Thank You Brent

Instead of spewing out some hot takes about the NFL draft prospects or the upcoming conference tourneys. I wanted to sit down and write a thank you to one of the greatest sportscasters of all time. His name is Brent Musburger and he coined the phrase “You are looking live”. Brent called his last game about a week ago from Rupp Arena in Kentucky. And let me say this, his iconic voice will be missed.

Musburger started out with CBS in the late 60’s and soon rose in the ranks at the station. Musburger was heard on the NFL Today and other various sports events on CBS. He was later fired (what a bad decision) by the station in 1990 and his final game called was the National Title game between UNLV and Duke.

He would go on to work for ABC, who had at the time merged with ESPN. Musburger soon rose to the position as the voice of the college football world. He called some of the best games, along with seven BCS national title games. He also called some of the best college basketball games for the network as well. His game calling ability was unmatched, especially when paired with Jay Bilas or Kirk Herbstreit. Brent and Kirk had an unbelievable chemistry, which is something that we rarely see today.

Many knock Brent for pointing out attractive women when on the air. But I always respected it. The man knew a good looking woman when he saw one. I will never, ever knock him for that. So if you ever had a problem with that, then you need to relax.

Thank you Brent. Thank you for descriptions of the classic scenes of Tuscaloosa, Death Valley, and the Big House. Thank you for the prolific calls during some of the best college football and basketball games ever played. And most of all, thank you for the line, that line will never be said by anyone on air other than you.

Until next week, see you readers later.


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