Change Of Hart?

Canada is a country known for its unity, passion, and support. Examples of that in the sporting world is the tremendous passion displayed for the Toronto Raptors and or the Blue Jays when they reach the playoffs, despite geographic differences. What pales in comparison to both the support of Canada’s last remaining professional baseball and basketball teams is its support for Sidney Crosby, and then hockey. Like Gretzky and Lemieux before him, Crosby has dazzled at both the professional and international level. An experience that has been robbed from hockey fans recently, but that’s a blog for another day.

Vancouver 2010 - Men's Hockey Gold Medal - Canada vs. USA : News Photo

Canadian’s adore Crosby, he is the poster child for success at the NHL level. While perfectly embodying what it means to be a consummate professional.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Edmonton Oilers : News Photo

In his wake, however is his adversary of sorts, Connor McDavid. Reaching the 100 point mark last Sunday is just the beginning of Mr. McDavid’s historic season. Edmonton is back in the playoffs for the first time since the Iphone was just a blueprint, and he is the biggest reason why. While Cam Talbot’s performance in net, Patrick Maroon’s turn around season, and the addition of Milan Lucic all absolutely help the cause, only one man can drive the bus.

Sid the kid was no slouch this season either amassing 89 points, winning the Rocket Richard Trophy, and obtaining and then hurtling 1,000 career points. Proving why yet again Pittsburgh should be your favorite to come out of the east.

That love for Crosby may migrate, slightly, in the future towards McDavid.

Sure, Crosby will zero in on a chance to compete for his third ring, while McDavid and the young Oilers may be star struck in their maiden voyage towards the playoffs. But where either of them end up mid June isn’t the purpose of the discussion.

We’re now witnessing a similar Gretzky or Lemieux who is better debate. Understanding the fact that the Ovechkin/Crosby conversation has been persistent, to the point of ad nauseam even.

For the first time in a long time we yet again have two Canadians competing for bragging rights on who contributes the most to their team. Crosby has cast his shadow, McDavid wishes to write his own story.

The final frontier isn’t who wins the Hart this year, but who will win the potential face to face match-up for hockey’s ultimate prize.


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