And Then There Were 4

We are officially two days away from the final four of the college football season. Two semi-final tilts and the big title game are what separates us from a National Champion. Four teams, who more than deserve to be in these games (sorry Michigan), will go to war on New Year’s Eve night.


But first let me say this, these games being on New Year’s Eve is a total mistake. The NCAA is trying way to hard to create their own traditions, and it is not working out. They should be utilizing New Year’s Day and include the Rose Bowl in those games. Have a 1 pm playoff game, have the Rose Bowl in between the two games, then have a night cap with the second playoff game. Have I just solved the problem that everyone is whining about? I think so, and when the NCAA calls, I will take full credit for that.


So, let’s start with the first game of the two and it pits the Washington Huskies (4) against the number 1 team in all of the land the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Truthfully, I don’t know if this will be a close game. Alabama could very much blow out Washington and have this game in their pocket by the end of the first half. But here is my argument, for Washington, their run game. If the Huskies can run the ball effectively, then I think they have a chance. If Jake “The Snake” Browning can then harness their play-action after that, then they can win the game as well. Jalen Hurts needs to be stellar. Washington’s defense is the real deal and could give the freshman some headaches in this game. Do not, I repeat do not count out the Huskies. Yeah, I know, Nick Saban is coaching in this game, but Chris Petersen has coached in his fair share of big games as well. So don’t let the Huskies have a scent at that victory smell.


The second game is the night game between the 2 and 3 teams which are Ohio State and Clemson. This has the potential for about 100 points to be scored. The big X-Factor for the game is easily Deshaun Watson. Watson is arguably a top 5 pick, if not the top pick in next seasons NFL draft. If he gets going like he did last year, then I think Clemson returns to the title game. But this Ohio State team is something he hasn’t seen before. A Big-10 powerhouse, led by Coach Urban Meyer could be the kryptonite for Watson. Ohio State QB JT Barrett may also shine bright like a diamond in this spotlight. Let me point out this too, Ohio State has not played a game since November 26th. So is there rust on the Buckeyes for missing the Big-10 title game? There most certainly could be, but you never know. It’s Dabo vs Urban, this game is going to be a knockdown, drag-out war. No other way to put it.


And now we get to my picks for these games, and they are as follows:

(1)Alabama 35- (4)Washington 31

(3) Ohio State 41- (2) Clemson 36

I think we see some points scored in both games, and should get two very fun football games to watch. Unlike last season, when both games were kind of duds.

So let me be the first to say Happy New Year, and I hope it’s a handsome one.


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