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Champions League Predictions

Alright well, two people have read this blog so far…. thank you guys, means a lot. Being an American blogger, blogging about soccer is a little tricky because you guys probably are not too fond of the sport. But that’s alright. This goes out to all of my two readers and all my teachers that told me I would never amount to nothing… it’s all good ba ba babay. (Everyone loves a Biggie Smalls reference)

It was all a dream, last year Chelsea found themselves at home against Paris Saint-Germain. Chelsea had won their away game against PSG 2-1 so all they need to do was tie 0-0 to advance to the quarter finals. Well, it was easier said than done; PSG came out on top that game and I, being the die hard Chelsea fan….. cried myself to sleep that night. So if you haven’t been following the Champs League, we are on to the round of 16 second leg. For those of you that don’t know soccer, rather than teams playing one playoff game, there are two. Each team gets to play at their home stadium to make an even playing field. Whoever scores more goals out of the two  games moves on.

First, lets start with yesterday. Real Madrid beat AS Roma 2-0 in the second leg. Real will be moving on, winning on aggregate 4-0 (aggregate: the total score from both games). This game was played how you expected. It was pretty much run by Madrid; Roma never really came to life or had too many chances. Pretty boring game. The other boring game was VfL Wolfsburg vs KAA Gent, which Wolfsburg won 2-0. Wolfsburg is moving on to an inevitable slaughter by Madrid or Barcelona.  I didn’t watch this game for two reasons. One, because these two teams have no chance at being actual contenders for the title, and two, I did get the channel so it wasn’t worth illegally streaming.

Okay, now on to today and my predictions. First we have Zenit St Petersburg vs Benfica. This is one of those match ups kind of like the Wolfsburg vs Gent, where which ever team moves on will most likely be destroyed by a top European club, but the show must go on. Benfica is coming into this game with a 1-0 lead over Zenit, so Zenit will need to come out guns blazing in order to win. With that being said, there is a good chance that they do this, because in my opinion they are the stronger team. With names like Witsel, Garcia, Danny, Garay and Hulk, who all have the skill and talent to come back from this small deficit. I see no reason why Zenit cannot come out and win this thing. Oh back tracking real quick, I did not make up the name Hulk. There is  a Brazilian player named Hulk… quite famous actually . And now moving on. Befinca, however, have Julio Cesar in net who is one of the most talented goalies in the world. If they play a defensive game it will be tough to score. I don’t want to stay on this game for too long because in the long run both these teams will be knocked out in either this round or the next. My prediction: Zenit 2-0. Chelsea vs PSG also play today and I will be watching. Last game Chelsea lacked in possession and in heart but only lost 2-1 away from home…in other words they’re fine. Chelsea is at home and ready to go. They will need Hazard and Fabragas to step up and dominate in possession if they want to have the chance of a comeback. These two teams are very even, having world class players on both sides, so my non bias prediction is…PSG wins 2-1. PSG has been playing great football and has won at Stamford Bridge, so there is no away factor. Chelsea isn’t at their best this year, and with John Terry out, they will not be able to stop Zlatan and Di Maria.

So going on to next week it is Manchester City vs Dynamo Kiev……it’s going to be a blow out and not even worth my time (or yours) to watch. Man City wins 3-0. On to the next one, Atletico Madrid vs PSV. This will be interesting but I think since they are tied at zero a piece heading to Spain to play at Atletico, the home team will have the upper hand and win the game 2-0. I believe this because of the overall team quality. Madrid has better forwards in Griezmann and Torres, compared to Narsingh and van Ginkel, a.k.a nobodies. So after those two games we have the more interesting Barcelona vs Arsenal. Barcelona are up 2-0 and playing at home this game. So it’s pretty much game over for Arsenal because Barca doesn’t lose at home and Arsenal is nowhere as good as Barca. Barcelona is the best team in the world…Arsenal is not, simple as that. Barcelona football is beautiful to watch and cannot be stopped, especially when your forwards are Neymar, Suarez and Messi. Arsenal will try and they will fail. Barcelona 2-0. Next, is the final game which I am really excited for, Juventus vs Bayern Munich. This is going to be good, with the leg tied up at 2-2 and playing at Bayern. So who will be the keys to a Juve win……. POGBA, my man, will have to play like the beast he is and control the midfield. Set the tone earlier and shove players like Vidal, Muller, and Lahm around to show who’s boss. Next start Dybala because he is a dangerous striker who is looking for his chance to shine….well this is it. Other than that, shut down Douglas Costa at all cost and Juventes might just win. What does Bayern need to do? Give the ball to Costa. He is a great play maker and will create a lot of great chances for Muller and Lewandowski to score. So with this said, I give it to the under dogs, Juventus  3-2. I hope that prediction is right because that would be an awesome game to watch.

Well thats about it in the Champions League. I’ll be back next week talking about the BPL title race and other leagues like La Liga and Seria A. So I hope you two readers will enjoy and maybe we could even get up to, I don’t know…… 5 readers??? I know, I know, that’s pushing it. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Last week my predictions were right so just saying if these are right I should probably start gambling.





Premier League: Overview 3/2/2016

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By: Stephen Medlin II

Hello everyone and welcome to a little something new from Fan Interference. Yeah, I know the last thing you want to hear about is soccer. But this is going to be the best blog ever so deal with it. Anyways, my name is Steve and I will be blogging every week about everything soccer so start following because this is going to be freakin awesome, or at least we here at Fan Interference think so.

