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Euro recap and Transfer News

Copa America was hard to follow because I was in Haiti. Trying to find a TV with cable there, was a pretty tough task. The quest for a TV led me to the type of trap house I envision Future and 2 Chainz shooting a music video in. The tournament went expected in my opinion. Messi still can’t seal the deal, Chile is a force to be reckoned with, and USA did okay. Messi can’t bring a International trophy home for Argentina, after 2 back to back tournament final losses. Those being the World Cup and Copa America. He has a great team behind him, but they always break down in the finals. In my opinion, I just don’t think he is as good when he doesn’t have good play makers around him (Iniesta and Xavi). But who cares, the real important stuff is USA. We were average, but better than I expected. DeAndre Yedlin’s red card really killed us.

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Euro were pretty cool though. Italy played exceptionally well and forced the defending World Cup champions to penalties where they lost after nine rounds. This was probably one of the weakest Italian teams assembled in a long time, so the fact that they made it to the quarterfinals was pretty impressive. Germany however, was a powerhouse on paper. Even though they made it to the semis, they really never lived up to their potential. France beat them because Griezmann was inform. He won the golden boot of the tournament, which means he scored the most goals.

After France beat Germany, all they had to do was beat Portugal. Most experts thought that France was the favorite since they had better overall players.  Wait, what a about Cristiano Ronaldo? He plays for Portugal, he’s the best…15 minutes into the game, he gets injured with a torn MCL. The game was then one of the most boring Euro Finals in my opinion, going scoreless for all of regular time. Then when no one expects it, Eder on Portugal made a run across the 18 with the ball and blasts it bottom left. GOOOAAAAL! Portugal won it 1-0 and France loses on their home soil.

Pogba and Griezmann of France both had a horrible game and quiet frankly, France deserved to lose. Their forwards were given plenty of chances to finish and their midfield played horribly. Other than Sissoko, who kept France in the game.

So with Portugal winning their first ever major international championship, an even bigger debate rises. Who is better? Messi or Ronaldo?

Messi = 0 int’l championships.

Ronaldo= 1 in’l championships.

I don’t know, you be the judge.

Transfer News:

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Paris Saint Germain -> Manchester United

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has decided to take his talent to Manchester United. This is a huge pick up for Man U who desperately needed a striker. All they have right now is Anthony Martial. He is a promising young star, but still has a lot to learn. Zlatan is 34 years old and still tearing holes in opposing defenses. He can teach Martial going forward so when the time comes, he can rise to the occasion. With Zlatan there, all Man U needs is a tweek here and there on defense and they will have great odds at winning the league. Also, Zlatan will give them a great chance at going far in the Champions League. Great overall signing by the new manager Jose Mourinho.

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Dani Alves Barcelona -> Juventus

Another huge signing for Juventus. Dani Alves is just another huge name to add to the list of great defenders on this team. Chiellini and Brazagli at center backs, plus Alves and Evra at fullbacks is a stacked defense. Dani Alves also brings a much needed attacking threat. This signing just made it much harder for any team to compete with Juventus in Seria A. With Alves signed, Juventus is quickly becoming an International powerhouse.

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N’Golo Kante: Leicester City -> Chelsea

After that Cinderella story with Leicester City, Kante wanted out and he got his wish. Coming off a great season, he has signed with Chelsea who are desperate for some changes in the midfield. As a Chelsea fan, I like this signing but wonder if Kante is a good enough player to fill the gaps in the midfield. Overall for Chelsea, he solidifies the midfield and adds even more depth in that position.

Other than that, there are only speculations around the names of Pogba, Gotze, and Bale. So we will see where that goes. Chelsea signed striker Michy Batshuayi who looks promising so the future is bright. I believe Chelsea’s new manager Conte will prove to be very good for the team and will get us back into Champions League.

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Leicester City wins the Title

So if you’re a fan of sports in general, you should know that Leicester City won the league title of the Premier League this year. This crazy game happened Monday between Tottenham and Chelsea. Yes, for all of you people that don’t know soccer, a team can win the title without even playing in the game. In soccer, it all comes down to how many points you finish with at the end of the season. With that being said, since Chelsea tied Tottenham on Monday, Tottenham will not have enough points to catch up to Leicester City and take first place. With two games remaining, there is not enough time so Leicester has won the championship. My team, Chelsea, helped them do that so Vardy, if you’re reading this, you’re welcome.

