News Photo

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys

At the beginning of the season, no one would have guessed that the Bucs would be in the playoff hunt and the Cowboys would be at the top of the NFC. But they are and this is going to be a FANTASTIC football game. Dak Prescott vs. Jameis Winston. Two future star NFL QB’s squaring up for their first real December football game with playoff implications. If you look at the standings, this game on paper is needed more by the Bucs to keep their playoff hopes alive as they sit 6th in the NFC.

As we have heard from Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, he loves his quarterback situation and he sees both as potential Super Bowl winning players. This might give pause to Dak Prescott, making him feel as if he is on the hot seat after losing to the Giants in New York. If he loses again, Tony Romo might get the nod to go for the rest of the season. It will be very interesting to watch. I love Dak Prescott and I think his future in the NFL is bight, but the Bucs are on a roll and I think they keep it going Sunday Night in Jerry’s World. Bucs win.

Buccaneers 27-Cowboys 24

Monday Night 8:30

Pittsburgh Steelers v Washington Redskins : News Photo

Carolina Panthers @ Washington Redskins

Another good Monday Night match up will leave NFL fans happy as the Washington Redskins look to keep their playoff hopes alive with a big win at home against the reigning NFC champions Carolina Panthers. This game has A LOT more implication than that. Former Carolina Panthers CB Josh Norman will be suiting up with the Redskins in his first game against his old team. He has shown a lot of animosity towards them due to this past offseason when they chose to part ways instead of making Norman the highest paid CB in the NFL. This would be a great way for him to show his old team what he’s worth. With a big victory as well as kicking the Panthers while they’re down after their abysmal season. Redskins get the W.YOU LIKE THAT!

Redskins 34- Panthers 24



Week 14 Preview

College Football can finally take a backseat to the NFL this week as we only have the Army-Navy game to “enjoy”, and the selection of the Heiman trophy winner, should be Deshaun Watson, but I digress. The Kansas City Chiefs flexed a fat muscle on the Oakland Raiders Thursday night and are now in a first place tie with those said Raiders. The AFC West is by far the best AFC conference as they have a chance of getting three teams into the playoffs.

What teams and games should we be watching this week around the NFL? Buckle up amigos, we are going on a drive.

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Honkytonk Heroes (Denver Broncos @ Tennessee Titans):

Marcus Mariota is sneaky balling out for the Tennessee Titans this season, and he has the Titans at a very respectable 6-6 considering his team’s history. Also, 6-6 is also good enough to get into the playoffs in the AFC South, and this will be a huge test for the Titans this week. I like the Titans in this game for no reason other than I want them to win, and I like my chances of being right. DeMarco Murray is going to run the ball down the Broncos throats and have himself a 100 plus yard rushing day with two touchdowns. Titans are on a collision course to host a Wild Card game and get absolutely manhandled in that game by either Oakland or Kansa City, and I cannot wait. Titans 24-16.

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Philly Cheese-miSteak (Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles):

Remember when the Eagles were 5-0 and everyone was like wow the Eagles are nasty, well I was never convinced, and they have proved me correct. The Eagles are struggling but still have a chance, but not this week against the Washington *Racist Name*. Kirk Cousins is a bad man who really likes winning. Washington is going to get this win 31-17 and they are going to find themselves in a Wild Card game come playoff time.

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1-15 (Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns):

The Cleveland Browns would lose to Alabama in a game, no disrespect, but this week they are going to beat the Bengals and avoid the winless season. Robert Griffin III is back and he’s going to throw for like 450 and 4 touchdowns, and the Browns are going to shock the world big time in this one. I feel like Cleveland needs this, or their fans are just going to lose it even more. Browns suck, Bengals sucks, go Browns, 35-28.

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Foxboro Foe (Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots):

The Baltimore Ravens love beating the Patriots in big games, but don’t the Pats love beating the Ravens too? We have had some great playoff battles with the Ravens over the years, and nothing feels better than beating a team full of scums like Baltimore. I say “we” because my roots technically lie with the Patriots, but like I don’t really care anymore. I like Baltimore in this one, I feel like the Pats have been playing boring uninspired football, and maybe a loss to the Ravens will wake them up. Joe Flacco is an elite, someday to be Hall of Famer, Ravens 27-24.

