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Divisional Round Playoff Preview

Saturday 4:35 PM

Cleveland Browns v Atlanta Falcons : News Photo

Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons

In this weekends first student v. mentor match up, former Seahawks defensive coordinator Dan Quinn will take on his former boss Pete Carroll in what should be a very interesting game. Matt Ryan and the high octane Falcons offense will look to attack the “Legion of Boom” head on without star free safety Earl Thomas. Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and the two headed monster at running back, Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman, will lead the charge in unlocking the elite secondary and front seven of the Seahawks D. On defense, NFL sack leader Vic Beasley will be the key to containing Russell Wilson from breaking out of the pocket and making the big play.

The Seahawks will look to channel some of the offensive outburst they had last week against Detroit. Wilson will look to target number one receiver Doug Baldwin and newcomer Paul Richardson to keep the ball moving. This paired up with a strong performance from Thomas Rawls and the Seahawks could be looking at an upset. Defensively, Seattle just needs to keep doing what they have done all season, get to the quarterback, make him uncomfortable and let the talented secondary make plays.

Matt Ryan is 1-4 in his career in the playoffs, but that changes today.

Atlanta Falcons 27- Seattle Seahawks 24

Saturday 8:15 PM

AFC Championship - Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots : News Photo

Houston Texans @ New England Patriots

With what started as a 14.5 point margin, has now risen to 16 points in some Vegas spreads. With that being said, the Patriots are heavy favorites in this game. Student Bill O’Brien will be taking on his former mentor Bill Belichick in our second student v. teacher match up of the Divisional round. Belichick will take his league leading scoring defense into this playoff run with high hopes to get another Lombardi trophy. The Patriots offense featuring Tom Brady’s 28 TD’s- 2 INT’s ratio will make it tough on the Texans defense combined with an explosive running game with Legarette Blount.

The Texans come into this game with nothing to lose and a lot of knowledge of how the Patriots operate. Defensive Coordinator Romeo Crennel, Linebackers coach Mike Vrabel, and Special teams Coordinator Larry Izzo were members of the Patriots organization for many years. This knowledge could give Brock Osweiler some much needed knowledge after a disappointing performance earlier in the year in New England. For the Texans to have a chance, they need to unleash Deandre Hopkins on some deep routs and get to Brady early and often on defense and maybe, just maybe, they will have a shot.

It has happened before, but I don’t think this 14-2 New England team will lose in the Divisional round.

New England Patriots 34- Houston Texans 14

Sunday 4:40 PM

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys : News Photo

Green Bay Packers @ Dallas Cowboys

No quarterback in the NFL has played better than Aaron Rodgers these past few weeks. He has had time to sit in the pocket and diagnose everything about the defense. And when things break down, they go to their “backyard offense”. However, Rodgers will be missing his favorite target Jordy Nelson in Jerry’s World on Sunday. But Davante Adams and Randall Cobb should be enough to keep the Packers offense rolling. On the Defensive side, they need to find a way to get through Dallas’ excellent offensive line to slow down Ezekiel Elliott and force Dak Prescott to make some throws.

Dallas is coming into this game off of their best season in almost a decade, with two rookies at the helm. This is the only thing that would give me pause to say Dallas is a surefire winner in this football game. Their defense is much better than people give them credit for and you will see that this Sunday. If Dak can calm his nerves early, make a few throws here and there, and let Elliott do his thing, they can keep Rodgers off the field and come away with a long awaited playoff W for Jerry Jones and Co.

Elliott channels his Ohio State v. Alabama days and has himself a day leading the Boys to victory over the Pack.

Dallas Cowboys 24- Green Bay Packers 20

Sunday 8:20PM

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos : News Photo

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Arrowhead Stadium is one of the loudest places to play in the NFL, which has given many teams problems communicating on offense. With this weather that delayed the game from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. (for the first time in NFL History for a playoff game) it could hurt the attendance. On top of that, the first round bye has been more of a curse for the Chiefs who are 0-3 in first round byes since the current format has been in place. However, Alex Smith along with Travis Kelce and Tyreke Hill should light up Arrowhead for a couple spectacular plays on Sunday. The Chiefs D has to capitalize on the Big Ben’s inability to hold onto the football and turn it into some points.