A fan of sports underdogs should love this story. Leicester City has been around for over 132 years and never been in the top tier of English football. This was their first time being in the BPL where they had 5000 to 1 odds to win it. Yes, 5000 to 1. I wish I bet on that because I could be rich. So going into the season, they definitely were not in the lime light. Claudio Ranieri was brought in as the new manager of Leicester. Last time he was in the BPL he was the coach of Chelsea. So they stared out the season nice without losing a game till the end of the September to Arsenal. Overall they lost 3 games all season, and was in first place for the majority of the season. Jamie Vardy one of the most underrated players in all of football broken the record for most goals in consecutive matches by scoring 11 goals. This broke Ruud van Nistelrooy’s record. Also, Raheem Marhez was a great player for them, winning the Player of the Year award. Honestly, their whole team played way better than anyone thought. I could talk about each player for hours because they shouldn’t of been that good. 

This is honestly one of the coolest title races I have ever watched because for once, the big clubs with a lot more money than these smaller teams lost. This is great for the league because it shows that even if your club isn’t the biggest, you still have a chance to win it all.

I think that next year their will be a lot more competition between the bigger and smaller sides. Going forward to the transfer window, it will be interesting to see if Leicester tries to bring in some big names so they can defend their title or maybe sell their players. I hope that they try to bring in some big names and invest more money into the club. That would be cool if they became a team that could compete year in and year out with the big clubs (Chelsea, Man United, Arsenal, Man City, etc.). So it should be an interesting summer which I will keep you guys up to date on.

Thats all I really have for you guys, just wanted to make sure everyone knew they won. So Leicester City, you’re welcome and congratulations.  Oh, and did anyone see Hazards goal to tie the game against Tottenham, which then became the goal to win Leicester the title?? It was amazing! Hazard is back baby!! Can’t wait for next season.

Go Blues!!

Why Manchester City could finally win the Champions League

Huge story in the Champions League. Ronaldo didn’t play in the first leg game against Man City. They tied 0-0 and now are going to Madrid for the second leg. This will be a huge game, and did I mention that Ronaldo is also doubtful for this game? Real’s main striker, Benzema is doubtful. Yes, Madrid has home field advantage but, they might be missing two of their stars. Let’s start with Madrid’s starting line up. Their defense is pretty solid with Pepe and Ramos but, Ramos is said to be unhappy with Madrid. So his mind might be else where. Midfield is obviously world class but has been disappointing at times like James Rodriguez. Then they still have Bale up top but he also has been disappointing.

Reason why I think Manchester City could win this stage.

  1. Kevin De Bruyne: He has been looking very good this year with scoring a lot of goals for Manchester City.  He has only been on the team for a year but has been looking promising and in good form.
  2. They have a world class team. With having players like Aguero, Touré, Kompany, Silva and Sterling, their team has never preformed to their potential in the Champions League. With players like these they should have a good chance now.
  3. Weakness of Real Madrid: Basically what I talked about earlier.

If they win the next game they will be in the finals. Which I predict they will, by beating Real Madrid 2-1. They will either play Bayern Munich or Atletico Madrid. I think it will  be Bayern personally, who are a very good team but beatable. Bayern sometimes just blows games in their league that they should win. Also they almost got knocked out in the Champions League but pulled back in the second game. So if my prediction stays true with Man City winning, then I believe they could beat Bayern in the finals. Also, they play at Wembley Stadium. Which for all of you that don’t know is in England. Thats like Man City having home field advantage.

This is why City has a good chance at winning the title this year. They are closer than ever so if Madrid is injured they have a great chance. If they play as a team with chemistry they can’t be beat. Go City!

Real Madrid, will the dynasty end?

