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Saturday Night Fight

As the NBA and Stanley Cup Playoffs swing into full gear, boxing is coming in with consecutive weekends consisting of very good fights.  This Saturday’s fight features Shawn Porter (26-2-1) and Andre Berto (31-4-0).

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With Berto coming off a knockout victory over Victor Ortiz in his last fight, he looks to build momentum and try and gain relevance in his division again.  Prior to the Ortiz fight, Andre Berto fought Floyd Mayweather and narrowly lost in a fight which he was just out skilled.

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In Shawn Porter’s recent fight, he squared up with an undefeated Keith Thurman.  This fight went the distance and overall was an amazing fight. These two exchanged serious blows with each other, but ultimately, Thurman won the unanimous decision.  Prior to that, Porter also faced Adrien Broner which was a fight some considered him an underdog.  Porter controlled the entire fight and aside from being knocked down in the last round he still promisingly won on the score cards.

This fight is going to feature two fighters who have recent losses and desire to regain respect in their weight class.  I’d expect to see these two exchanging a lot of punches because they’re both aggressive fighters who are tough competitors.  This fight is highly anticipated and could get the attention of attracting maybe a big future fight with other big name fighters.  Both of these fighters have a lot to prove Saturday night, this is a big time fight.


Russ’ Journey

This journey started in early August crushing spectators reports of Russ leaving Oklahoma City to form a super team in Los Angela’s with fellow UCLA alumni Kevin Love.  Shortly after the Warrior’s signing of Kevin Durant. Russel Westbrook singed an extension with the team that would make him a free agent in the 2017-18 season.  It’s evident of the amount of love shown between Russ and the faithful of Oklahoma City.  He had high expectations all year; most felt if the Thunder were going to remain relevant in a very tough Western Conference then Russ would have to carry the team.

Throughout games in prior seasons we’ve seen glimpses of what he could do when Kevin Durant wasn’t on the floor.  It was clear that with or without Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook was always going to play his game and put up high number while doing so.  He is a true commander on the court proving to be a leader on a very close team in OKC.

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Fast forward to the all star break, by already posting 27 triple-doubles at this point in the season it was obvious that MVP talks have begun for Westbrook.  At this point in the year was it possible for Westbrook to approach, tie, or maybe even break Oscar Robinson’s legendary record of 41 triple doubles in a season?

Yes it was, currently with four games remaining Russ remains tied with Oscar Robinson.  One would think it’s more than likely that we see this record be broken.  Russel Westbrook hasn’t missed a game all season and is playing the highest level of basketball out of anyone in the league (yes that includes LeBron James).  Also, he’ll most likely finish the regular season averaging a triple double.  For a Point Guard that’s huge, because that means he’s averaging over 10+ rebounds a game.  The NBA world expected Russ to have a good season, but no one thought he’d take over like he’s doing.  He carried this team and made his teammates look good with his strong play and put his team in a solid position to make something happen with their season.

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Regardless, if he remains tied or breaks the record this was a historic season for Russ.  By showing this consistent performance and unique swagger that makes him stand out; it truly cemented him among the leagues elite.  His performances were the reason that his team sits at 6th in the West and will most likely stay there going into the playoffs.

Even if the record is broken and Westbrook is named the league MVP the journey still isn’t over.  Most likely the Thunder will have a bout with the Houston Rockets in the first round.  The Thunder endured a lot of drama with Kevin Durant this off season, but with a player like this on the squad the sky is always the limit. Russ isn’t trying to only be the MVP or hold the NBA’s most triple doubles in a season all time; he wants to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy.  He’s one of the most competitive players in the league, every thing he does on the court is to try and win a championship.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Just two weeks removed from Gennady Golovkin’s (37-0-0) bout against Daniel Jacobs (32-2-0), he still stands undefeated and one of boxing’s premier stars following the “retirement” of Floyd Mayweather.  As Gennady “GGG” Golovkin recovers from an extremely tough fight that was won by a unanimous decision; he looks to see who his next opponent will be to try and over throw the unified undefeated middleweight champ.

There’s been a lot of talk about him having a drop off after a 23 knockout streak that started November 22,2008.  Personally, I don’t understand them because, GGG managed to put Jacobs on the canvas in the 4th round.  It was a hard fought fight for both fighters; you could tell within the first three rounds that Jacobs was being cautious of GGG’s punching power.  The poor start failed Jacobs on the score card and Ganndy Golovkin remain on top of the middleweights.

So what’s next?

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The boxing world awaits to see what happens on May 6, when Canelo Alvarez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. square off in their super super middleweight mega fight.  Why this is relevant is because GGG has attended Alvarez’s fights before hand.  When Canelo had his knockout victory over Amir Khan; when being interviewed GGG proceeded to take verbal jabs at him, stating that the fight needs ti happen between them.

Putting these two in the ring together could generate so many paper view buys and put the boxing world in an exciting spot.  These are two fighters who’re extremely talented and arguably the most watched in boxing currently.  There are a lot of young prospects rising the ranks and gaining attention but currently, we need to see this fight between Gannedy Golovkin and Canelo Alvaerz.  They can easily agree on a weight, both sides are being to difficult as they know they need to strike while the irons hot so they can think in a business sense and break the bank and earn as much money as possible if/when this fight happens.

We have to remember Muhammad Ali went out of his way to fight Joe Frasier. They fought numerous times, along with other fighters George Foreman, Sonny Liston, and Ken Norton.  Never the less that was boxing’s best era and it fair to say the fan base isn’t what it once used to be.  The renaming question is why is it difficult to get stars like this in this generation?  What it seems like is money has over masked the sport and made things setting up a fight that much more difficult.  If Canelo and GGG can find a way to reach an agreement after May 6th; the boxing world would be at an all time high.  Seeing those two fight would be a hot ticket for the WBC and all of the fans.