The Steelers need to keep doing what they’re doing on offense with the triple threat of Big Ben, Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell. If they can hold onto the ball on offense, they should have no trouble. Defensively, they need to contain Alex Smith because he is a sneaky good runner. Along with that, they need to keep Tyreke Hill and Travis Kelce from making big plays. They cannot play like they did last week and expect to win, they will need to step up big on D.

KC fans will brave the elements and Andy Reid, who’s teams are 16-2 coming off the bye, will find a way to semi contain Bell and AB, and sneak away to Foxboro for the AFC championship game.

Kansas City Chiefs 31- Pittsburgh Steelers 27


NFL Preview Week 15

The hunt for the Lombardi Trophy is in full force. December games are always ones that can make or break a franchise’s playoff hopes, and there are still 23 teams eligible to make it into the playoffs. There are a number of games this week that could be critical to a teams playoff chances. Let’s take a look at week 15’s top 5 match-ups.

Sunday 1:00

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints : News Photo

Philadelphia Eagles @ Baltimore Ravens

After settling with a tough loss last Monday night to the New England Patriots, tempers flared this week at Ravens practice as veteran WR Steve Smith slammed his helmet in frustration and walked off the practice field. It will be interesting to see if the many veterans on the team can settle the squad and move to this week’s matchup with the Eagles. Philly looks to rebound from their four game losing streak and douse Baltimore’s hope at sneaking into the playoff picture. This game will definitely have a playoff atmosphere at M&T Bank Stadium tomorrow. Ravens will use some of that old magic and Coach John Harbaugh will have his troops ready, Ravens win.

Ravens 28-Eagles 17

Washington Redskins v New York Giants : News Photo

Detroit Lions @ New York Giants

The Giants are coming off  a huge win last week against the division leading Dallas Cowboys. Their defense seems to be firing on all cylinders and offseason acquisitions Janoris Jenkins and Olivier Vernon seem to be worth every penny. Detroit currently has a two game lead in their division, but Aaron Rodgers seems to be getting back into his old self and the Packers are rolling . And trust me, Detroit does not want to let them back into the picture. This is a must win for both teams. Although Detroit is in better position to make the playoffs, my senses tell me that when Giants are in the playoff hunt, they’re probably going to win.

Giants 24- Lions 17


AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Denver Broncos : News Photo

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

Mile High has never been a friendly place for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots as it is one of the only places they have a losing record in the Belichick era. However, this is a much different Broncos team than what we saw in January of last year. No Peyton Manning and no CJ Anderson means that it is a whole new ball game and the advantage goes to the Patriots. Brady seems to have found comfort in rookie Malcolm Mitchell and newcomer Chris Hogan. The Pats also have Dion Lewis and Legarette Blount in the backfield this time and Denver can’t stop the run. Advantage Patriots. Although you can never predict what will happen in Mile High, I still think it’s pretty clear. Pats win

Patriots 31- Denver 14


Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints : News Photo

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys

At the beginning of the season, no one would have guessed that the Bucs would be in the playoff hunt and the Cowboys would be at the top of the NFC. But they are and this is going to be a FANTASTIC football game. Dak Prescott vs. Jameis Winston. Two future star NFL QB’s squaring up for their first real December football game with playoff implications. If you look at the standings, this game on paper is needed more by the Bucs to keep their playoff hopes alive as they sit 6th in the NFC.

As we have heard from Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, he loves his quarterback situation and he sees both as potential Super Bowl winning players. This might give pause to Dak Prescott, making him feel as if he is on the hot seat after losing to the Giants in New York. If he loses again, Tony Romo might get the nod to go for the rest of the season. It will be very interesting to watch. I love Dak Prescott and I think his future in the NFL is bight, but the Bucs are on a roll and I think they keep it going Sunday Night in Jerry’s World. Bucs win.