So for all of you that watched the Champions League yesterday, you saw Ronaldo do Ronaldo things. Real Madrid was down 2-0 in the aggregate going into the second leg, some thought it was over for Madrid. But it’s never over when you have a freak athlete like Cristiano Ronaldo. He came to play yesterday and scored a hat trick to advance his team to the semi finals. This is why he is known as arguably the best player in the world. When the team needs him the most, he shows up and produces. Which is incredible how he still shines for Real Madrid looking at the other talents on Madrid. Just to name a few, Bale, Benzema, Rodriguez, and Modric. So yes, if Madrid is smart they will do whatever it takes to keep Ronaldo on their team and make him happy. There has been a lot of chatter however if the Madrid players are happy and whether or not the team you see next season will even look similar to the one you see now.

First rumor is that the current right wing of Madrid aka Gareth Bale is going to reject a new contract with Madrid and come back to the Premier League with Manchester United or City. My thoughts on this…if this happens, that would be a huge blow to Madrid because they really do not have a back up in this position. With that said, they easily have the funds to go buy someone to fit that role but then team chemistry becomes a problem. If you don’t think chemistry really effects a teams performance, just look at Chelsea or Leicester City.

Second rumor, also a rumor that happens every off season….. will Ronaldo be moving back to Manchester United?? This year, I could see it happening more than ever because of the fact that he is getting to the age where he only has one or two more transfers left before he starts to decline in skill. He always talks about how Manchester United was like a home for him and how he loves the fans and coaches there. So what if he left? Well, Madrid would have to learn that they just can’t rely on Ronaldo. Which I think they might become better as a team and play more of a team game rather than Ronaldo being a focal point. This also might open up some room for other players to shine on the team. You never know, the next Ronaldo might be right in front of us but just hasn’t been given the chance yet.  If this happens, it would be for a ridiculous amount of money. So there is probably a .001% chance of it happening…still a chance though.

Finally, Sergio Ramos. Ramos has been linked to the Premier League with a lot of sources saying he is unhappy at Madrid. I can see this because he has been there for so long and maybe he is just looking for something new. He’s not considered “old” yet but he is getting there. Once you hit 30, in my eyes, you really have 5 -7 years tops before you ship off to the MLS aka the retirement home. So a move this summer would be a good thing for him. Let’s hope he goes to Chelsea, now that would be nice.

So if Real Madrid lost all of these players, would their dynasty be able to adapt and still carry on?

Answer to the question: yes. I think they can as long as the organization is willing to spend a lot of money on good players. If they keep buying people for stupid amounts of money like they have done in the past, they can keep the team stacked for a while. But if they decide not to, or if the signings fail miserably and they start losing money, it’s over. Honestly I hope they fail, some BBVA team pulls a Leicester City, wins the league, and establish a new dynasty. I hope that team is Real Betis….hot jerseys.



AC Milan: Will they ever go back to being on top of the football world?

Back in the early 2000’s, the Seria A was the league to play in. This is the Italian Football League. One of the most influential football clubs is a part of this league, AC Milan. Milan was a power house back in the day, winning back to back league titles and countless numbers of Champions League titles. This team has produced some of the greatest players to play the game. One of the most famous being Paulo Maldini, arguably the best Italian defender ever. This team was stacked with midfielders like Ambrosini, Pirlo, Gatusso, Gullit, Seedorf, Beckham, Ronaldiho, and Kaka. Those are just some of the greats that have played for this team. There are so many more amazing players that have played here. Seeing them play was better than watching Barcelona or Real Madrid now. But with all dynasties, they must come to an end. Now, AC Milan is a washed up, financially poor team with mediocre players. But, some promising young talent. So how do they get back to the glory days?

Just look at this set piece, Pirlo, Ronaldinho and Beckham….doesn’t get better than that.

First of all, the owner needs to invest more into the team which hopefully he will. This team met its demise when they sold Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva to PSG and got nothing in return. Why they did that, I will never understand, but that and a couple bad signings have got them to where they are now…complete s**t! Invest more and bring in some powerhouse players in this off season. Maybe buy Diego Costa from Chelsea, I would love that as a Chelsea fan. Bottom line is in order for the world of football (Soccer for all you unorthodox thinkers. Seriously, what the hell? How can you not call it football. You literally play the game with your feet, I just don’t get it) to recognize them as a dominant club again, they need to sign big names. That’s why finishing out this season with good form is vital so they can qualify for a European League. By doing this, it will attract better players to this, already, legendary club.

