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College Football Realignment

College football is a wonderful creature. College football is that beautiful girl you meet at the bar, who tugs on your heart strings from every which way until you’ve fallen in love. She teases you and leads you on so you think it’s serious, and then she crushes your soul every freaking time. But that’s all part of the fun, isn’t it?

Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 1.14.32 PM.png

Congratulations to Clemson on a tremendous season, what an incredible last drive Deshaun Watson and the Clemson offense went on to seal the victory and defeat the almighty Crimson Tide.

The college football playoff is a wonderful part of the game, and I believe having a 4 team playoff is the best way to go about it. Eight teams would water down the competition to a slight degree. Don’t get me wrong I would love an 8 team playoff as well, but that beautiful Ohio State-Michigan game we all enjoyed earlier this year would be for nothing, because both teams would be in. I think 4 teams is perfect, but the only way to always ensure the 4 most deserving teams get in is to have conference expansion, and a split between college football’s FBS programs.

The Power 4 is my solution. Now I cannot credit this name as my own, I’ve seen it online in other places, but the alignment and process is entirely my own thinking, so be nice should you disagree. The Power 4 will consist of 4 conferences, each in which will have one champion, if you win the conference you go to the Playoff, pretty simple right? No ifs ands or buts about it either, you win your championship game you get to play for a national title. There will be no more “well they won head to head and had a tougher schedule and blah blah blah”. This new playoff is for champions only.



So the 4 new conferences will consist of the North, Southeast, Midwest, and West; separated into separate divisions with the Northeast and Great Lakes in the North, the Gulf Coast and the Atlantic in the Southeast, the North and the South in the Midwest, and the North and the South in the West. You win your division you play in the conference championship game. You win the conference championship game you play in the playoff. Plain and simple. Of course we keep ranking teams 1-25, that’s half the reason college football is so cool, but in reality it can mean nothing now.

How do we realign the now Power 5 and condense it to a Power 4? Well every conference will have 18 teams, with 9 in each division. You play every team in your division, which will be 8 games. Your other 4 opponents are 1 team from each of the other 3 conferences, and one non Power 4 team. That way everyone has as level as a playing field as you can get. No more Baylor schedule will exist.

Power 4:

4 division winners play for the CFP.

But there’s a buy in system… whichever team finishes last in their respective half of the division gets kicked out for a year. All conferences have 9 teams annually, with a 10th being rotated in to sub out the 9th place team. They can stay so long as they don’t finish 9th. Example, say Boston College goes 0-8 in North play and finishes in 9th; they are replaced the following season by the team that finishes in first in the lower level of the division 1 format. I don’t exactly know what teams and how many will be in this but the conferences almost imitate the Power 4 and each divisions winner replaces the last place team from that year in the Power 4. It’s confusing but it makes sense.

The hardest part of all this is how the hell is this actually going to happen? And what teams get into each conference, and which teams sits out first, and how do we get other teams in the country that don’t make it into these conferences into the lower level conferences? Well, I’m still unsure, but I know this system could work with the right scientists working their best to make it happen. Here’s my idea for the 4 conferences, and the teams I think should be in each. The teams in parentheses are teams I think should be considered as the 10th school in each division:




South Carolina

North Carolina


Wake Forest





(Vanderbilt/Western Kentucky)

Gulf Coast:


Florida St




Ole Miss

Miss St


Georgia Tech





Washington St


Oregon St

Boise St










Arizona St

San Diego St


Colorado St



(Fresno St/Utah St/UNLV/AirForce)




Texas A&M

Texas Tech






Louisiana Tech




Oklahoma St




Kansas St


Iowa St




Great Lakes:




Michigan St.




Notre Dame

Ohio St




Penn St

West Virginia


Boston College



Virginia Tech



Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 1.16.34 PM.png

But what about the bowl games? To hell with the semifinal games taking up “bowl games”. The Rose Bowl will no longer ever be a national semifinal, it will always be a regular New Years Day bowl game between the highest ranked Pacific team to not make the playoffs, and the highest ranked North team to not make the playoffs. Make sense? It should.

The Sugar Bowl is between the highest ranked Midwest team to not make the playoffs, and the highest ranked Southeast team to not make the playoffs.

The Orange Bowl is the second highest Southeast team to not make the playoffs and the second highest North team to not make the playoffs.

The Fiesta Bowl is the second highest Pacific team to not make the playoffs , and the second highest Midwest team to not make the playoffs.

Then the Peach Bowl and Cotton Bowl are left for at large teams, from these 4 conferences that would make the most enticing matchups for fans to watch. No criteria is needed besides the teams must be highly ranked and create enough hype for the game to be watched by millions.

So the national semifinals can still rotate between the 6 New Years Six bowl sites, but they won’t take the title of those respective bowl games. Instead of giving them Bowl names you call it “The National Semifinal brought to you by Dr. Pepper-Pasadena/Glendale/Arlington/Atlanta/New Orleans/Miami.”

