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Monday Night Natty

HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A MONDAY. Did I just type in all caps? I sure did.

That National Championship game was one for the ages, a true and utter classic that we will talk about for years. Alabama falls, and Clemson rises to the pinnacle of the college football world.

“I’ll tell you what man, I love football.” a John Gruden line described my feelings after that ball game. Let’s take a look.


Deshaun Watson had his own revenge tour this season, and did something many believed wouldn’t happen. They didn’t think Watson could slay the beast. But he silenced the doubters, folks. The future top 10 pick had himself a night. After a slow start, he came to play and proved his worth and more as the game progressed. He got popped a time or two as well, but didn’t stay down. Let’s hope his talent doesn’t go to waste in miserable Cleveland (foreshadowing?)


Hunter Renfrow. A name that will probably be called in the 5th-6th round pick (if he goes to the draft). This kid is a shifty guy, with hands that don’t quit. A couple TD’s on the night for the former walk-on and now the kid goes down as a hero in my book. He could come back and play for the Tigers and get that draft stock up, but after that performance, teams may be licking their chops at this kids talent. He’s something to watch for to see if he comes out for he draft.

Nick Saban firing Lane Kiffin has been talked about. I don’t know the deal to be quite honest. Don’t know which side to take. Saban is 5-1 in the natty game, while Kiffin has a subpar record in bowl games. Do the math folks, Saban probably did the right thing kicking Kiffin to the curb.


Dabo and the Tigers head back home with the title, but they’re going to have some tough competition come next season. The USC Trojans and Penn State Nittany Lions look poised to make the leap. JT Barrett (he’s got to be 50 by now) is back for the Buckeyes. And oh yeah, Alabama is still a part of the United States. Plenty of contenders for the throne, so I’m not making any sort of pick but…Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield are both heading back to their respected teams. Not a prediction, just a thought(Oklahoma vs. Louisville IN the 2018 National Championship game? I don’t know, maybe.)

So that’s all for football, but come back next week as we dive into the college basketball world.


The National Rematch

Monday. Monday. Monday. The national championship game deserves not one, not two, but three mentions of the name of the day. And it’s a not just any ordinary game, it’s a gosh darn rematch. Alabama and Clemson will once again meet at the grandest stage of them all. Dabo vs. Nick. Watson vs. Hurts. Scarbrough vs. Gallman. God I have goosebumps thinking about this game.img_2817

How’d they get there? By laying the smackdown on their opponents, that’s how. With Alabama, after giving up the initial score, won 24-7, and took the Washington Huskies to the dog pound. And with Clemson, well they shut out Ohio State, 31-0. Not only did they shut them out, but they were the first to do it since the 1980’s. Impressive victories by both ball clubs in big games.


The big question mark is how does Deshaun Watson rebound after last year’s loss? Watson was pretty good last year, but didn’t have Mike Williams, a star wideout for the Tigers. Williams could be the X-Factor in this game and could give the Tigers the spark they will need to get things going this time around.

Embed from Getty Images


Another name to watch is Bo Scarbrough. This kid earned his carries last week by running up and down the Washington defense. And if Alabama wants to contend, Scarbrough needs to show up.

So my pick is from the heart, because hey, why not.

Clemson 38-Alabama 35

Deshaun Watson gets the title that eluded him last season.

This concludes the college football season and stay handsome all.

And Then There Were 4

We are officially two days away from the final four of the college football season. Two semi-final tilts and the big title game are what separates us from a National Champion. Four teams, who more than deserve to be in these games (sorry Michigan), will go to war on New Year’s Eve night.


But first let me say this, these games being on New Year’s Eve is a total mistake. The NCAA is trying way to hard to create their own traditions, and it is not working out. They should be utilizing New Year’s Day and include the Rose Bowl in those games. Have a 1 pm playoff game, have the Rose Bowl in between the two games, then have a night cap with the second playoff game. Have I just solved the problem that everyone is whining about? I think so, and when the NCAA calls, I will take full credit for that.


