Monday Night Natty

HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A MONDAY. Did I just type in all caps? I sure did.

That National Championship game was one for the ages, a true and utter classic that we will talk about for years. Alabama falls, and Clemson rises to the pinnacle of the college football world.

“I’ll tell you what man, I love football.” a John Gruden line described my feelings after that ball game. Let’s take a look.


Deshaun Watson had his own revenge tour this season, and did something many believed wouldn’t happen. They didn’t think Watson could slay the beast. But heĀ silenced the doubters, folks. The future top 10 pick had himself a night. After a slow start, he came to play and proved his worth and more as the game progressed. He got popped a time or two as well, but didn’t stay down. Let’s hope his talent doesn’t go to waste in miserable Cleveland (foreshadowing?)


Hunter Renfrow. A name that will probably be called in the 5th-6th round pick (if he goes to the draft). This kid is a shifty guy, with hands that don’t quit. A couple TD’s on the night for the former walk-on and now the kid goes down as a hero in my book. He could come back and play for the Tigers and get that draft stock up, but after that performance, teams may be licking their chops at this kids talent. He’s something to watch for to see if he comes out for he draft.

Nick Saban firing Lane Kiffin has been talked about. I don’t know the deal to be quite honest. Don’t know which side to take. Saban is 5-1 in the natty game, while Kiffin has a subpar record in bowl games. Do the math folks, Saban probably did the right thing kicking Kiffin to the curb.


Dabo and the Tigers head back home with the title, but they’re going to have some tough competition come next season. The USC Trojans and Penn State Nittany Lions look poised to make the leap. JT Barrett (he’s got to be 50 by now) is back for the Buckeyes. And oh yeah, Alabama is still a part of the United States. Plenty of contenders for the throne, so I’m not making any sort of pick but…Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield are both heading back to their respected teams. Not a prediction, just a thought(Oklahoma vs. Louisville IN the 2018 National Championship game? I don’t know, maybe.)

So that’s all for football, but come back next week as we dive into the college basketball world.


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