Second, the team right now is garbage and needs a complete over haul. Looking at this squad, there are a handful of players that could stay. One player is the goalie, Gianluigi Donnarumma. The kid is 17 years old and starting for this team. He is predicted to be the next Buffon, which means he’s going to be pretty good to say the least. Keep all of the young defenders and Mexes, so that you have a veteran on the team. For the midfield, keep young players like Boateng. But Honda Kucka must go. I don’t know why they ever signed him in the first place. As for offense, keep Niang. Other than him, who really cares. Obviously this won’t happen, but the manager cannot let the young talent leave this team!

Milan currently sits in 6th place and are behind Inter Milan by 6 points. They have 8 games left in the season to make this deficit up and take 5th place or greater. This will be very tough for Milan to do. However, if they finish in 5th or higher, they will get the chance at qualifying for Euro League. This would be exactly what they need for them to go back to the good ole days!

Can Leicester City hold on to the Premier League Title?

As of now, in this crazy 2015-2016 season, Leicester City is on top of the Premier League with 66 points. They are 5 points ahead of Tottenham (2nd place) with seven games remaining. One of these two teams will win the league because the third place team, Arsenal, is 11 points behind Leicester and 6 behind Tottenham. Ultimately, the next seven games will decide who raises the trophy. In my opinion, Leicester City should be able to walk away with the title. For those of you that don’t follow soccer, this season could go down in history. First off Leicester was just promoted from a lower division. This is like the Providence Bruins becoming apart of the NHL and then winning the Stanley Cup. None of the sports annalists could have predicted this. Hopefully they will not crack under the pressure and hold on to first place.

Lets look at Leicester City’s schedule for the next seven games. They only play a top five team once, that being West Ham, but there are a couple teams that will put up a fight. First is Sunderland, because they sit in 18th place and as of now, are being relegated. Sunderland needs as many wins as possible or they will be going down. Expect them to play better/harder than their current position. Second, Man United will be fighting for a spot to compete in Europe next year. That will be a tough feat, but if Vardy and Marhez keep playing the way they have been all season, Leicester should be able to win against Man U and their struggling defense. Other than those two games, the only other team they play that should be a threat, is Chelsea. With the way their season is going, it should be an easy win. The other four games should be wins as well, but that is easier said than done, and we will have to wait and see. The only threat to this team will be Tottenham. Too bad these two teams do not square off against each other, but they both play Man U and Chelsea. Those two games (Tottenham schedule/Leicester schedule)  will be must wins for Tottenham and Leicester. Whoever gets more points from those two games will win the league.

Honestly, it is all in the hands of Leicester to control their future. It comes down to if they can stay composed throughout these next seven matches or if they will crack under the pressure. This will be one of the better Premier League title races, because for the first time in a long time, the underdog may win. Hopefully Vardy will lead Leicester to the title because it would be awesome for a small club to win for once. Also, if Tottenham wins it would be the end of the world for a Chelsea fan (me) because they despise them. All my friends would heckle me for months if Tottenham won and it just wouldn’t be fun, so….. Let’s go Leicester!! Don’t mess this up!!


Chelsea’s Season is officially a Failure!

So today I’m just going to tell you guys what it’s like to be a fan of the most disappointing team in all of England. So as of now this is what has happened to Chelsea. They have been knocked out of the Champions League by PSG for the second time in 2 years. Chelsea lost to Everton in the FA cup 2-0 and to make it even worse, they sit in 10th place right now. The lowest Chelsea has ever finished is 6th place going back to the 1999-2000 season. So as of now, this is the worst place they have ever been in and it’s all because of the players. If Chelsea wins their remaining nine games, they will finish with 67 points. To put that into perspective, Leicester, the number one team right now, has 63 points. So they would literally have to lose the rest of their games along with the other 8 teams between them and Chelsea in order for Chelsea to win the title. Not going to happen. So, here are the reasons why this was a failing season. Chelsea will not qualify for Champions League next year. There’s like a 1% chance of that happening. Two, we are going to have our worst finish since 2000. Finally, we couldn’t even make it to the FA Cup Final, which for those of you who don’t know soccer, a big club like Chelsea should easily make it to the final and win. So what do we have to look forward to next year? Winning the title? Qualifying for Champions league?? Hopefully, both of these, but I’ll take the latter.