So, let’s start with the first game of the two and it pits the Washington Huskies (4) against the number 1 team in all of the land the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Truthfully, I don’t know if this will be a close game. Alabama could very much blow out Washington and have this game in their pocket by the end of the first half. But here is my argument, for Washington, their run game. If the Huskies can run the ball effectively, then I think they have a chance. If Jake “The Snake” Browning can then harness their play-action after that, then they can win the game as well. Jalen Hurts needs to be stellar. Washington’s defense is the real deal and could give the freshman some headaches in this game. Do not, I repeat do not count out the Huskies. Yeah, I know, Nick Saban is coaching in this game, but Chris Petersen has coached in his fair share of big games as well. So don’t let the Huskies have a scent at that victory smell.


The second game is the night game between the 2 and 3 teams which are Ohio State and Clemson. This has the potential for about 100 points to be scored. The big X-Factor for the game is easily Deshaun Watson. Watson is arguably a top 5 pick, if not the top pick in next seasons NFL draft. If he gets going like he did last year, then I think Clemson returns to the title game. But this Ohio State team is something he hasn’t seen before. A Big-10 powerhouse, led by Coach Urban Meyer could be the kryptonite for Watson. Ohio State QB JT Barrett may also shine bright like a diamond in this spotlight. Let me point out this too, Ohio State has not played a game since November 26th. So is there rust on the Buckeyes for missing the Big-10 title game? There most certainly could be, but you never know. It’s Dabo vs Urban, this game is going to be a knockdown, drag-out war. No other way to put it.


And now we get to my picks for these games, and they are as follows:

(1)Alabama 35- (4)Washington 31

(3) Ohio State 41- (2) Clemson 36

I think we see some points scored in both games, and should get two very fun football games to watch. Unlike last season, when both games were kind of duds.

So let me be the first to say Happy New Year, and I hope it’s a handsome one.

Shocktober At Its Finest

When we look at the month of October in the world of College Football, I like to name the month Shocktober. No not because Halloween is coming up, but for a different reason. Shocktober in college football is the meaning of upset central, top teams being shocked in their home stadium or on the road. And last week we saw a major shakeup in the rankings as the team in the second position was shocked by a hated rival!


The Buckeyes of Ohio State were shocked in Happy Valley by Penn State. I am just as shocked as pretty much everyone, I DID NOT see this coming. This throws a major wrench in the grand scheme of things. Ohio State falls unexpectedly and goes from 1st to 3rd in the Big 10 East standings. This opens the door big time for not only just Penn State, but for Michigan as well. Michigan remained unbeaten last weekend and now owns sole possession of the top spot in the Big 10 East. Now that final week rivalry game in Columbus means the division will be on the line, Penn State has to remain with one loss to have a chance. They were blown out by Michigan earlier this season, they’ll need help from the Buckeyes in the final week of the year.

Next off, I am 2-0 in my lock of the week picks the last two weeks. I am FIRED up about that, but due to the happenings of Shocktober, I ended last week 2-3. Not how I was thinking I would finish. But it is what is, life goes on.

<>at McLane Stadium on September 10, 2016 in Waco, Texas.

My lock this week comes from the Big 12. I love the Baylor Bears on the road against the Texas Longhorns. This could be the nail in the coffin of the Charlie Strong tenure at Texas. Baylor should win this game convincingly. The Bears are sneaking up the polls right now, and with some help and if they do their job could find themselves in the top 5 by the end of the weekend. Texas showed shines of greatness in week 1, but since have been just piss poor. Longhorns might give up 50 at home on Saturday.


Now in one of the possible games of the week, we see Nebraska take on Wisconsin live from Camp Randall. The 7 ranked Cornhuskers have been a team I have been keeping my eye on all season. I think it could be safe to say that the Huskers have returned to the elite of the college football world. Tommy Armstrong is something else at quarterback and may lead the Huskers back to glory. Looking at the history books, the Badgers have won 3 in a row dating back to 2012, one of those being a Big 10 title game. This is the highest ranked match-up of the two since 2011, the Badgers were ranked 7 and the Huskers were ranked 8. I think we are in for an exciting one here.

Embed from Getty Images


The fourth ranked Washington Huskies travel to Utah to take on the 17th ranked Utes, in a huge Pac-12 match. Washington is a team that has silenced the doubters(including me) with an elite defense and a stellar QB. Jake Browning has been nothing short of spectacular, and is honestly a Heisman hopeful. The last big named Jake the Huskies trotted out was Jake Locker(remember him?). This is the biggest game left on the Huskies schedule, and if they win this one they could probably punch that playoff ticket. They, in my opinion, control their own destiny. We could see a rematch in the Pac-12 title game too! Man, someone call Goddell, this is how it is done.