Buccaneers 27-Cowboys 24

Monday Night 8:30

Pittsburgh Steelers v Washington Redskins : News Photo

Carolina Panthers @ Washington Redskins

Another good Monday Night match up will leave NFL fans happy as the Washington Redskins look to keep their playoff hopes alive with a big win at home against the reigning NFC champions Carolina Panthers. This game has A LOT more implication than that. Former Carolina Panthers CB Josh Norman will be suiting up with the Redskins in his first game against his old team. He has shown a lot of animosity towards them due to this past offseason when they chose to part ways instead of making Norman the highest paid CB in the NFL. This would be a great way for him to show his old team what he’s worth. With a big victory as well as kicking the Panthers while they’re down after their abysmal season. Redskins get the W.YOU LIKE THAT!

Redskins 34- Panthers 24



Week 14 Preview

College Football can finally take a backseat to the NFL this week as we only have the Army-Navy game to “enjoy”, and the selection of the Heiman trophy winner, should be Deshaun Watson, but I digress. The Kansas City Chiefs flexed a fat muscle on the Oakland Raiders Thursday night and are now in a first place tie with those said Raiders. The AFC West is by far the best AFC conference as they have a chance of getting three teams into the playoffs.

What teams and games should we be watching this week around the NFL? Buckle up amigos, we are going on a drive.

Embed from Getty Images

Honkytonk Heroes (Denver Broncos @ Tennessee Titans):

Marcus Mariota is sneaky balling out for the Tennessee Titans this season, and he has the Titans at a very respectable 6-6 considering his team’s history. Also, 6-6 is also good enough to get into the playoffs in the AFC South, and this will be a huge test for the Titans this week. I like the Titans in this game for no reason other than I want them to win, and I like my chances of being right. DeMarco Murray is going to run the ball down the Broncos throats and have himself a 100 plus yard rushing day with two touchdowns. Titans are on a collision course to host a Wild Card game and get absolutely manhandled in that game by either Oakland or Kansa City, and I cannot wait. Titans 24-16.

Embed from Getty Images

Philly Cheese-miSteak (Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles):

Remember when the Eagles were 5-0 and everyone was like wow the Eagles are nasty, well I was never convinced, and they have proved me correct. The Eagles are struggling but still have a chance, but not this week against the Washington *Racist Name*. Kirk Cousins is a bad man who really likes winning. Washington is going to get this win 31-17 and they are going to find themselves in a Wild Card game come playoff time.

Embed from Getty Images

1-15 (Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns):

The Cleveland Browns would lose to Alabama in a game, no disrespect, but this week they are going to beat the Bengals and avoid the winless season. Robert Griffin III is back and he’s going to throw for like 450 and 4 touchdowns, and the Browns are going to shock the world big time in this one. I feel like Cleveland needs this, or their fans are just going to lose it even more. Browns suck, Bengals sucks, go Browns, 35-28.

Embed from Getty Images

Foxboro Foe (Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots):

The Baltimore Ravens love beating the Patriots in big games, but don’t the Pats love beating the Ravens too? We have had some great playoff battles with the Ravens over the years, and nothing feels better than beating a team full of scums like Baltimore. I say “we” because my roots technically lie with the Patriots, but like I don’t really care anymore. I like Baltimore in this one, I feel like the Pats have been playing boring uninspired football, and maybe a loss to the Ravens will wake them up. Joe Flacco is an elite, someday to be Hall of Famer, Ravens 27-24.

Embed from Getty Images

Giant Redemption (Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants):

This has potential to be the game of the year in the NFL. The Cowboys have one loss this season, and opening day loss at home to the Giants. Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are not going to let that happen again. I this game will go score for score and pound for pound but I think the difference is the Cowboys offensive line which will allow Zeke to run wild and Dak to find the boys downfield. I am all in on the Cowboys winning the Super Bowl this season so I like Dallas 38-31 in this game.

