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Saturday Night Fight

As the NBA and Stanley Cup Playoffs swing into full gear, boxing is coming in with consecutive weekends consisting of very good fights.  This Saturday’s fight features Shawn Porter (26-2-1) and Andre Berto (31-4-0).

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With Berto coming off a knockout victory over Victor Ortiz in his last fight, he looks to build momentum and try and gain relevance in his division again.  Prior to the Ortiz fight, Andre Berto fought Floyd Mayweather and narrowly lost in a fight which he was just out skilled.

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In Shawn Porter’s recent fight, he squared up with an undefeated Keith Thurman.  This fight went the distance and overall was an amazing fight. These two exchanged serious blows with each other, but ultimately, Thurman won the unanimous decision.  Prior to that, Porter also faced Adrien Broner which was a fight some considered him an underdog.  Porter controlled the entire fight and aside from being knocked down in the last round he still promisingly won on the score cards.

This fight is going to feature two fighters who have recent losses and desire to regain respect in their weight class.  I’d expect to see these two exchanging a lot of punches because they’re both aggressive fighters who are tough competitors.  This fight is highly anticipated and could get the attention of attracting maybe a big future fight with other big name fighters.  Both of these fighters have a lot to prove Saturday night, this is a big time fight.


Denver Ices Duluth In Frozen Final

The long forgotten Frozen Four was finished up over the weekend. The final four teams in this year’s hockey finale were Harvard, Notre Dame, Denver and Minnesota-Duluth. For us New Englanders, the team to watch was the Harvard Crimson coached by former Boston Bruin Ted Donato. The opener contest was scheduled for last Thursday, so let’s quickly look back at that.


Harvard took on Minnesota-Duluth in a match-up of contrasting styles. The Crimson and the Bulldogs would match each other blow for blow, and would be tied until the final 26 seconds of the game. The boys from Duluth were able to squeak one by Harvard on a beautiful feed. The puck just squeaked through the legs of the Harvard goaltender. Harvard had chance late, but the goalies best friend (the post) was able to keep the game at 2-1 for Duluth.

Denver made sure there was no luck of the Irish. As the Pioneers blew out the Norte Dame 6-1, and let me say this quickly, this game was over at the end of the second period. The Pio’s lead 5-0, and as the number one ranked team, they don’t blow 5 goal leads. Thanks for coming, Notre Dame.

The final was set for Saturday night, Minnesota-Duluth and Denver. And one player would really be the scoring difference in this one.


Denver’s Jarid Lukosevicius scored 3 second period goals, two of which came 16 seconds apart, and led the Pioneers to their 8th Natty Title. Denver won 3-2, and Lukosevicius’ hat trick was the difference in this one. He is the first player since his head coach Jim Montgomery did it back in the day for Lake Superior State in 1993, but he did that in a losing effort. So maybe it was good karma this time around.

The Olympic hero Troy Terry netted a duo of assists and goaltender Tanner Jaillet stopped 38 shots in the winning effort. Terry’s drive to the net for the second assist was one for the highlight film; this kid is going to be a big time pro one day. Good win for Denver, and great effort by Duluth, this was the third time the two had met this season.


So now us college sports people turn our attention to the diamond and the field, as baseball and lacrosse will start to heat up. It will be great for these two sports to get recognition down the stretch.

Stay handsome to everyone out there!

Change Of Hart?

Canada is a country known for its unity, passion, and support. Examples of that in the sporting world is the tremendous passion displayed for the Toronto Raptors and or the Blue Jays when they reach the playoffs, despite geographic differences. What pales in comparison to both the support of Canada’s last remaining professional baseball and basketball teams is its support for Sidney Crosby, and then hockey. Like Gretzky and Lemieux before him, Crosby has dazzled at both the professional and international level. An experience that has been robbed from hockey fans recently, but that’s a blog for another day.

Vancouver 2010 - Men's Hockey Gold Medal - Canada vs. USA : News Photo

Canadian’s adore Crosby, he is the poster child for success at the NHL level. While perfectly embodying what it means to be a consummate professional.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Edmonton Oilers : News Photo

In his wake, however is his adversary of sorts, Connor McDavid. Reaching the 100 point mark last Sunday is just the beginning of Mr. McDavid’s historic season. Edmonton is back in the playoffs for the first time since the Iphone was just a blueprint, and he is the biggest reason why. While Cam Talbot’s performance in net, Patrick Maroon’s turn around season, and the addition of Milan Lucic all absolutely help the cause, only one man can drive the bus.