Now the heavyweight matchup in the ACC pits number 3 Clemson heading into Bobby Bowden field to take on the 12th ranked Seminoles. If I am a Louisville fan, I am watching this one closely. You need a Florida State victory, I really think thats the only way they get into the playoff. The Seminoles have won 3 out of the last 4 too, and won the last two meetings from Tallahassee. Deshaun Watson has to be perfect in this game, this cannot be a repeat of the NC State game. You cannot, I repeat cannot play from behind at Doak-Campbell. This has major ACC implications, and well it is the last weekend of Shocktober, so lets see some SHOCKING events.

It’s Picking Time! ESPN wouldn’t open for me this week, so I left out the records of the clubs. But here are the picks!

LOCK (8) Baylor 48-Texas 10

(4) Washington 31-(17) Utah 17

(7) Nebraska 24-(11) Wisconsin 16

(12) Florida State 35-(3) Clemson 24

Oklahoma State 54-(10) West Virginia 48

I like the favorites, can you blame me?

I think the Heisman is a three man race right now between Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson and Jabrill Peppers. Peppers has climbed the ladder, and has really impressed me after the last couple weeks. I think Jake Browning might be in the top 3 if he comes up big in Utah this weekend.


Bend Not Break

Last week, we saw a mixture of everything. Heroics, controversy and blowouts highlighted in college football. We even had Lee Corso tears on College Gameday. I cried man tears watching him tear up. The way Trevor Knight is playing right now makes me believe that the Aggies are most certainly contenders. They played a thriller last week against Tennessee, and look to be the toughest test for number 1 Alabama.

So for me? Once again I am in neutrality, a 3-3 mark. UNC and Houston thoroughly let me down and well, Miami stunk up the joint. But enough about that, let’s hop right into this week.


Let me start off with my LOCK of the week. I absolutely love the Clemson Tigers at home against North Carolina State. NC State got a gift win last week against Notre Dame. We all know that when it’s raining cats and dogs the Irish are basically useless. Clemson went into Chestnut Hill and destroyed Boston College. I think Clemson is a LOCK this week and the Wolfpack will look like a group of scared puppies. Look for Deshaun Watson to have a HUGE week, and the Tigers to roll.


The luck of Tennessee ran out in College Station against the Texas A&M Aggies. This week the Vols need a big turn around game, but it won’t come easy as they get the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Tide are in for a tough test against Joshua Dobbs. Dobbs has been heroic all season long. He could be the new guy to take down the Tide, and join a list of names like Manziel, Newton, and Kelly. Remember: Saturday’s are for the boys…and for Saban. Coach Saban has been known to dash the hopes of the Volunteers. God bless the people who will miss this one, and the best part is Verne Lundquist is on the call.


In this weeks primetime game of the week, we get the BIG 10 matchup of Wisconsin and Ohio State. The Buckeyes come in undefeated and have not lost to Wisconsin since 2010. Yes, that dates back to the days of Bret Bielma, Montee Ball, and John Clay, who are basically irrelevant now. This could be the biggest test of the Buckeyes season until they take on Michigan in the regular season finale. My big question is, will the Badgers be starting Bart Houston? The true freshman could really be crushed by the pressure, but Paul Chryst could start anyone in this huge matchup.

LOCK: Number 3 (6-0) Clemson 48 – (4-1) NC State 14

(4-2) UNC 24 – Number 16 (4-1) Miami 14

Number 1 (6-0) Alabama 34 – Number 9 (5-1) Tennessee 24

Number 13 (5-1) Houston 38 – (4-1) Tulsa 10

Number 12 (3-2) Ole Miss 36 – Number 22 (4-2) Arkansas 31

Number 2 (5-0) Ohio State 17 – Number 8 (4-1) Wisconsin 13 

My heisman favorite right now could be JT Barrett. I think Baker Mayfield and Trevor Knight are making up some ground after last week. But Christian McCaffrey is in my opinion on the outs. Deshaun Watson and Lamar Jackson are very much alive. WHERE IS LEONARD FOURNETTE?

