Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About

Last week, I talked about the teams who could be in the 1 and 2 spots come March. This week, I will be taking a look at just 3 teams out of the field. Three teams that have been overlooked over the past few months. I truly think these three teams, if given a chance, could some how run the table as a 4 or 5 seed. Some teams may have you scratching you’re head. So here we go.


The Maryland Terrapins right now stand at 20-2. Maryland is led by a tremendous point guard named Melo Trimble. Trimble averages 17 a night over about 31 minutes, he truly is a top guard in the country. The Terps need him and a kid by the name Justin Jackson to be their dynamic duo come tourney time. Their two losses have come to Pitt and Nebraska, and their schedule hasn’t panned out to be as good as once thought. But at 20-2, the Terps look like the best option to run the table as a mid level seed.

Although they stand atop the Big 10 as well, I don’t know if they can win the conference. Don’t tuck in the Terps.


Let’s stay inside the Big 10 right now, but head down to Illinois and take a look at the Wildcats of Northwestern. Yes, I am saying Northwestern is a sleeper right now, especially with a 18-4 record and 7-2 in the Big 10. Wildcats point guard Bryant McIntosh said the other day that he thinks his team could be better. If they can be better, and finish off some games down the stretch, the Wildcats could easily be a team to take down one of the favorites. McIntosh and Junior guard Scottie Lindsay may have to be two of the bigger names for this team down the stretch. Bracketology has them as a 7 seed right now and I think they can go higher. That tread line could start with a win in Madison against Wisconsin.

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 10.03.19 AM.png


I will throw an American East flavoring as we look at Cincinnati. The Bearcats sit atop the American East with an 8-0 record and are 19-2 on the campaign. A quality win over rival Xavier can only help their cause.

I think if they finish the regular season undefeated in their conference, they clinch a seed in the 3-4 range. What hurts them and why they are being slept on is the conference strength. Which has me clamoring “BRING BACK THE OLD BIG EAST”. Jacob Evans is a name to watch, and he could be a 4 year Bearcat. Only time will tell how far this kid will take the Cats, but I like what I see in him. Evans and the Bearcats could be considered a giant killer in the field come March.

So until next week, leave a comment or shoot me a tweet @jcorsi11 on the tweeter machine.

And as always, stay handsome.



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