Alright lets begin with the elephant in the room, Chelsea…since this is my first blog and we are already past the January transfer window, I need to address some stuff that happened in the beginning of the season. Why the hell did you guys suck, you’re Chelsea! Your starting eleven is so good. You had the chosen one… JOSE MOURINHO! Love the guy, hate the decision of firing him, but it had to be done I guess. The past is the past. We are now into March and Chelsea sits at 8th in the table with 39 points. If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m a Chelsea fan, so go ahead with the hate. Chelsea is going to need to at least finish in the top 5 if they want to be playing European football. Hazard has had a sh*% season after being named Player of the Year the previous season. Courtouis is finally looking like himself after healing from his injury. Oscar is off and on like he always has been, and same with Fabragas. Willan still doesn’t impress me, and Pedro has yet to fit in as a starter. J.O.M., aka the Savage, aka John Obi Mikel, is still just doing his job. Also, how about that goal against PSG. I will talk about Champs League in a couple days. Ivanovic is still the man. Oh, and did I mention Costa? He needs to find some form and produce more. There’s a weird phenomenon that occurs when a striker comes to Chelsea: they just begin to suck *cough cough* Torres. Hiddink has done a great job as interim head coach, but there’s only so much he can do. If he qualifies them for Euro competition, his time here would go down as a success in my eyes. Antonio Conte is in prime position to secure the head job next season, so I am looking forward to seeing how that pans out. Overall, Chelsea needs to win out and secure that fifth spot.

On to the rest of the league! Leicester City is still at the top which is awesome, and I would love to see them win it. Marhez and Vardy are sensational. Vardy has 19 goals on the season and already broke Van Nistelrooy’s record for most consecutive games played with a goal in the Premier League. Marhez is a maestro when it comes to assists, and a play maker who also has an eye for goal. However, in their last game against West Brom, they tied at two a piece. Leicester is a solid team this season and none of the experts could have predicted this, which just makes this Cinderella story that much better. I think it will be tough for them to stay up because the big clubs still have world class players that are proven, so in order to maintain the top of the table, they need to keep in-form and not slack off which is a lot easier said than done.

One weird thing is that Tottenham is ranked as most likely to win the league…yes you heard right, Tottenham. Are you kidding me? Yes they have been doing very well, and if they win against West Ham they will be at the top, but there is no way they will stay on top for long. Alli has preformed fantastically and he is only 19. If I were a gambling man, I bet he would lose form at the end of the month. If that happens, there is no way Tottenham stays at the top of the table. It will come down to one of their last three games. Their third to last game is against Chelsea who could be fighting for a Euro competition spot (5th or higher) so there is no way this 19 year old can hold it together. He might have what it takes so far, but with the spot light now on him I think he will drop form sooner than later. Eriksen is their best attacking mid with 5 goals and 8 assists, so if they want to get atop the league and stay there, then those numbers will have to rise. Personally, I don’t think they have enough world class players to fend off the bigger clubs. Yes, Kane is brilliant. 16 goals on the season, but last year he didn’t keep his form for long. Tottenham’s back four don’t impress either. They have depth, but are all interchangeable with no clear starters. I can’t see Tottenham winning this league. In order to get atop the league they need to beat West Ham at home. West Ham at home is a totally different team. That crowd pumps them up. This season West Ham has beaten Chelsea and Liverpool at home plus tied Man City. They are also looking for something to prove. Last time these teams met, Spurs routed the Hammers 4-1. My prediction for this game (which kicks off today at 2:45) is a 2-1 Hammers win. Plus Valencia is an underrated striker that is always a threat, so lloris will have his hands full between the sticks.

On to United and City. They are both in need of new coaches. Guardiola is taking over City and maybe the chosen one at United…please God no. Jose at Man U…honestly? I don’t know how Chelsea fans would react. But as of now, City is in 4th and Man U in 5th. City already has all the talent in the world but just needs more chemistry. United needs center backs and strikers that keep good form for a while. Man U is 10 points out with their next game against Watford. Also, they are coming off of a nice 3-2 win against Arsenal, so hopefully they can hold good form and come away with a win . They haven’t lost since January 23rd, so that’s something positive to look at, but with that being said, they still need a lot of work to be compared to the United of old. And more about City…oh what to say. They’re so good on paper…like stupid good, but they just never seem to perform to their potential. They should be at the top the table, but they lose or tie to teams they should beat: like a 4-1 loss to Tottenham, and losing to Liverpool 3-1…really? I don’t know if I’m exaggerating, but they should be better. They also have lost against most of the top clubs. If you’re losing to the top clubs, there’s no way you win the league. Their game against Stoke needs to be a win like all their games against mid and low table teams should be.

I haven’t said too much about Arsenal because there is not much to talk about. They are third place in the league and Sanchez and Ozil continue to perform well. The loss to United was definitely a damper, but they will probably finish in fourth like usual.

Well, I’ve blabbered on for a while so now it’s time to just wait and see what happens. Leave comments on what you want to read or hear about and if anything comes up, this is the place to hear about it. I have some strong opinions that you’re not going to want to miss.