The Good, Bad, And Ugly Of Bradly Marchand

Brad Marchand is a dirt bag, but every team has its sleazy player.

I love how nobody else likes Brad Marchand except for Boston sports fan. Simmialrly to Brandon Gallagher or Matthew Tkachuk.

What you cannot deny is how reliable Marchand has been for this team despite the subtraction of players such as Tyler Seguin, Jarome Iginla, Loui Eriksson, and Milan Lucic.

Admittedly, it came as no surprise that he speared Jake Dotchin’s groin area last week against the Tampa Bay Lightning. It’s all part of the ugly reputation that he has built up for himself. Since entering the league in the 2010-11 season, he has faced discipline from the league 6 times.

Brad received a 5 minute major and a game misconduct for leaping drastically over the line separating sportsmanship and Todd Bertuzzi or Marty McSorley. In response, the NHL Department Of Player Safety awarded him with a 2 game suspension. Which, is kind of laughable. Considering the two game suspension covers the remainder of the season. All but ensuring Boston’s most offensively reliable player will be 100% healthy for the playoffs.

Now, it can also be argued that the games between Ottawa and Washington are games in which Boston would need Marchand’s added offensive punch.

unnamed (4)

Understandably so, the sentencing wasn’t welcomed with open arms by the Twitter universe. Many firmly believed he should have received much more of a punishment as rumblings of even one additional playoff game entering the final verdict surfaced from the rumor mill. With the idea being, making him sit for that playoff game would hammer home the point. That being said, you can score all the goals you wish, challenge the league elites for top spot in points, but you’ll never get the Sidney Crosby treatment.

Don’t get me wrong, Brad showed explicit intent to severely injure Dotchin. Not only should he have been thrown out of the game, he also should have had is block taken off by any member of the Lightning. But, you can’t argue that in order to get a reputation, you have to be repeatedly suspended for your actions on the ice. Keeping this in mind, Crosby didn’t face any supplemental discipline for the prior offenses highlighted above.

Inconsistencies don’t only exist in the NFL officiating, I suppose.




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