Sid the kid was no slouch this season either amassing 89 points, winning the Rocket Richard Trophy, and obtaining and then hurtling 1,000 career points. Proving why yet again Pittsburgh should be your favorite to come out of the east.

That love for Crosby may migrate, slightly, in the future towards McDavid.

Sure, Crosby will zero in on a chance to compete for his third ring, while McDavid and the young Oilers may be star struck in their maiden voyage towards the playoffs. But where either of them end up mid June isn’t the purpose of the discussion.

We’re now witnessing a similar Gretzky or Lemieux who is better debate. Understanding the fact that the Ovechkin/Crosby conversation has been persistent, to the point of ad nauseam even.

For the first time in a long time we yet again have two Canadians competing for bragging rights on who contributes the most to their team. Crosby has cast his shadow, McDavid wishes to write his own story.

The final frontier isn’t who wins the Hart this year, but who will win the potential face to face match-up for hockey’s ultimate prize.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Just two weeks removed from Gennady Golovkin’s (37-0-0) bout against Daniel Jacobs (32-2-0), he still stands undefeated and one of boxing’s premier stars following the “retirement” of Floyd Mayweather.  As Gennady “GGG” Golovkin recovers from an extremely tough fight that was won by a unanimous decision; he looks to see who his next opponent will be to try and over throw the unified undefeated middleweight champ.

There’s been a lot of talk about him having a drop off after a 23 knockout streak that started November 22,2008.  Personally, I don’t understand them because, GGG managed to put Jacobs on the canvas in the 4th round.  It was a hard fought fight for both fighters; you could tell within the first three rounds that Jacobs was being cautious of GGG’s punching power.  The poor start failed Jacobs on the score card and Ganndy Golovkin remain on top of the middleweights.

So what’s next?

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The boxing world awaits to see what happens on May 6, when Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. square off in their super super middleweight mega fight.  Why this is relevant is because GGG has attended Alvarez’s fights before hand.  When Canelo had his knockout victory over Amir Khan; when being interviewed GGG proceeded to take verbal jabs at him, stating that the fight needs ti happen between them.

Putting these two in the ring together could generate so many paper view buys and put the boxing world in an exciting spot.  These are two fighters who’re extremely talented and arguably the most watched in boxing currently.  There are a lot of young prospects rising the ranks and gaining attention but currently, we need to see this fight between Gannedy Golovkin and Canelo Alvaerz.  They can easily agree on a weight, both sides are being to difficult as they know they need to strike while the irons hot so they can think in a business sense and break the bank and earn as much money as possible if/when this fight happens.

We have to remember Muhammad Ali went out of his way to fight Joe Frasier. They fought numerous times, along with other fighters George Foreman, Sonny Liston, and Ken Norton.  Never the less that was boxing’s best era and it fair to say the fan base isn’t what it once used to be.  The renaming question is why is it difficult to get stars like this in this generation?  What it seems like is money has over masked the sport and made things setting up a fight that much more difficult.  If Canelo and GGG can find a way to reach an agreement after May 6th; the boxing world would be at an all time high.  Seeing those two fight would be a hot ticket for the WBC and all of the fans.

What you might have missed?

The past weekend has been crazy. Rumors are swirling in the NBA, Super Bowl Media week started, two tennis legends are back on the mountain top, and the NHL and NFL all star game ensued.



Rumors continue to swirl about Carmelo Anthony, but just how true are they? Well…unfortunately, for Anthony, it looked like his stock is way down and the Knicks are looking to get rid of him for next to nothing for the caliber of player he is. The Clippers, Celtics, and Cavaliers have been linked as potential suitors for Melo. The Celtics have come out and said they weren’t interested, but they might be interested in being the third team  in a deal to help the Knicks and Clippers complete a trade. The stumbling Cavs are likely out as well as the combination of Lebron, Kyrie, and Melo would probably sour in Cleveland very quickly.

Chicago Bulls - Miami Heat : News Photo

The rumor mill is also firing up with Jimmy Butler’s name in the center of it. Rajon Rondo’s comments about the Bulls on his Instagram page didn’t go unnoticed. Tempers are flaring and what was thought to be a contender in the East, has fallen a long way off. NBA analysts have talked about the Bulls calling the Celtics in regards to a trade between the two teams involving Butler.


