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Broadcasting Beauties on NBC

Canada has “Hockey Night In Canada”and the United States has “NHL on NBC”. When it comes to sheer games being broadcast over the course of a season, Hockey Night is clearly the victor.

With that being said, hockey fans in America have been the beneficiary of some fantastic games this past week. That is if they happened to tune in.

While Jared Spurgeon may not be unanimously considered to be within the top 100 goal scorers in the league, he absolutely dazzled the fans with this insane hand-eye coordinated thing of beauty.

My goodness, perhaps the Twins ought to give this guy a call to add some depth to their batting order.

Alex Ovechkin is no stranger to grand stage theatrics. The “Great 8” has been notorious for getting fans out of their seats and into the action right away. With a matchup last Wednesday against bitter rival Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins, sparks were sure to fly. Especially when a specific milestone was within reach for my generations most lethal goal scorer.

Just 35 seconds into the game, Ovechkin’s toe drag-roof job set the tone for the rest of the night as the Caps cruised to a 5-2 victory. His early tally was his 1,000 NHL point. At just 31 years old and no prior injury concerns, Ovechkin has the opportunity to conjure up some instant magic.

Just 5 nights later, Crosby and Ovechkin would exchange pleasantries again. This time in Pittsburgh. The Caps leaped to a 3-0 lead early in the second, but the lead didn’t last as the Penguins riffled 6 straight goals before the start of the third period. Remarkably, the scoring didn’t end there for either side. As the Caps would tie the game at 7 late in regulation, only for the Penguins to take the decisive second point in overtime.

Your final score, 8-7.

When two original 6 teams face off against one another, it’s often must watch television. In the case of the Bruins vs. Red Wings game this past Wednesday, I’d certainly have to agree. Following an embarrassing defeat at the hand of the anemic Islanders, the Bruins looked for a confidence building team victory in Detroit. Boston’s young guns shinned early as Frank Vatrano nailed two goals and Brandon Carlo’s missile saw the Bruins up three goals on Detroit. An answer from Dylan Larkin cut Boston’s titanic lead to just two. Shortly there after, Patrice Bergeron’s deflection put the Bruins back up by three.

While three unanswered goals by Detroit would tie the game at 4 a piece, McQuiad and Nyquist would each score for their respective teams to force overtime. 5 pulse pounding minutes later, a shootout would decide who would possess the all important second point in the standings.

Detroit sent the hometown fans off with an excellent group victory. For Boston they continue to lick their wounds and search for an answer to their struggles. Emerging discussions about the future dealings of the head coach are once again at the forefront. With time being the only indicator of what course of action will be followed through on, a win against Chicago could prolong the process.

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While it may be old news now, the Montreal Canadiens got smoked by the Minnesota Wild last Thursday, 7-1. I’ll admit, entering this season there were some questions I had in regards to their locker room chemistry. Those concerns were quickly squandered. Montreal looked like the real deal for a significant portion of this season. Attribute it to the lingering affects from the World Cup of Hockey or the pressures of playing in Montreal. But Carey Price has looked aside himself this past month. Granted Montreal currently is in sole possession of first place in the Atlantic, you need to play your best hockey at this juncture of the season. Expect Montreal to make it to the spring tournament, and be a nightmare matchup for whatever team they get in round one.

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On the other hand, aside from filling the net against Montreal, Minnesota has also been filling in the win column. Playing arguably their best hockey since becoming a professional team. Since acquiring Parise and Suter in the same offseason, Minnesota has had their eye on a Cup. With the changes that have been made to tweak the roster in the last 365 days, that dream is looking attainable.



The Great Eight v. Sid The Kid, Finally


Sidney Crosby #87 of the Pittsburgh Penguins skates against Alex Ovechkin #8 of the Washington Capitals during the game at Consol Energy Center on March 11, 2014 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Sports, more often than not, have various narratives that make watching them that much more interesting. Take into consideration Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, in their respected cities they’re both cherished and agonized over.

Between the two of them is about every award one can achieve in professional hockey. They’re the NHL’s version of Superman and Batman. But similarly to Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne, these two couldn’t be anymore different.

June 26th 2004, Alexander Ovechkin is selected first overall by the Washington Capitals. Not too long after the draft, the NHL announces a lockout that cancels the entire 2004-2005 season.

Just over a year later was the infamous lottery draft, in which Pittsburgh won, and in doing so selected Sidney Crosby.

Neither of them knew it just yet, but they inadvertently reignited one of the leagues most vicious rivalries.

In the years that followed, hockey fans from all regions lusted for Crosby and Ovechkin. Their tilts included speed, flying fists, and most importantly goals. It all came to a screeching halt in the form of a game 7. Crosby and company were too much to handle as Ovechkin and the rest of the Capitals were thumped 6-2 at home.

Crosby would go on to win his first, and only, Stanley Cup.

That was seven years ago.

Believe it or not, we’ve gone that long without a playoff match up between two of hockey’s premiere superstars. Whom were most likely over shadowed by the resurgence of the Blackhawks and Kings.

However, with the advent of the new playoff structure, the NHL has ensured division rivals will meet more often. Excellent. After all, the league needs these two to face off, regardless of the outcome.

After a noticeable seven year hiatus, these two vaunted super stars will bash heads once again. This time there is a lot more at stake.

With both Chicago and Los Angeles being eliminated from the playoffs, many believe that this will be the year where an Eastern Conference team will steal a title from the West.

They aren’t wrong in thinking so.

In the last four Stanley Cup Finals either the Kings or Blackhawks have been crowned champions. In fact, you’ll have to go back to 2011 (The Boston Bruins) to find a Cup champion from the Eastern Conference.

Washington and Pittsburgh made significant moves in the offseason to correct disappointing playoff exits from the previous season. Washington excelled all season long, while Pittsburgh stuttered early. It wasn’t until the closing weeks of the season that the league was put on notice, the Penguins came ready to play. Sidney Crosby found his rhythm and never looked back. While Ovechkin was crowned scoring champion yet again.

While everyone will bite their tongue when asked, “is this finally the Capitals year?” One must wonder, if they can knock off Pittsburgh why can’t it be? On the other side of the coin is Crosby, the NHL’s golden boy sits on one Cup title. It would do his superstar status wonders if he could corral another championship.

Whoever emerges victorious earns instant bragging rights until their next meeting. The loser will spent the summer scratching their head wondering what went wrong.

Ovechkin is a man seeking to put to rest two of his biggest demons. One being the Pittsburgh Penguins and secondly, another heartbreaking playoff exit.

Crosby is looking to solidify his place next to hockey’s best and brightest *even Shawn Thornton has two rings*. Having his name etched into Lord Stanley’s hardware a second time will do just that.

Destined for seven games, this series will have it all. Most importantly it will have curb appeal, which the NHL needs the most.

Grab your popcorn and find your favorite seat because having Crosby v. Ovechkin in the playoffs and a significant chance at a title on the line truly doesn’t get better than this.

Happy Hockey Days.