Seattle’s Sherman Situation

One of Seattle’s Superstars in the backfield is looking for a change of scenery.

Richard Sherman: the guy who has been touted as the NFL’s top cornerback who is notorious for shutting down an entire side of the field has lost interest for playing in Seattle and would like to move to a contender.

Hold up, since when is Seattle not a contender?

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Actually, since they lost Super Bowl 49 is the answer. Since then, they’ve slumped down to two losses in the Divisional Round and questionable play in the regular season that is far weaker than the explosive team they have been in the past. The funny thing is, they’re still a top team in the league. They still have arguably the best defense in the NFL and a top QB who can make anything happen. What’s the issue here?

Seattle has a plethora of issues on the field. They have almost no desire to build an offensive line around QB Russell Wilson, and on defense they’re only getting older without really putting any new parts in to ensure success. Drafting simply hasn’t been the same as it once was, which begs the question: is this Seattle team (the L.O.B. & Danger-Russ era) on the decline? Will they eventually fall apart?

I’d assume so if one of their Top 3 players and top 10 in the league is looking to jump ship.

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But which ship is Sherman trying to jump to?

I hate to be a homer, but I can’t see another option that ensures success aside from the Patriots. Seriously, if you’re on one of the few teams that can guarantee a playoff spot each year and you want to “move to a contender”: what else could that possibly mean? Is there another team with a chance of making the Conference Championship Game quite like New England? Hell no.

For this to work, Malcolm Butler is gone and the Patriots would need to pay A LOT for Sherman. He’s on a 4 year deal at around 14 million per year, which is honestly and under-pay.

Truthfully, I don’t see this trade panning out. Nobody wants to give up a boat-load for anyone, and the team’s that would aren’t of the “contender” caliber that would provoke Sherman to want to leave.

But this says a lot about the position Seattle is in. When your cornerstone players want to jump off the ship, it’s pretty telling of what’s to come.




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