2017 Honda NHL All-Star Tournament Final - Pacific vs. Metropolitan : News Photo

The NHL All star skills competition and game took place this weekend in Los Angeles. The Atlantic came out on top in the skills competition with 9 points, but the highlight of the night was when Ryan Kesler’s son took part in the final shootout competition. Kesler’s son took the puck down the ice and dangled Montreal goalie Carey Price and slid the puck 5-hole, then followed it with an even better celebration.

The All Star game took place Sunday afternoon in the new 3v3 format. The Metropolitan division took the crown with a 10-6 victory against the Atlantic, with Wayne Simmonds getting the MVP award.


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Roger Federer and Serena Williams made history this weekend in Australia taking home the men’s and women’s title in the Austalian open, the first major championship of the year.

Roger won his 5th Aussie open title and 18th major championship overall, the most in the open era. Federer took on his longtime rival Rafael Nadal and took him down in an epic 5 set match.

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Serena Williams cruised through the competition winning her 7th Aussie Open title and her 23rd major championship overall, a record in the open era. Williams took on her sister Venus for the first time in a final since 2009. Serena coasted to a 6-4, 6-4 victory.


Pro Bowl : News Photo

The NFL held their first skills competition since the mid 2000’s and it was an extreme waste of time. If you didn’t watch it, you did not miss out. The Pro Bowl however was a much more entertaining game with the AFC edging out a victory 20-13. It was a rare defensive battle where there was multiple turnovers and somewhat entertaining football, something we have not seen a lot from in past Pro Bowls.

NFL: JAN 30 Super Bowl Opening Night - Patriots : News Photo

On top of the Pro Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots made their way to Houston. Media week is under way and the rest of our NFL coverage including predictions will be posted later this week so be on the look out!

The 5 Worst Athlete-Raps of All-Time

Once you’ve reached the top of the mountain as an athlete, there seems to be an itch to discover if you have any other hidden talents. For some, it’s owning a restaurant. Others? Perhaps breaking into the fashion industry. Then, there’s hip-hop. Ah yes, the athlete-rapper. Nothing says “I’m a beast on the mic” like ghostwritten lyrics that have been carefully combed over by a PR staff and an agent to make sure there’s no possibility of anything remotely controversial. From Shaq all the way to Damian Lillard, athletes have been trying their skills on the beat for decades. While some show some actual talent, others.. Well, you’ll just see. Here is the 5 worst athlete-rappers of all time.

5. LeBron James

On the court, LeBron James is a beast. He just won his third NBA title, and he brought Cleveland their first title since your Grandma was selling girl-scout cookies. On the mic, however, he leaves a lot to be desired. The best way to describe LeBron’s rap style is a G-rated version of Cam’ron. It almost sounds like he wouldn’t be half bad if it wasn’t for the fact that he can’t say anything remotely controversial. The same censorship used in Kidz-Bop is basically what we’re looking at for LeBron James.

The highlight (if you want to call it that) of LeBron James’ rap career is definitely his remix of the 2013 Jay-Z joint “Fuckwithmeyouknowigotit”. Of course, actually swearing would be much too edgy (gasp), so LeBron raps “roll with us ’cause you know we got it”. However, he does have some harsh criticism for the haters on this one, saying “it’s a damn shame you ever doubted”. Wow. Don’t play this one with the kids around or they might need counseling. He continues to lay into the haters, rapping “say what you want about the king, got money, got cribs, got whips and oh yeah, got 2 rings!” Damn. He even said the 2 rings part like 2-Chainz says “Twooooo Chaiiiinz!” This man is not to be messed with. I bet if you saw him on the street, he might not even sign an autograph for you. Let’s just hope when he retires from basketball nobody is encouraging him to pick up a microphone again.

4: John Cena

You knew it was coming. Though I definitely have a soft-spot for “The Time is Now”, the fan-favorite trumpet blaring anthem, John Cena as a rapper is total garbage. Cena has lived the past year of his life in meme purgatory; word has it he’s staying in the same cell as Harambe and Ted Cruz.

The incriminating selection for John Cena is “All Day” a song that hilariously features Wiz Khalifa. This one is actually more recent, it was released back in 2014. What really does it in for Cena is having an actual rapper on the Saturday me song as him. When it’s just John Cena, it’s harder to realize how bad he actually is. What makes it worse is his flow. He sounds like a 7th grader with a reading problem who just got picked on to read aloud in front of the class. He sounds like the rapper version of the guy with the weird voice on the Arby’s commercial. I almost expected him to drop a “we have the meats” line somewhere in there. John Cena is a terrifying man, but it’s hard to take him seriously when he raps “I’m ’bout to go on trial… Murdering instrumentals”, and the killer closing line “I got four fingers, I’m giving you the middle one”. Whoa. Take it easy man. I don’t want any problems here.