At the end of this season, I want to do an article about what the team needs and team assessment going over what all the top teams in the BPL needs, but since Chelsea, in my eyes, is already done, I’m just going to get them out of the way.

Starting off at the back with the goalie, Thibaut Courtois, is a great starting goalie at the age of just 23.  He has already made a name for himself as one of the best goalies around. In that department, we are more than just okay, we have one of the best. Plus, we have Begovic and Amelia as back ups which in their prime, were starters at decent clubs like Stoke and the once great AC Milan.

Now onto the defense, John Terry is one of the most respected Chelsea defenders ever. He is also known as one of the best defenders of his time…but his time is past.  He’s old and still plays the old way of football. By this I mean he’s a grinder, kind of like Shawn Thornton  when he played for the Bruins. The game has become a lot more soft, fouls are called more and players do not have the physicality they once had. Chelsea used to be a team that shoved people around and set the tone by drawing some blood. Now with their recent signings, they are trying to make the game more “beautiful”.  By this I mean elegant give and goes, threading the needle type plays where a player’s strength isn’t needed. So having these two types of play styles on your team will cause problems. That’s why Terry needs to go.  I will always love him as a player just like my all time favorite Chelsea player Lampard. But when it’s your time, it’s your time.  Go join Lampard across the pond in New York. Well, for the rest of the defense, Cahill will take Terry’s spot and Zouma at the young age of 21 has been preforming well, so they will pair well together. At left back, César Azpilicueta has been a rock so he will be on the team for years to come. Next is the other old man Branislav Ivanovic who is our center back turned right back. He only has one year left in my eyes so we need to find him a replacement this off season. No everyone, I do not think Baba, our back up outside back will fill his shoes. We need someone better. So defense needs youngsters but also a veteran. Final thoughts, buy a veteran world class player for defense. Dream pick up: Sergio Ramos.

The midfield is a mess. I don’t know what to do. There we have a world class midfield with the likes of Hazard, Matic, Willian, and Fàbregas. So I don’t know why we are so bad. Probably just chemistry reasons. I think if you keep this the same, we will be fine. We won the title last year with this midfield so it does work. But that probably won’t happen and Hazard will probably leave. What do we do!? Simply buy Paul Pogba for a bucket load of money. I’m talking stupid amount because we have the funds to do it. That would bring a tough play style to hold down our midfield, which is exactly what we need. Have Pedro out wide left and Willian out wide right with Matic and Fàbregas supporting these guys. Problem solved! So dream pick up: Paul Pogba.

The Striker…. Chelsea never has a good striker. Yes, Costa played well last year but we have never had a striker that has stayed in good form for a long period of time. Torres was a bust all the way back to Shevchenko. One of the best strikers ever. For some reason, whenever Chelsea buys a world class striker, no matter how well they played somewhere else, they never play like that for Chelsea. I think we need to sell Costa. Athletico Madrid wants him back and will pay a good amount for him. Sell him with that money. Don’t buy a striker that’s already the best in the world. Buy one that’s young and can develop like Drogba did BECAUSE HE WAS THE BEST. I think a great young pick up would be Embolo. He plays in the Austrian League and has been looking quite promising. Let Pato and Remy start next season. They are both solid strikers. Develop this kid and one day he will be the next Drogba for Chelsea. Dream pick up: Embolo

So those are my thoughts on Chelsea. If we get any of those three players, I would be extremely happy. Last thing today, Champions League, are my revised predictions:

Juventus  2-1 Bayern Munich

FC Barcelona 2-0 Arsenal

I haven’t been wrong yet.  Let’s keep the streak alive! #GoSteveGo