Simple as can be as I see it.





Monday Night Natty

HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A MONDAY. Did I just type in all caps? I sure did.

That National Championship game was one for the ages, a true and utter classic that we will talk about for years. Alabama falls, and Clemson rises to the pinnacle of the college football world.

“I’ll tell you what man, I love football.” a John Gruden line described my feelings after that ball game. Let’s take a look.


Deshaun Watson had his own revenge tour this season, and did something many believed wouldn’t happen. They didn’t think Watson could slay the beast. But he silenced the doubters, folks. The future top 10 pick had himself a night. After a slow start, he came to play and proved his worth and more as the game progressed. He got popped a time or two as well, but didn’t stay down. Let’s hope his talent doesn’t go to waste in miserable Cleveland (foreshadowing?)


Hunter Renfrow. A name that will probably be called in the 5th-6th round pick (if he goes to the draft). This kid is a shifty guy, with hands that don’t quit. A couple TD’s on the night for the former walk-on and now the kid goes down as a hero in my book. He could come back and play for the Tigers and get that draft stock up, but after that performance, teams may be licking their chops at this kids talent. He’s something to watch for to see if he comes out for he draft.

Nick Saban firing Lane Kiffin has been talked about. I don’t know the deal to be quite honest. Don’t know which side to take. Saban is 5-1 in the natty game, while Kiffin has a subpar record in bowl games. Do the math folks, Saban probably did the right thing kicking Kiffin to the curb.


Dabo and the Tigers head back home with the title, but they’re going to have some tough competition come next season. The USC Trojans and Penn State Nittany Lions look poised to make the leap. JT Barrett (he’s got to be 50 by now) is back for the Buckeyes. And oh yeah, Alabama is still a part of the United States. Plenty of contenders for the throne, so I’m not making any sort of pick but…Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield are both heading back to their respected teams. Not a prediction, just a thought(Oklahoma vs. Louisville IN the 2018 National Championship game? I don’t know, maybe.)

So that’s all for football, but come back next week as we dive into the college basketball world.

The National Rematch

Monday. Monday. Monday. The national championship game deserves not one, not two, but three mentions of the name of the day. And it’s a not just any ordinary game, it’s a gosh darn rematch. Alabama and Clemson will once again meet at the grandest stage of them all. Dabo vs. Nick. Watson vs. Hurts. Scarbrough vs. Gallman. God I have goosebumps thinking about this game.img_2817

How’d they get there? By laying the smackdown on their opponents, that’s how. With Alabama, after giving up the initial score, won 24-7, and took the Washington Huskies to the dog pound. And with Clemson, well they shut out Ohio State, 31-0. Not only did they shut them out, but they were the first to do it since the 1980’s. Impressive victories by both ball clubs in big games.


The big question mark is how does Deshaun Watson rebound after last year’s loss? Watson was pretty good last year, but didn’t have Mike Williams, a star wideout for the Tigers. Williams could be the X-Factor in this game and could give the Tigers the spark they will need to get things going this time around.

Embed from Getty Images


Another name to watch is Bo Scarbrough. This kid earned his carries last week by running up and down the Washington defense. And if Alabama wants to contend, Scarbrough needs to show up.

So my pick is from the heart, because hey, why not.

Clemson 38-Alabama 35

Deshaun Watson gets the title that eluded him last season.

This concludes the college football season and stay handsome all.

And Then There Were 4

We are officially two days away from the final four of the college football season. Two semi-final tilts and the big title game are what separates us from a National Champion. Four teams, who more than deserve to be in these games (sorry Michigan), will go to war on New Year’s Eve night.


But first let me say this, these games being on New Year’s Eve is a total mistake. The NCAA is trying way to hard to create their own traditions, and it is not working out. They should be utilizing New Year’s Day and include the Rose Bowl in those games. Have a 1 pm playoff game, have the Rose Bowl in between the two games, then have a night cap with the second playoff game. Have I just solved the problem that everyone is whining about? I think so, and when the NCAA calls, I will take full credit for that.


So, let’s start with the first game of the two and it pits the Washington Huskies (4) against the number 1 team in all of the land the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Truthfully, I don’t know if this will be a close game. Alabama could very much blow out Washington and have this game in their pocket by the end of the first half. But here is my argument, for Washington, their run game. If the Huskies can run the ball effectively, then I think they have a chance. If Jake “The Snake” Browning can then harness their play-action after that, then they can win the game as well. Jalen Hurts needs to be stellar. Washington’s defense is the real deal and could give the freshman some headaches in this game. Do not, I repeat do not count out the Huskies. Yeah, I know, Nick Saban is coaching in this game, but Chris Petersen has coached in his fair share of big games as well. So don’t let the Huskies have a scent at that victory smell.