3: Le’Veon Bell (aka Juice)

Le’Veon is the first person on this list to have actually crafted himself a rap name and release a mixtape. This isn’t that impressive, considering he probably has nothing else to do during his annual suspensions. In fact, one has to suspect that late nights in the studio with a little bit of creative smoke clouds probably led to these suspensions. One thing smoking a lot of weed didn’t do for Le’Veon bell is make him a better rapper.

His rap style sounds like he is trying to say something mean about someone across the room without raising his voice too loud. The monotone thing doesn’t really work out for Le’Veon, a.k.a Juice, and he should definitely stick to playing in the NFL.

In hindsight, this song is fucking hilarious because it basically predicts his suspension long before it happens. This song was released in early April, and it contains the following:

“They collectin’ all my piss like there is somethin’ in my system
I don’t feel ’em though, ask me do I get it, no  
They want me off the field, I guess I kinda gotta feel ’em though”

Well. Juice is basically saying he doesn’t know why they keep making him pee in a cup. Maybe that’s why he was so reluctant to show up for his drug test. Not only is that lyric direct foreshadowing of his suspension, it’s also kinda gross. Name one other rapper that would rap about someone collecting their urine. I’m waiting. (Josh Gordon doesn’t rap)

2: Peyton and Eli Manning

Look. I know it’s a joke, but if there’s anyone that can make themselves look like a couple of assholes even when they’re joking, it’s the Manning brothers. I don’t understand what they were really going for. Peyton has a shaggy 80s creep haircut, and Eli looks like someone put Napoleon Dynamite in the microwave for 30 seconds and smushed his face in. I have to say, however, the best part of this video is when Peyton asks “what do you think Alexander Graham Bell would say if he saw you watching football on your phone?” and Eli busts through the painting with “who cares? Dude’s dead!” I feel like the Manning brothers may have comedic potential in the future, but definitely not a music career. Never again.

1: Serena Williams

Ok before I say anything else, this beat is fire. The person on the track? No. No. No. Pretty much the only good thing about this song is that it’s only 1:10 long. The best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) lyric here is definitely “Swag out this world, you should call me Venus. That’s my sister, I’m Serena”. Thanks for the introduction. I wasn’t sure. From the sounds of it, this track came to be while Serena was hanging out with some NFL linebacker. I just hope there isn’t more where this came from.


A-Rod Bids A-Dieu

Stunning news hit the headlines of the New York Times this week. Three-time Most Valuable Player, Alex Rodriguez announced that he will hang up his cleats for the final time after Friday’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays. Rodriguez is just four homeruns shy of 700 and ranks 4th for the most homeruns in MLB history. A-Rod’s storied career has been filled with endless amounts of drama, ranging from on the field brawls, to performance enhancing drug use. It is shocking that one of the most productive players for over 20 years would retire so abruptly. Nowadays, we are used to having the Derek Jeters, David Ortizes, and Kobe Bryants of the world announce that it will be their final season so he all the corny gifts and praise throughout the season. A-Rod is arguably the most talented player to ever play the game, so why did the Yankees ask him to no longer be an active player on their roster? Is it because he’s a pompous ass? Probably. But I also think it may be because the Yankees are a step ahead of the game and taking a page from one of their rivals.

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Following the game on Friday, Rodriguez will be released from the team and added as an advisor to the players. This means that A-Rod will still receive the $27 million that he has left on his contract which will count against the luxury-tax. So it seems like the Yankees aren’t gaining anything.

A-Rod’s deteriorating talent is allowing the Yankees to play younger players. Let’s look at the Red Sox of a few years ago. Their horrible 2014 and 2015 seasons allowed them to play Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley, and Xander Bogaerts on a daily basis. This most certainly helped develop them into the players they are today. If the Yankees decide to take this approach, it will allow them to develop their farm systems under the watchful eye of one of the best players of all time, A-Rod. At the ripe age of 18, A-Rod joined the MLB and has the experience to teach the young studs in the system to become productive players.

Though I do believe the Yankees had enough of A-Rod’s dramatics, the way they handled this situation works out for both parties. The Yankees are on a complete overhaul and have taken huge strides to become competitive again in the American League East. Look out for the Bronx Bombers come next year, they seem primed to make major moves during the offseason and have acquired young pieces to be talented for years to come.

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