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Top 5 Worst Celebrity First Pitches

The first pitch of the 2017 season is right around the corner. With that being said, you would think that it was time to write a meaningful piece about teams to watch out for or any last minute moves to keep on your radar. Not here at Fan Interference. Since the first pitch is just a little over a month away, we are going to dissect and analyze the top 5 worst celebrity first pitches of all time.

#5- Carly Rae Jepsen  

For all you old folk out there, Carly Rae Jepson is the reason you haven’t been able to get the song “Call Me Maybe” out of your head for the past 5 years. Jepson took the mound in Tampa Bay to throw out the first pitch and boy did she disappoint. Looking at the tape she starts off with a smooth leg kick and good balance point but after that it was all downhill. Jepsen releases the ball and sadly it went as far as her singing career has gone. I think it is time to make a new song titled, “Call the Bullpen.”

#4- All the Kardashians

At number 4 on the list we have the “multi”-talented, Kardashian sisters. What else would you expect from the Kardashians? In front of 56,000 people the Kardashians took the spot light at Dodger Stadium and fell flat once again. There is not much to break down in this video. Everything from the start is off. In fact I’m pretty sure not a single one threw to the right person. But once again, what did you really expect?

#3- Barack Obama

In all honesty I am not trying to get political or tell my readers what presidents I have liked and who I don’t, but Obama seems like a really cool guy. I’ve seen videos of him shooting some hoops and he isn’t half bad. So you would think the guy must have thrown the rock around in the backyard a time or two. Judging by the video it’s hard to defend my argument. Obama seems like he spent more time trying to reform health care than he did playing catch. Which I am pretty sure should be the case as the president of the United States. But come on Barack, you are better than this.

#2- John Wall

The reason John Wall is #2 on our list is because he is a professional athlete. Come on bro, you get paid millions of dollars to be athletic and you can’t reach home plate? Wall is arguably the NBA’s most accurate passer but the Kardashians didn’t suck as bad as he did. Maybe he should have tried to throw it behind his back or between a defender’s legs? Honestly, anything other than what he did.

#1- Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent

Built like a Mack truck, 50 Cent got in front of Citi Field and shocked the world with how outrageously bad he was at baseball. It seemed as if “Fiddy” maybe had a shot too many of his new vodka, “Effen,” before he embarrassed himself in front of thousands of people. But in all seriousness, physics cannot explain how bad this throw was. His arm goes forward but the ball shoots out to the side, almost going into the opposing team’s dugout. I’m still left wondering, how.

There it is everybody. Baseball has a great tradition of bringing celebrities or people in the community that deserve recognition, the once in a lifetime opportunity to throw out the first pitch at a game. For many the spotlight is too much, making for some hysterical moments that we can laugh at for years.