Until next week college football fans….

CFP Contenders and Pretenders

Week 5 is now and the books and more questions, or prayers, have been answered. This was a huge week for the landscape of college football and giving us a better understanding of who is a pretender and who is a contender in this year’s college football playoff race. The committee is quietly waiting in the wind for November 1st to release the first college football playoff ranking, but it is never too early to speculate what they might be thinking. What we learned last week is Stanford can’t win the big game, Clemson still rules the ACC, and the Michigan vs. Ohio State game in late November will decide everything. So let’s see who the contenders and pretenders are for this year’s college football playoff.


Embed from Getty Images


Alabama: Roll Tide is rolling once again and there is no surprises about that, Nick Saban and the boys are cruising to an SEC west title once again. They haven’t faced there toughest opponents just yet, but based on everything I have seen they will win out and get into the playoff as the number 1 seed. Bama puts up plenty of points and smothers opponents constantly on defense. Their kryptonite the last few years has been Ole Miss, and the Tide took care of them already this season. I hate Alabama with pure passion, but we’ll be seeing them in the playoff.

Tennessee: The Volunteers are flying high after a huge last second Hail Mary victory over Georgia last week, and the Vols have had Lady Luck on their side all year. To me Tennessee was a pretender before last week, but Josh Dobbs is balling out so far this year, and as long as he keeps it up Tennessee is on the fast track to the SEC title game against Alabama. The reason they aren’t a pretender still is because anything can happen in a title game. Alabama will probably beat Tennessee by 28+ but you just never know.

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Clemson: First and foremost I am still shaking from Saturday’s game against Louisville. Clemson put on an absolute show in the second quarter to get themselves to a 28-10 halftime lead, and I was well aware it wasn’t over. Louisville fought back aggressively in the third to regain the lead 36-28, but Dabo rallied the boys for the fourth quarter and led them to a 42-36 victory in Death Valley. Clemson was supposed to be this good and they are finally playing like it again. A tough road test in Tallahassee in a few weeks stands between Clemson and the ACC title game, assuming no slip ups from here on out, but let’s all knock on some wood.

Louisville: What Louisville proved to me on Saturday night was that if they win out, which would mean a huge road victory over Houston, they could potentially be a top 4 team in the country by the final college football playoff vote. They need Clemson to lose twice to get into the ACC championship game, so that seems unlikely, but the committee could absolutely put in a 1 loss Louisville team with Heisman frontrunner Lamar Jackson at quarterback. Louisville gained enormous amount of respect from me after Saturday, but better luck next year Cardinals.

Embed from Getty Images

BIG 10:

Ohio State: Need I say more? It just comes with the name at this point, but the Buckeyes are nasty yet again. JT Barrett is having a stellar season and has led OSU to number 2 in the nation to this point. What will get the Buckeyes into the college football playoff? A big win over…

Michigan: A tough road lies ahead with Michigan St, Iowa, and Ohio St all on the schedule but I believe the Wolverines will get to the final week of the season undefeated. And as it is for Ohio State, Michigan needs a win in that huge rivalry game to get into the playoff. I really hope we get those two undefeated for that game.

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Big 12:

Better luck next year!!

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Pac 12:

Washington: I never thought Stanford was going to lose to Washington, let alone that badly, but here we are with Washington as a legitimate college football playoff contender. The Huskies have gotten extraordinary quarterback play from Jake Browning. The Huskies just need to win out and they are in no questions asked, but can they do it?

Group of 5:

Houston: Win out, beat Louisville, and pray to God that Oklahoma wins out as well. Houston can go undefeated but being in the AAC is making it tough for them, time to move to the Big 12. Good luck Houston, you deserve to get in if you are undefeated, but will the committee allow that?


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Texas A&M: The Aggies are good don’t get me wrong, but they cannot beat Alabama, and that is what separates them from the playoff. A&M has a huge home game this week against Tennessee and they could absolutely win that, but being in the SEC west is tough because of the likes of Alabama. I actually see the Aggies winning against Tennessee, but not the SEC west.

Florida: A huge lead over Tennessee wasn’t enough for the Gators to win, so they are out, unless by some miracle they win out and Tennessee loses twice and the Gators beat Bama, good luck to them.