What to Watch: NFL Week 11

We’re actually into the NFL season! It feels weird. Once you’re deep into the season, you forget about the early season woes. On a sidenote, the NFL should take notes from last week. Do you want good ratings? Make the good teams play eachother on primetime. That doesn’t mean make the NFC East teams battle off, it means make the quality teams go head-to-head. Last week’s primetime game was easily the best of the year. Let’s look at Week 11…

Embed from Getty Images

1:00 Games:

Ravens @ Cowboys –  It seems as if the Cowboys starting Quarterback has been decided, even though I was supporting the other guy. Either way, you really can’t lose. Dak has shown he’s capable of starting and succeeding in the NFL, there’s no denying that. He gets to show off yet again against the Baltimore Ravens, who are coming off of a strong win last Thursday against the Cleveland Browns. I have this down as a game to watch because we all know Baltimore is exactly the type of team to win this game. They are always capable of beating a top team, and I’m not sure why or how but there’s a possibility it happens this week. There’s also a possibility they fold, either way it’ll be fun to watch. 
Prediction: Cowboys win

Embed from Getty Images

Cardinals @ Vikings – This game could be very enjoyable or it could be very ugly. Both of these teams have shown flashes of both great play and atrocious play this year, so we will have to wait until kickoff to see which kind of game we’re going to get. Both teams are in a position where they are losing the division they once held the title for, so this is a must-win game for both parties.
Prediction: Cardinals win

Embed from Getty Images

4:00 Games:

Dolphins @ Rams – Why do I have this game down as a game to watch? Because Miami is kind of hot right now and the Rams defense is actually enjoyable to watch. That, and, I don’t know, the #1 pick in the draft will finally get time on the field this week. That’s right, Jared Goff is apparently ready to play ball after being benched until he showed enough progress to play in the league. For the dumpster fire that the Rams prove to be, they’re really not so bad. A talent at Quarterback could prove to be a game changer for them, that is, if he actually is talented. He will have a solid test against the Dolphins, who refuse to slow down. 
Prediction: Dolphins win

Embed from Getty Images

Eagles @ Seahawks – This could be the game of the week in my opinion. It could also be a blowout, but hey, I’m more of a glass half-full type of guy. The Seahawks are coming off of a solid statement win, and they could easily feast on a struggling rookie Quarterback in one of the toughest arenas to play in. Send out a prayer, Wentz, you’re going to need it this week. On the other hand the Eagles are still good and very interesting; they have a solid defense and spectacular special teams along with a well-rounded run game. Don’t count them out, they can compete. If Russell Wilson is on fire like the past few weeks, the chances of the Eagles winning are slim, but it could still be a good game.
Prediction: Seahawks win

Primetime Game:

Embed from Getty Images

Texans @ Raiders – Laugh all you want at Brock Osweiler, but the Texans are still finding a way to win. Sure, they have one road win, and sure, the rest of their road losses have been blowouts. Still, why not watch for the entertaining Raiders squad as they face a Texans defense that knows how to compete. The flip-side of the field (Raiders D vs. Texans Offense) might be a snooze, but the fun part will be fun enough to watch the whole thing.
Prediction: Raiders win

What to Watch: NFL Week 10

1:00 Games:

Embed from Getty Images

Broncos @ Saints – The Broncos will be tested this week against one of the top offenses in the league. Will New Orleans’ passing attack challenge the Broncos to a shootout, or will they fold this week against the tough Denver defense? I think it’s clear if New Orleans can get the offense going, they’ll probably win the game. I just don’t see Denver’s offense able to keep up if the Saints fire on all cylinders. Von Miller and company has an interesting game on their hands this Sunday.
Prediction: Saints win