The second game is the night game between the 2 and 3 teams which are Ohio State and Clemson. This has the potential for about 100 points to be scored. The big X-Factor for the game is easily Deshaun Watson. Watson is arguably a top 5 pick, if not the top pick in next seasons NFL draft. If he gets going like he did last year, then I think Clemson returns to the title game. But this Ohio State team is something he hasn’t seen before. A Big-10 powerhouse, led by Coach Urban Meyer could be the kryptonite for Watson. Ohio State QB JT Barrett may also shine bright like a diamond in this spotlight. Let me point out this too, Ohio State has not played a game since November 26th. So is there rust on the Buckeyes for missing the Big-10 title game? There most certainly could be, but you never know. It’s Dabo vs Urban, this game is going to be a knockdown, drag-out war. No other way to put it.


And now we get to my picks for these games, and they are as follows:

(1)Alabama 35- (4)Washington 31

(3) Ohio State 41- (2) Clemson 36

I think we see some points scored in both games, and should get two very fun football games to watch. Unlike last season, when both games were kind of duds.

So let me be the first to say Happy New Year, and I hope it’s a handsome one.

Making Sense Of The Final 4

The conference championships have come, and they have gone. And per usual, people are upset with whose in the final 4 for the College Football Playoff.

We will get Alabama and Washington, as well as Ohio State and Clemson going to battle. I like these match-ups, and I like them a lot. I think the contrast of styles in the first game, along with the QB play makes it very interesting. Game 2 has a coaching and QB storyline as well. But I’m not going deep into that just yet, we got a few weeks before those games actually happen. But many are fuming that two teams were left out, those two being Penn State and Michigan.


Let’s start with the Nittany Lions of Penn State. Go back all the way to the beginning of the year and a game with the Pittsburgh Panthers. Penn State dropped the road test to Pitt., and something that could have been a credible road victory. What also killed the guys from Happy Valley was the blowout loss at the Big House to Michigan. The Wolverines made the Nittany Lions look like a box full of kittens, walloping them 41-10.Those two losses, in my opinion, are the reason why they are in the Rose Bowl against USC.


Now for Michigan, this one will take a minute to explain. Obviously the loss to Ohio State in double OT kills them, but I don’t think that is all the reason. Losing to Iowa is a big hit, but now look at the common opponent between Washington and Michigan. Both teams played the Buffaloes of Colorado. Washington won in convincing fashion 41-10, while it took some work for Michigan to overcome the deficit by winning 45-28. That difference, along with the lack of a conference title is what essentially knocked the Wolverines out of the playoff. One last bit of info of what I look at is the quality of losses. Washington’s lone loss came against the hottest team in the country in USC. While Michigan’s lost came from a underwhelming Iowa and Ohio State. Sorry Michigan, Washington beats you there again. Maybe next year Jim Harbaugh.


I think the committee got it right, but there needs to be some change soon. Make the playoff a 6 or 8 team bracket, not 4. Four is a good base, but eight makes it all the interesting. But the change may never come, or it could be within the next two years, college football is unpredictable.

That’s all I have for this week, keep being beautiful everyone.

Almost Playoff Time

Here we go, the final “week” of the college football season, and this time it’s for conference supremacy. BIG TEN, Big 12, Pac-12, ACC and SEC titles are all on the line this week, and in some of the most pivotal matchup’s of the college football season. This will most likely define who is in and who is out when it comes to the 4-team playoff.

So as we sit right now, Alabama would take on Washington and Clemson would battle Ohio State. Teams on the outside are Penn State, Wisconsin, Oklahoma and Colorado. Michigan is right there as well, but with the loss to Ohio State, it might be borderline impossible that the Wolverines get in. They did play the game of the year last week, but sorry Michigan, better luck next year.

<> on November 25, 2016 in Pullman, Washington.

Let’s start with the game on Friday night for the PAC-12, Colorado vs. Washington. Truth be told, this game is near impossible to pick. Jake Browning and John Ross have been so dynamic this year for the Huskies it is so tough not to take them. But Sefo Liufau and the Buffalo’s will not go slowly into the night. They were a team I had finishing at the bottom of the pack, but they have been a surprise and have proved me wrong all season long. But after last week, and Washington’s performance in the Apple Cup, the Huskies might absolutely annihilate the Buffs’. This one could be more interesting than we think.


Bedlam, and it’s coming at you from Norman, Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Sooners and the Oklahoma State Cowboys will certainly give us one to remember in the early game on Saturday. Baker Mayfield vs. Mason Rudolph is the match-up to look at it in means of QB. I want to know what the Cowboys will do to stop Dede Westbrook, the man who could steal the Heisman from Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson. Oklahoma is 12 point favorites as well, so as a betting man, I might take Oklahoma State and those 12 points. But as for winners, I tend to side with the Sooners.