Embed from Getty Images


Florida State: 63-20 loss to Louisville and another loss this week to North Carolina, smell ya later Seminoles.

Miami: Plain and simple this team hasn’t really beaten anybody that great and I don’t think they’ll even get to the ACC title game. I believe North Carolina will beat the Hurricanes and then Miami will probably fall off and finish like 9-3 or something.

North Carolina: They must win out and then beat either Clemson or Louisville in the ACC title game, no chance they do both.

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BIG 10:

Nebraska: 5-0 isn’t bad, playing Michigan or Ohio State in the B1G title game is.

Wisconsin: They have the best chance out of the B1G west, but Wisconsin couldn’t beat Michigan last week on a bad day for Michigan. But there is a chance, if they get to the title game anything could happen, but I don’t see it for the Badgers.

Iowa: They lost to North Dakota State, a very good team mind you, but how you going to lose to the Bison at home and expect to beat Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Michigan and then win the B1G title game? Answer is you’re not.

Embed from Getty Images

Big 12:

Baylor: Narrowly escaping Iowa State, real impressive.

West Virginia: Apparently they are 4-0, but who knew.

Embed from Getty Images

Pac 12:

Stanford: We all saw what Washington did to them, that’ll demoralize any team, they’ll lose again, I promise.

Utah: The Utes love having a solid start and then falling off the face of the earth once people start to recognize them. They won’t do anything with their season, maybe win the Las Vegas Bowl over New Mexico or someone stupid.

My playoff prediction after week 5 is Alabama, Clemson, Michigan, and Washington. Who do you have?

On To The Next One

Another week, another sub-par finish for the Emperor of Handsomeness. I don’t think it’s my expertise, maybe these teams do not like me. If you didn’t get the chance yet, Dave Nolan dropped some hot fire about the love for the college game, click here to go check it out! Might have to talk to Dave about getting his picks in the coming weeks, maybe he can help a brother out with some winners.

Embed from Getty Images

Last week, I stumbled to a 3-4 finish. Georgia and Florida both got stomped in SEC play by rivals Ole Miss and Tennessee. Chad Kelly and Josh Dobbs have my respect, for now. Michigan State got attacked by a rabid pack of Badgers from Wisconsin where the Spartans lost, 30-6. Sounds like a finish to one of my freshman football games. My upset special was wrong, so I won’t be having one of those this week. I did however hit on my lock of the week in Stanford, now do I dare take the Cardinal as my lock two weeks in a row?


So let’s start with the Cardinals: sitting at 7th in the nation and undefeated heading north to take on the 10th ranked, and also undefeated Washington Huskies. I thought Washington was going to be exposed by upset last week and I couldn’t have been more wrong. So this week, the Huskies are sitting at a 3 point favorite, an interesting betting line especially in a Pac-12 game. I think Washington has to stop one guy, and that is Christian McCaffery. Not saying who I have yet, but Washington could be the team to stop the stud back.

Embed from Getty Images


Possibly Michigan’s toughest test yet, and obviously it comes at home. I really cannot believe that the Wolverines have yet to play on the road. Well, nonetheless, the Wolverines get the Badgers at Ann Arbor this week, and this one, again, has me looking at the line. Michigan is a whopping 10.5 point favorite in this one, do the odd makers think Wisconsin is soft or something? They must. It seems like they do not have too much respect for the 8th ranked team in the country.


My last game before my picks has massive Heisman implications, with Louisville traveling to Death Valley to take on Clemson. DeShaun Watson of Clemson vs. Lamar Jackson of Louisville. I think a slight edge goes to Clemson based off home field, but Jackson is electric, so that edge is the slightest of slightness. This game is a make or break game for the Heisman race as well as the playoff. It will come down to that ONE BIG MISTAKE.

So here are the picks this week.

(7) Stanford 31-(10) Washington 21

(12) Florida State 42-UNC 24 (LOCK OF THE WEEK)

(11)Tennessee 38-(25) Georgia 17

(8) Wisconsin 27-(4) Michigan 21

(3)Louisville 49-(5) Clemson 44

I like the road teams this week except for Florida State at home against the Tar Heels.

Heisman Race

  1. Lamar Jackson
  2. Christian McCaffery
  3. JT Barrett

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