Embed from Getty Images

Falcons @ Eagles – This game feels similar to the one mentioned above, where a team capable of an upset at any moment can turn the tides for a top NFL team. The Falcons are riding high, and they have a potential MVP candidate with Quarterback Matt Ryan. While Eagles QB Carson Wentz has had his rookie struggles, there’s no denying the talent is there. Plus, this Eagles team has a roster that could upset just about anybody. I wouldn’t be shocked if they snuck away with a win here, but then again I wouldn’t be shocked if they lost.
Prediction: Falcons win

Embed from Getty Images

Packers @ Titans – This game might not seem huge, but I think it could be. On one hand, you could see the Packers handle this game like many would normally expect. But there’s another hand here folks, and it’s Marcus Mariota’s right palm. How do I envision Mariota’s hands? They’re probably golden tan, they’re soft but they’ve got some wear and tear. Just enough wear and tear. Jokes aside, this Titans roster is sneaky talented, with a running back that has proven himself to be as elite as everyone thought just a few years ago, a solid young QB and a surging set of wide-receivers. The Titans could sneak away with their division, and a nice place to start would be at home against the Packers.
Prediction: Packers win

4:00 Games:

Embed from Getty Images

Dolphins @ Chargers – A joke game last year, both these teams are on the rise midway through the season. The Dolphins have found their guy in Jay Ajayi, and the Chargers team is looking all-around solid for the first time in a long time. This could be one of the better games this week, get a chance to catch some minutes if you can.
Prediction: Chargers win

Embed from Getty Images

Cowboys @ Steelers – What’s up with the Steelers? Their defense has the ability to play well any given Sunday, but we haven’t seen too much of that so far. Steelers’ offense has been banged up all season, but they’re not performing with their essential players on the field. On the flip side of the field the Cowboys are red hot, but maybe this is the week the Dak train stops rolling. On a side note, YOU PLAY ROMO WHEN HE’S HEALTHY! Dak is clearly the future of the team, but let’s get some points across right now. 1. Romo hasn’t played with a Cowboys roster this well ever. The only contender would be from Murray’s historic year, and even then I’m not sure. Still, they were able to make some playoff noise that year. Reason #2 is that Romo has the veteran intangibles that Dak doesn’t. Before you make a Romo sucks joke, let it go. He’s been the scapegoat in a stagnant Dallas team for too long. You play the veteran; you trade him in the offseason and let Dak Dynasty lift off. But for the playoffs, whom do you trust more? Against top defenses (which Dak has played 0 games against), whom do you trust more? You go with the veteran. Don’t make a Brady reference, this is different. The Cowboys team is reliant on their offense, Brady’s breakout year they were very much reliant on defense. There’s a big difference here, and everybody just likes drinking the rookie story Kool-Aid. I like Dak a lot, but I’m using reason here. Jerry Jones should try it out sometime.
Prediction: Cowboys win

Primetime Game:

Embed from Getty Images

Seahawks @ Patriots – In a failing NFL season financially; we might have our game of the year right here. Amidst deflategate, we have a Superbowl rematch of one of the greatest football games to ever be played. Brady hasn’t really been tested yet, and the Seahawks defense is still as elite as ever. Meanwhile, the Seahawks offense finally broke out the passing attack last week, which means this game isn’t a surefire win for Brady like everyone thinks. One thing’s for certain, it’ll be a hell of a game.
Prediction: Patriots win

NFL: What to Watch in Week 8

Embed from Getty Images

London Game:

Redskins vs. Bengals – Teams representing Washington and Cincinnati both travel to London this week for another morning game. There’s nothing like waking up hungover to find a morning football game that surprisingly looks competitive. The Bengals are looking to bring back their powerful offense with the addition of Tyler Eifert, potentially at 100%, for the first time this season. The 10 TD animal would love to spark the struggling offense against a Redskins D that could potentially be missing star player Josh Norman due to a concussion. So far, no coach has been fired this year after loosing in London; I don’t see the streak living on this week but I guess a boy can dream.
Prediction: Redskins win

1:00 Games:

Embed from Getty Images

Cardinals @ Panthers – A.K.A a game that sounded way better at the start of the year than it did going into Week 8. Could Carolina start to turn things around? Will Bruce Arians finally punish a player who isn’t performing well? Coaches like Arians are allowed to make bold claims and statements when they’re winning, but I imagine how long he can keep loosing and making bold statements before he’s on the hot seat. One team has to prevail, but its possible Arizona tries to tie a game for a second week in a row.
Prediction: Panthers win

Embed from Getty Images

Lions @ Texans – A big reason why this game is listed is because the Lions are quietly becoming a team to watch this year in the NFL. Although their identity was a huge question mark coming into the year, Matt Stafford has been able to lead the Lions to 4 – 3 early on. The most interesting aspect of this team is how close every game has been; the score differential in every game the Lions have played in have never been greater than a single possession (7 points maximum). That means they could either be 7-0 or 0-7. The Texans face a different scenario, as many fans and media personalities have expressed an increasing outrage towards the play of QB Brock Osweiler. To me, Quarterback play is a key indicator towards the outcome of this game.
Prediction: Lions win

Embed from Getty Images

Seahawks @ Saints – This game could be incredibly boring or it could be incredibly fun. The Seahawks play the residential “shootout” team in the NFL this week. The Saints could either rise above the Seahawks defense or sink below it. If they have the defense’s number on Sunday I’d expect a shootout, if they can’t get started I’d expect a boring game. Let’s face it, the Saints have a crappy enough defense where the Seahawks can start miraculously and randomly airing it out if they need to.
Prediction: Seahawks win

Embed from Getty Images

Patriots @ Bills – Arguably the most interesting game available this week, regardless of my fandom towards the Patriots. The Bills have been riding high so far in the season, collecting a couple divisional losses against Miami and New York but dominating the New England Patriots 16-0 on Week 4. Since Tom Brady has returned, the Patriots haven’t lost and don’t really look to be considering losing as an option. The team isn’t quite as fired-up and vengeance-filled as many expected, but they’re playing solid football all around. The storyline is there, and both teams are riding high. What’s to hate about this matchup?
Prediction: Patriots win

4:00 Games:

Embed from Getty Images

Packers @ Falcons – A.K.A. the “Identity Crisis of Best Quarterback” Game. Usually we’d say the best Quarterback spot belongs to Aaron Rodgers, but this year it belongs to Matt Ryan? Don’t be surprised if that narrative starts to fade away, not due to Matt Ryan but due to Falcons Offensive Coordinator’s historical narrative of a steady decrease of wins as each season progresses. Seriously, all his teams have success early on and then begin to lose often. Eventually, this Falcons squad will loose too. I’m convinced. It probably won’t happen this week, as the Packers passing defense doesn’t create much of a challenge for the Falcons offense.
Prediction: Falcons win

Primetime Game:

Embed from Getty Images

Eagles @ Cowboys – The two young success stories of the NFC East square off Monday night. The Eagles knocked down the only unbeaten team in the NFL last week; they could easily ride the high this week against Dallas. Dak Prescott could be playing for his starting spot, as it’s rumored Tony Romo could be coming back as the starter next week. The final storyline to look at is the tough Philly Defensive front 7 against the Cowboys offensive line and star rookie running back Ezekial Elliot. This could turn out to be the game of the week; it might even bring the NFL ratings back.
Prediction: Cowboys win


What to Watch in Week 3

As Week 3 of the football season approaches, we start to see some trend shaping form for teams. The Vikings appear to be able to survive without their leaders on offense from last year, Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson. The Chargers seem to finally have an offense that works for Phillip Rivers. Matt Stafford has an offense built around him for the first time in his career. The Broncos defense is still winning them games, literally. Lastly, the Patriots seem to be able to walk away without their starting quarterback week after week. Lets break down what to watch for in week 3.

1:00 Games

Embed from Getty Images

Lions @ Packers – This game is an interesting one for the realization that the Packers might not be the best team in the NFC North, and they might not be the 2nd best team either. The Lions, as I mentioned above, have some real magic going for them in Detroit. For once, Stafford has an offense of his own, and although they lost in the crunch time last week to an underrated and growing Titans squad, they might be able to spook the Pack and perhaps squeeze away with a win in Green Bay. Regardless of who wins, look out for a close game.

