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What you might have missed?

The past weekend has been crazy. Rumors are swirling in the NBA, Super Bowl Media week started, two tennis legends are back on the mountain top, and the NHL and NFL all star game ensued.



Rumors continue to swirl about Carmelo Anthony, but just how true are they? Well…unfortunately, for Anthony, it looked like his stock is way down and the Knicks are looking to get rid of him for next to nothing for the caliber of player he is. The Clippers, Celtics, and Cavaliers have been linked as potential suitors for Melo. The Celtics have come out and said they weren’t interested, but they might be interested in being the third team  in a deal to help the Knicks and Clippers complete a trade. The stumbling Cavs are likely out as well as the combination of Lebron, Kyrie, and Melo would probably sour in Cleveland very quickly.

Chicago Bulls - Miami Heat : News Photo

The rumor mill is also firing up with Jimmy Butler’s name in the center of it. Rajon Rondo’s comments about the Bulls on his Instagram page didn’t go unnoticed. Tempers are flaring and what was thought to be a contender in the East, has fallen a long way off. NBA analysts have talked about the Bulls calling the Celtics in regards to a trade between the two teams involving Butler.


2017 Honda NHL All-Star Tournament Final - Pacific vs. Metropolitan : News Photo

The NHL All star skills competition and game took place this weekend in Los Angeles. The Atlantic came out on top in the skills competition with 9 points, but the highlight of the night was when Ryan Kesler’s son took part in the final shootout competition. Kesler’s son took the puck down the ice and dangled Montreal goalie Carey Price and slid the puck 5-hole, then followed it with an even better celebration.

The All Star game took place Sunday afternoon in the new 3v3 format. The Metropolitan division took the crown with a 10-6 victory against the Atlantic, with Wayne Simmonds getting the MVP award.


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Roger Federer and Serena Williams made history this weekend in Australia taking home the men’s and women’s title in the Austalian open, the first major championship of the year.

Roger won his 5th Aussie open title and 18th major championship overall, the most in the open era. Federer took on his longtime rival Rafael Nadal and took him down in an epic 5 set match.

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Serena Williams cruised through the competition winning her 7th Aussie Open title and her 23rd major championship overall, a record in the open era. Williams took on her sister Venus for the first time in a final since 2009. Serena coasted to a 6-4, 6-4 victory.


Pro Bowl : News Photo

The NFL held their first skills competition since the mid 2000’s and it was an extreme waste of time. If you didn’t watch it, you did not miss out. The Pro Bowl however was a much more entertaining game with the AFC edging out a victory 20-13. It was a rare defensive battle where there was multiple turnovers and somewhat entertaining football, something we have not seen a lot from in past Pro Bowls.

NFL: JAN 30 Super Bowl Opening Night - Patriots : News Photo

On top of the Pro Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots made their way to Houston. Media week is under way and the rest of our NFL coverage including predictions will be posted later this week so be on the look out!


U.S. vs Them: Can Anyone Beat USA Basketball in Rio?

The 2016 Summer Olympics are set to begin next Friday in Rio De Janerio, and with them, the United States men’s national basketball team will look to win its third consecutive gold medal. In seventeen appearances at the Olympic Games, USA Basketball has won fourteen gold medals; a mark that sets the bar high and the level of embarrassment in losing even higher.

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After losing at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul with a roster of collegiate players, Team USA decided to give a middle finger to the world in 1992, assembling a roster that can only be described as epic. USA blew everyone out on their way to a gold medal, never scoring below 100 points and never winning by less than 30. It was the biggest f*** you in all of sports, and the rest of the world had no answer for it. The dominance continued through the next two Olympics, where Team USA ran away with gold in both. They entered 2004 with a 24-0 record since the Dream Team was installed, and boasted another stellar roster.

The roster included Tim Duncan and Allen Iverson in their prime, as well as a young Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and 19-year old LeBron James. Despite all the skill and star-power, that team mind-blowingly finished third behind Italy and Argentina, who combined for a grand total of 1 NBA player; Manu Ginobili. In retrospect, that USA Basketball team could be in the running for biggest sports disappointment of all time. When youth coaches want to show young players what “complacency” is, they reach for film from 2004 Athens.

You might think a roster starring Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving would be a lock for gold, but nothing is a given, just ask the 2004 team. While it is unlikely that a 38-year old Ginobili will be any threat to USA Basketball’s gold medal chances, there are other teams with decent talent that are flying under the radar.

USA’s first matchup, China, boasts a roster of young players, a roster which Team USA completely decimated in a pre-olympic showcase on Sunday. Yawn. Next contestant, please. Their next opponent will be Venezuela, a team that is playing in just their second Olympic Games and their first since 1992. So, why should we consider taking them seriously? They are an up-and-coming basketball nation. They won the 2015 FIBA Americas Championship over Argentina, a team that beat Team USA in the 2004 Olympics. They may be an afterthought to us, but they are familiar to the big stage; over 20,000 were in attendance for the final in that tournament.

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France is perhaps the biggest threat from a talent standpoint for the United States. 4 NBA players are on their roster, highlighted by Boris Diaw and Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs. Joining them is Joffrey Lauvergne, a 6’11 power forward for the Denver Nuggets who shows promise as a defender but the general consensus is that he needs to bulk up.

Look, nobody is arguing that the United States isn’t going to win this thing. In fact, you would be insane to say they won’t. However, we would be ignorant to ignore the talent around the rest of the world. It takes the perfect storm to dethrone a team of this magnitude, but perhaps a mix of complacency in Team USA and hunger in an opponent could be enough to tip the scale.