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Giant Redemption (Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants):

This has potential to be the game of the year in the NFL. The Cowboys have one loss this season, and opening day loss at home to the Giants. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are not going to let that happen again. I this game will go score for score and pound for pound but I think the difference is the Cowboys offensive line which will allow Zeke to run wild and Dak to find the boys downfield. I am all in on the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl this season so I like Dallas 38-31 in this game.

What to Watch: NFL Week 10

1:00 Games:

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Broncos @ Saints – The Broncos will be tested this week against one of the top offenses in the league. Will New Orleans’ passing attack challenge the Broncos to a shootout, or will they fold this week against the tough Denver defense? I think it’s clear if New Orleans can get the offense going, they’ll probably win the game. I just don’t see Denver’s offense able to keep up if the Saints fire on all cylinders. Von Miller and company has an interesting game on their hands this Sunday.
Prediction: Saints win

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Falcons @ Eagles – This game feels similar to the one mentioned above, where a team capable of an upset at any moment can turn the tides for a top NFL team. The Falcons are riding high, and they have a potential MVP candidate with Quarterback Matt Ryan. While Eagles QB Carson Wentz has had his rookie struggles, there’s no denying the talent is there. Plus, this Eagles team has a roster that could upset just about anybody. I wouldn’t be shocked if they snuck away with a win here, but then again I wouldn’t be shocked if they lost.
Prediction: Falcons win

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Packers @ Titans – This game might not seem huge, but I think it could be. On one hand, you could see the Packers handle this game like many would normally expect. But there’s another hand here folks, and it’s Marcus Mariota’s right palm. How do I envision Mariota’s hands? They’re probably golden tan, they’re soft but they’ve got some wear and tear. Just enough wear and tear. Jokes aside, this Titans roster is sneaky talented, with a running back that has proven himself to be as elite as everyone thought just a few years ago, a solid young QB and a surging set of wide-receivers. The Titans could sneak away with their division, and a nice place to start would be at home against the Packers.
Prediction: Packers win

4:00 Games:

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Dolphins @ Chargers – A joke game last year, both these teams are on the rise midway through the season. The Dolphins have found their guy in Jay Ajayi, and the Chargers team is looking all-around solid for the first time in a long time. This could be one of the better games this week, get a chance to catch some minutes if you can.
Prediction: Chargers win

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Cowboys @ Steelers – What’s up with the Steelers? Their defense has the ability to play well any given Sunday, but we haven’t seen too much of that so far. Steelers’ offense has been banged up all season, but they’re not performing with their essential players on the field. On the flip side of the field the Cowboys are red hot, but maybe this is the week the Dak train stops rolling. On a side note, YOU PLAY ROMO WHEN HE’S HEALTHY! Dak is clearly the future of the team, but let’s get some points across right now. 1. Romo hasn’t played with a Cowboys roster this well ever. The only contender would be from Murray’s historic year, and even then I’m not sure. Still, they were able to make some playoff noise that year. Reason #2 is that Romo has the veteran intangibles that Dak doesn’t. Before you make a Romo sucks joke, let it go. He’s been the scapegoat in a stagnant Dallas team for too long. You play the veteran; you trade him in the offseason and let Dak Dynasty lift off. But for the playoffs, whom do you trust more? Against top defenses (which Dak has played 0 games against), whom do you trust more? You go with the veteran. Don’t make a Brady reference, this is different. The Cowboys team is reliant on their offense, Brady’s breakout year they were very much reliant on defense. There’s a big difference here, and everybody just likes drinking the rookie story Kool-Aid. I like Dak a lot, but I’m using reason here. Jerry Jones should try it out sometime.
Prediction: Cowboys win

Primetime Game:

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Seahawks @ Patriots – In a failing NFL season financially; we might have our game of the year right here. Amidst deflategate, we have a Superbowl rematch of one of the greatest football games to ever be played. Brady hasn’t really been tested yet, and the Seahawks defense is still as elite as ever. Meanwhile, the Seahawks offense finally broke out the passing attack last week, which means this game isn’t a surefire win for Brady like everyone thinks. One thing’s for certain, it’ll be a hell of a game.
Prediction: Patriots win

NFL: Watch to Watch in Week 9

The NFL season is in full swing and the New England Patriots seem to be on their way to the AFC Championship game, while Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys have asserted themselves as the favorites in the NFC. Thursday night we saw the Atlanta Falcons take down the super good Tampa Bay Buccaneers…HA! Matty Ice and them Dirty Birds are on their way to an NFC South championship, but can they win the NFC? We’ll have to see what happens throughout the rest of the season.