Clemson getting Virginia Tech for the ACC belt is an interesting match-up. The Tigers struggled on the big stage last season against UNC, and honestly, I could see it happening again. The two met back in 2011, and the Tigers blew out the Hokies 38-10, but we should get a closer one this time around. If Jerod Evans can get on his horse early on, then I like the Hokies chances. But you have Deshaun Watson coming in, so it could be a testy match-up for the Hokies.


The final championship game is between a team I loathe and a team that is loved by one of the big names of Barstool Sports. I will be perfectly honest, I hate Penn State. I don’t see them being a credible threat to any of the top 4, and I think that the Ohio State win was a fluke. So if you catch my drift, I like Wisconsin in this ballgame. I think Bart Houston is a name to watch. Also, if Alex Hornibrook can’t go, then Houston will be calling the signals. I also love the twin-headed rushing attack the Badgers are trotting out. Corey Clement being the lead-back could spell nightmares for the Nittany Lions.

Let me be perfectly honest, and not waste anyone’s time, the Gators are about to get fried by Alabama. This game will be ugly quickly in Atlanta for the SEC crown.

My picks

(5)Washington over (9) Colorado

LOCK (1) Alabama over (15) Florida

(8) Oklahoma over (10) Oklahoma State

(4) Clemson over Virginia Tech

(6)Wisconsin over (7) Penn State

Temple over (25) Navy

Those are my picks and I am sticking to them. Oh, and I went 5-0 last week, check back next week for the playoff breakdown and the New Years bowl breakdown.

Stay golden pony boy.

Rivalry Week, Do Or Die

The final week is finally here, and per usual with college football, we have some controversy. We have multiple Big 10 teams in the running for a playoff spot. Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Wisconsin all have a shot at the final 4. No, this isn’t college basketball, we got ourselves some madness: college football edition.

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 19 Wisconsin at Purdue : News Photo

Right now, as we look at the playoff, Alabama is the top dog. No surprise there, the Tide have been steadily the best team in the country all season long. Ohio State and Michigan battle it out this week, and it looks like the winner of that could be the one to make the playoff, unless they run into a pesky squad in the Wisconsin Badgers. But they both could make some major noise. Then at 4, is Deshaun Watson and Clemson. This team needs to play Alabama, it just needs to happen. A rematch in the first round could cause a major rift and perhaps a major upset. The two on the outside that I think are VERY much alive are Oklahoma and Washington. Oklahoma, if they crash the party, could be the team to go the distance and steal the National Championship. It will be rather interesting come Conference Championship week.

So now let’s get to one of the best weeks of the year….RIVALRY WEEK.

Ohio State v Michigan State : News Photo

The big one, the one that decides, in my opinion, the Big 10 champ, Michigan vs Ohio State. Let me be blunt, this game might get ugly quickly. I think the Buckeyes are the more complete team and have one of the most important things out there, a healthy QB. JT Barrett may not be a Heisman favorite, but he is arguably one of the best in the game right now. Jabrill Peppers must be perfect and if they have their regular QB, the Wolverines have a shot at the title. Urban Meyer will be licking his chops and may serve Wolverine this Thanksgiving, because it looks like his Buckeyes are heading back to the Big 10 title game.

Arizona State v Washington : News Photo
Now we head west for the Apple Bowl between Washington and Washington State. If you were to tell me this game would decide the Pac-12 North in the beginning of the season, I would have laughed in your face. But Jake Brownie and Luke Falk look like pro-style QB’s and are destined to give us a good one in this storied rivalry (even though the two programs have struggled at times). I think that the defense of Washington is going to be too much to handle for Mike Leech’s Cougars. They may record up to 6 sacks in this one. I am not saying there won’t be fireworks, but the Huskies should come out on top.

University of Colorado : News Photo

The other side of the Pac-12 will be decided in a game between Colorado and Utah. I’m dubbing this the Rocky Mountain War, both teams ranked inside the top 15, and look primed for a date in the Pac-12 title game. Only problem is one of them goes and one sits at home waiting for a bowl game. Colorado has not looked this good in years, and this could be the turning point for their program. For Utah, they are like this every other year, and could really use a rematch with Washington. This game being on FOX in primetime and in Boulder makes me love the Buffs in this one.

Oklahoma v West Virginia : News Photo

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will play a winner take all game for the BIG 12 on December 3rd. I like the Sooners in this game. Baker Mayfield and Dede Westbrook has been unstoppable since the early season losses to Houston and Ohio State. The Sooners can sneak into the playoff with some help around the country.

My picks are as follows, I had a tough week last week and will look to rebound this time around.

(6) Washington over (22) Washington State

(2) Ohio State over (3) Michigan

(10) Colorado over (12) Utah

LOCK (7) Wisconsin over Minnesota

(1)Alabama over (15) Auburn


So until next week, stay handsome everyone.