Prediction: Lions over Packers

Embed from Getty Images

Vikings @ Panthers – In between the time of preseason to now, the Vikings went from division favorite to lottery pick favorite. After trading for Sam Bradford, the hype was suddenly and 8-8 or “brink-of-the-Wild Card” team, and after last week the hype turned into Super Bowl favorites. I’m joking about the last part, of course, but there’s a lot to applaud from Sam Bradford, who seemed to look like a king after only having 2 weeks to learn the playbook with a shaky offensive line and an injured star running back. Well if the hype is real, we will find out this week against the Carolina Panthers, who unsurprisingly smashed the 49ers last week. A note about losing Peterson; I think the Vikings will be fine. Although the injury timetable is uncertain, I think McKinnon is a solid option at RB. When Peterson was banned from the league a few years back for his whooping-room fiasco, the Vikings actually had statistically one of the best run games in the league in a committee of McKinnon and Asiata (ending up 4th in rushing Defensive-adjusted value over average – an efficiency stat that compares a teams every single play to the league average against said defense based on situation and opponent). Truthfully, the end of the Peterson era is coming to a close in Minnesota, and that’s not a bad thing. Still, I don’t think that means a thing this week against the Panthers.

Prediction: Panthers over Vikings

Embed from Getty Images

Broncos @ Bengals – The Bengals are apparently the team to watch at 1:00 on a Sunday, as it’s my 3rd time in as many weeks mentioning them as a game to watch. Both defenses are solid (although one defense is likely to be historical) and both offenses can find ways to create plays. This will be a fun game. Simple & plain.

Prediction: Broncos over Bengals

Embed from Getty Images

4:00 Games

Steelers @ Eagles – A.K.A. the Pennsylvania bowl. Carson Wentz looks like he’s establishing himself in this league, being the first rookie QB to start 2-0 without any turnovers. It rarely happens, but it seems it’s a good time to be an Eagles fan. Naturally, this also means the Wentz era will end in disappointment. Jokes aside, there’s not much disappointment to look for this coming week, as I believe this will be a solid matchup. The story, clearly, will be the Pitt high-powered offense against what I believe is an underrated and solid Philadelphia defense. The issue, as you readers could imagine, is the Pittsburgh wideouts against a shady Philly secondary. Last week Antonio Brown was held to under 50 yards receiving with Big Ben at QB for the first time since 2012, so I’d expect him to be ready to torch a set of cornerbacks known for blowing coverage. Good luck Nolan Carroll.

Prediction: Eagles over Steelers

Embed from Getty Images

Jets @ Chiefs – The Jets are looking like a team to face in the AFC. After winning last week against the Bills, Rex Ryan got so mad he fired his offensive coordinator. Maybe Andy Reid will do the same this week. The Chiefs are a solid team, and I’ve been rooting for Reid-Smith era since it began because of the underdog story, a coach and a playoff QB down on their luck joining forces on a 2-14 team that ended with a player committing suicide. So it pains me to see the team struggle, but I think a tough road is ahead for the Chiefs. Time will tell, but this week is an easy prediction for me. Don’t expect Revis to get burnt this week, not because he lost a step but because I don’t think any of the Kansas City receivers are that speedy.

Prediction: Jets over Chiefs

Embed from Getty Images

Primetime Games: Bears @ Cowboys – Honestly I had no idea who to choose between the Sunday night game and the Monday night game, both sound pretty boring. The Bears are a solid team, but they don’t have enough there to really blow people out of the water or make a splash in the NFC North. The Cowboys, on the other hand, have enough where they should be able to stay afloat without their starting quarterback. Perhaps this week Dak Prescott can throw a touchdown and Terrance Williams can learn about stepping out of bounds.

Prediction: Cowboys over Bears