But what about this week? What games should we focus on? And what teams are going to get those critical wins in such a short season?

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Minnesota Downfall (Detroit @ Minnesota):

Am I the only one that knew the Vikings weren’t for real? I can’t be. The Vikings have an amazing defense, but we all knew Sam Bradford couldn’t continue this charade for the duration of the season. On the other hand, the Detroit Lions are rolling. Matt Stafford is proving that he doesn’t need Megatron to be effective and get his team victories. I look for the Lions to win this game in a close one, and this will further reassure that the Vikings aren’t for real and that the NFC North still goes through Green Bay.

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Crab Cake Catastrophe (Pittsburgh @ Baltimore):

We all remember when Baltimore was 3-0, but we all knew that wouldn’t last either. Something about teams in purple starting off hot and falling off isn’t really too surprising anymore, unless it’s Clemson. Anyways, Ben Roethlisberger is still hurt, but I find Landry Jones to be a more than a capable backup considering he has Antonio Brown to throw too. Pittsburgh doesn’t have too much of a defense, but their offense is the only one that I think can challenge the almighty Patriots for the AFC crown. Steelers by 14 this weekend folks.

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Meadowland Meltdown (Eagles @ Giants):

Maybe there’s a little bit of bias in this one, but I’ll clear the air and say right now that I hate the New York Football Giants. Carson Wentz has been incredible thus far in his rookie season, and truthfully, I can’t say I’m surprised. He led North Dakota State to years of supremacy in the FCS and now he’s doing it against the big boys, good for you Mr. Wentz. I am a sneaky Eagles fan and I root for them often. But I do believe the Eags will get a huge division win this Sunday in New Jersey. Watch for Odell to have a huge game, but for Wentz to outmatch him.

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Optimistic Oakland (Broncos @ Raiders):

Oakland is going to win the AFC West, and that’s a guarantee. Derek Carr is having a standout year, and Amari Cooper is the best receiver in the NFL. Khalil Mack is a superstar, and Latavius Murray is a top 3 running back in the league. Raiders by 35 tomorrow night ladies and gents. Bet the house on that. Thanks for reading, happy football Sunday.

What to Watch: Week 7

London Game:

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Giants vs. Rams – I honestly have no idea how this game will go. In London this week we have two teams playing who never seem to know whether they’ll have a good game or an atrocious game. The Los Angeles Rams face off against the New York Giants, and both teams are coming off good weeks so statistical trends will tell us the London game could be ugly. Here’s the real question: which team will look uglier? The team with the always-inconsistent Eli Manning and an Odell Beckham Jr. who’s on the rocks in his relationship with a punter’s net? Or, will it be the team whose offensive identity is their defense and whose head coach is on a trajectory to be the most losing coach in history? Tune in Sunday morning to find out!

Prediction: Rams Win

 1:00 Games:

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Vikings @ Eagles –The matchup of the week. Hype team versus hype team. Who will win? There’s no telling. The Vikings look to continue to ride high without most of their starters on offense this year. The Eagles have had more trouble after their bye week than they did before their bye week, but that shouldn’t matter. Both teams have solid defenses and a good offense given where people assumed they’d be when the season began. In a common theme this week, a starting quarterback (in this case, Bradford) is going against his team from last year for the first time. Yet, I anticipate this game will be better than the other game with the same storyline.

