Lynch’s Return

Marshawn Lynch agreed to terms with the Oakland Raiders last week to un-retire from the NFL and play once again.

This doesn’t necessarily mean anything will happen, as Seattle has to agree to trade Lynch away to Oakland while Oakland has to be okay with trading away assets for the aged star running back.

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For many in Oakland, seeing Lynch play in the Raiders’ black uniforms is like a dream come true.

Lynch’s role in Oakland would be much less than his in Seattle, as we saw in his last year he no longer can be the workhorse that he once was. Oakland, choosing not to sign running back Latavius Murray this off-season, opted to move to running back by committee instead of having a lead guy. So Lynch would have a much reduced role and still be able to carry the pride of a team as well as the city he is from.

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Expect Lynch to play a lot less snaps and rotate with Washington and the other Oakland running backs. Perhaps having veteran leadership in the backfield on a team without much veteran presence on offense (save Michael Crabtree perhaps) is a great idea. It’ll be much easier for stars like Carr and Cooper when they have an old head telling them what to do in tough situations both on and off the field.

For Lynch and the Raiders, this is a win-win. For Seattle, hopefully they can receive enough return that they will want to make this trade. Lynch returning to Seattle likely isn’t an option at this point. They could use help on the offensive line, an area where Oakland exceeds. Maybe a rotational lineman for a rotational running back would make sense here, it’s likely they don’t give away one of their star lineman.

Time will tell for Lynch and the Raiders if the hometown kid can be a hometown hero for the Raiders’ last few years in Oakland.


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