Craig Sager Inducted Into Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame: 8 Iconic Sager Suits

It was announced last week that long-time TNT and TBS sideline reporter Craig Sager would be inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Last night, that happened. Sager has been battling terminal cancer since March 2016, so the induction will likely be a bright spot in an otherwise troubling time for the Sager family. Aside from being a constant presence in TNT’s NBA coverage, Sager is also known for his wacky suits, and we’re hoping a few of those end up in the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame as well. He may have the ugliest suits in the game, but he’s one of the best broadcasters in NBA history. In honor of Craig Sager, here’s 10 iconic images that caught our eye:


I don’t know what’s more shocking, Craig’s suit or seeing Dwight Howard in an Orlando Magic jersey. If only we knew the sh*tstorm coming as Dwight would go on to play for the Lakers and Rockets before eventually settling on Atlanta, where he plays now. Still trying to figure out Craig’s suit. What material is that? Who does that? Craig Sager does that.


And here, we have Craig Sager imitating a 1970s used car salesman. Actually no, this is just a normal day for him. It was a whiteout night during the 2012 Western Conference Finals, so he must’ve dug this one out of the back of his closet for the evening.


In this recent picture from the 2016 All-Star Game, Sager interviews Kobe Bryant after his final appearance in the contest. It was an emotional night for both of them, but the suit makes Sager look like Cupid himself.


And here, we have the one picture in which Craig’s suit game might have been outdone by someone else. Billy Bull, as he’s called in Chicago, seems to have taken a page directly out of the Sager playbook with a red checkered suit. If we’re being completely honest, he probably stole that from Sager’s closet while he was sleeping.

This picture comes to us from the 2012 All-Star Weekend, otherwise known as the height of the phenomenon known as Linsanity. This is perhaps the golden age of Sager fashion, and he interviewed Jeremy Lin numerous times this season as he somehow tore up NBA defenses for a wild stretch of games.


Ah, the 1990s. Michael Jordan was dominating the league and Sager’s suits were, well, pretty normal. No big complaints here but of course, a picture with 23 will always make the list.


I’m gonna give the suit a solid 6/10 on this one. He went with the matching shoes, which is always nice to see. It wouldn’t be a Sager suit without a wacky tie, and he’s got that covered. Also, it’s weird seeing KD and Westbrook on the same team again. Looking back at this picture we should’ve known they’d never stay together.


The kid stole the show in this one. Yes, the tie game isn’t too bad for Craig, but getting a picture with an NBA analyst wearing a “LeBron is a Bitch” shirt makes you a winner in my book.


And, here, we have Craig Sager celebrating the Cubs’ World Series victory after a successful operation. We’re hoping Craig stays well long enough to get some more NBA playoff airtime, and we wish him the best.


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