Prediction: Eagles Win

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Ravens @ Jets – At the beginning of the season I’m sure the favorite to win would be flipped. The Jets have only won one game although they were predicted to continue to give the Patriots a run for their money. The Ravens have come back to form, as is predicted when a team gets solid draft picks round after round because all of their talent was injured the year before. Will it be Terrance West who runs up on the Jets solid run defense? Or will Flacco be able to air out against the struggling Jets pass defense? Lastly, is Geno going to start at Quarterback for the Jets? Regardless of these questions, I have the Ravens winning.

Prediction: Ravens Win

4:00 Games:

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Patriots @ Steelers – A week ago, this would’ve been the clear-cut game to watch this week. With Ben Roethlisberger out, I’m not sure how exciting it’s going to be. The Steelers haven’t been so electric this year, but with the talent around that roster it’s not silly to imagine they’re able to compete this week against New England. Still, I’ll take my chances with New England as my favorite.

Prediction: Patriots Win

Primetime Game:

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Seahawks @ Cardinals – The matchup everyone usually waits for each year but everyone is kind of tired of. Maybe it’s because both teams don’t feel as explosive as they used to be, but I’m more excited for the Monday Night Game than I am this one. Still, both teams are considered top tier. Both teams have solid defense, and both teams are liable to score on you at any moment. I’m sure once the game begins, it’ll be a good one.

Prediction: Seahawks Win

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Texans @ Broncos – Part two of this week’s storyline: When a starter goes to a new team (Brock Osweiler) and faces his previous team for the first time. This game isn’t quite as explosive as the one that shares the same storyline, but there’s more drama around it. Brock was supposed to take over the reins of the Broncos after Peyton departed, but then he up and left for the Texans for more money. At first, everyone thought the Broncos were royally screwed with Mark Sanchez projected to start, but they’ve been head and shoulders above Brock and co. with Trevor Semien and Paxton Lynch starting at Quarterback. Is Brock really just a 70 million dollar system quarterback? We won’t find out this week, but watching him go back to Mile High doing significantly worse than last year will certainly make my Monday night.

Prediction: Broncos Win

NFL Schedule Week 5

There’s a lot to be excited about this week in the NFL. The main storyline is that of Tom Brady, who will finally be back for the New England Patriots this week against the winless Cleveland Browns.

1:00 Games

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Patriots @ Browns:
There’s no way around it, the Patriots game is a must-watch this week. With Tom Brady back on the field, the Patriots might just get more pep in their step (it’s hard to be more confident than starting 3-1 between two backup quarterbacks, but it may just happen). For Cleveland, there’s just not much to be excited about this weekend. Maybe Isaiah Crowell will have a solid week? Other than that, it’ll be the same old Cleveland.

Prediction: Patriots win

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Texans @ Vikings:
The 3-1 Texans will play the 4-0 Vikings at 1 this week. There’s a lot of similarities between these two; both teams are doing pretty well record-wise, both have a pretty solid defense and some questions on offense, and both are considered a step away from being a major contender. This game could be one of the more entertaining games to watch this week. By reading between the lines, it’s easy to make a guess as to which team walks away the winner. The Texans are 3 – 1 with wins against the Bears, Titans, and Chiefs – none of which are outstanding teams. Their only loss was a dismantling by the Jacoby Brissett-led Patriots. The Vikings have wins against the Giants, Panthers, and Packers (3 top teams) as well as the Titans. The Vikings are my team for this matchup.

Prediction: Vikings win

4:00 Games

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Falcons @ Broncos:
The #1 Offense faces the #1 Defense in the NFL this week at 4pm. Both teams have been outstanding on their strongest side of the ball, as the reigning champion Broncos have gained a step without last years starting quarterbacks. I don’t know how much longer the Falcons can keep rolling offensively, as they have a history of waning out after a strong start (as does offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan). In fact, if they were to face a certain steamroller this week, perhaps the offensive juggernaut would tucker out like predicted. Still, I like an underdog story.

Prediction: Falcons win

Primetime Games:

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Sunday Night – Giants @ Packers:
The Giants had an unlucky game Monday night and Odell Beckham Jr. had a rather embarrassing outing on the center stage. The Packers are coming off a bye-week, so they’ve had plenty of time to prepare for this game. For now, the Giants will repeat the same trend as last week.

Prediction: Packers win