Patriots Jet-On By

There’s not a whole lot to say about this one.

The Patriots absolutely dominated early on Saturday, ruining Christmas spirit for Jets fans across the globe.

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The embarrassing 41-3 victory marks another notch in Brady’s Belt of Wins, and you have to wonder where the Jets went wrong after a stellar 10-6 year last year. All-in-all this was a dominating win for the Patriots. The passing game, the running game, defense and special teams all looked dominant.

This is exactly the kind of win you want to have before the playoffs begin. Granted, the Jets are far from stellar this year and a game still remains against the Wild Card team and divisional foe Miami Dolphins who are sitting at 10-5, but a win this dominant before the playoffs start must feel good. Not only was it an prideful victory for the Patriots, but it was against a rival and divisional team. It can’t get much better than that.

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I’ve been thinking all year that the only thing that didn’t give me absolute confidence in the Patriots this year is their inability to takeover a game completely. Even the Cleveland Browns and San Fransisco 49ers, who have two wins between the both of them, were able to compete at some level against the Patriots. There was some uncertainty and skepticism from me about how the team would manage in the playoffs. Although the Jets are only a tad better than the teams mentioned previously, a dominating win is a sign of a good team. That just makes sense. If you can takeover every facet of a game in a single game, it’s a good sign that you have a chance to win the Super Bowl.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, the AFC Playoff teams have been decided, and I’m really not afraid of any of them. The biggest competition in the AFC, the Oakland Raiders who are currently the #2 Seed, just lost their starting quarterback and MVP candidate for the remainder of the season. The Steelers and Texans are at the 3 and 4 seed respectively and both teams have more problems than they do solutions and strike little fear into my mind about running away with a win at home in January. The Chiefs and Dolphins are more intimidating to me, but one of those team has notoriously folded in the playoffs the past few years and the other hasn’t reached the playoffs with their current core and pose little threat. The stars have aligned for an easy trot to the Super Bowl in the AFC.

The NFC is a tad bit different; teams like the Cowboys and Seahawks are solid but there’s a little bit of time before we need to worry about that.

As far as next week, the Phins are looking to make a statement, and they will be at home in Week 17. This game isn’t a cakewalk. Let’s hope the Pats come out on top in Miami this Sunday.


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