Another One

The New England Patriots will be entering their 9th Super Bowl. The opponent is the often-overlooked and underrated Atlanta Falcons. ATL Quarterback Matt Ryan may be the favorite for the league’s MVP award, but when it comes to winning, nobody is better than Brady.

Both Super Bowl-bound teams put on a display in their respective Conference Championship Games. The Falcons destroyed the Green Bay Packers by a score of 21 to 44 that was really a far greater blowout than the score would lead you to believe and the Patriots had the Steelers beaten from the get-go with a final score of 36-17.

Seriously, both teams were dominant in every aspect of their game. These victories are certainly huge confidence-boosters for both teams, especially going into the biggest game of the year.

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For Tom Brady and the Patriots it’s hard to ignore the storyline. They may never address it, but everyone knows what this game means for the Patriots. Its the redemption of Tom Brady, it’s his one moment to silent the critics for good. “Deflategate” would be erased, it’d be eliminated for good.

As many New Englanders know, opposing fanbases still wave around “Spygate” wisecracks every now and again. Tom Brady was hung out to dry, turned on, and labeled a villain by the NFL. He’s had to endure media and nation-wide criticism and hate since, and February 5th is his chance to erase the detrimental “Deflategate” demons forever. It will no longer be a headline, but a mere footnote. Make no mistake, Tom knows this is the case.

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I’m not saying that the storyline is greater than that of Super Bowl 49. Both that Patriots roster and that Seahawks roster will be remembered as historic, I’m not sure about the Falcons. This could be the start of a great team for years, but it’s far more likely the NFC South continues to cycle through their top teams as they have the past 15 years. But for the Patriots, this game is everything. It’s a defining moment. It’s the period at the end of a statement that has been 16 years and 4 Super Bowl victories.

It’s the punch to remind you how legendary this dynasty has been. This Super Bowl puts the Belichick-Brady era over any other in the NFL, if that wasn’t already the case.


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