Seven Unbeaten, Who Falls First?

So far the college basketball season has proved to be an awesome one. With some of the top dogs already falling, there is one huge surprise of all the unbeatens. I will quickly take a look at the seven left, and see who I think falls first.


Defending National Champions Villanova sits atop the AP and Coaches poll at an impressive 10-0. Coach Jay Wright and the Wildcats did the improbably by beating UNC last season in the big one, a game many didn’t think they would even sniff. There is a chance at the Wildcats repeating too, especially with Wooden Award favorite Josh Hart. Hart is the heart of this team averaging 19.5 ppg and 7 boards a night, the kid can flat out play. He’s aided by Kris Jenkins, and the two make quite the duo. So I will say they will not be the first to fall, and don’t expect them to fall until possibly February when they travel to Xavier.


The list continues with the number two team and the storied program of UCLA. The Bruins also sit at 10-0 and have possibly one of the brightest stars in the country. Lorenzo Ball is a fun player to watch and when he’s on, the Bruins look unbeatable. Ball had my favorite moment of the season, when he made the “silence the crowd” motion after he hit a huge shot against the then number 1 Kentucky, oh and that was at Rupp Arena. They have a tough stretch coming up soon with Arizona and USC, that’s where they may fall. But they should be good for now.

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Baylor….Wow I did not see the Bears starting off 8-0, and an impressive 8-0. The Bears have beaten 4 ranked teams, 3 of which were ranked inside the top 10. This is a huge surprise, and they look good. But Baylor will begin to fall when Big 12 play gets heated up.

Gonzaga also sits at 10-0, but plays virtually no one relevant. Zaga will remain unbeaten until someone irrelevant beats them later this season. Zaga will probably get a 1 seed too, and I really hate that. They don’t fall first.

The Trojans of USC are also unbeaten so far this season at 9-0. They will fall later this season to UCLA, but they won’t be the first to fall. Neither will South Carolina, who is also unbeaten at 8-0.


SO the team I think will fall first is the 10th ranked Creighton Blue Jays. Creighton will lose, yes they will lose a home game, to Villanova. I think Nova is the crown jewel of that conference and will reign supreme. Creighton doesn’t have Doug McDermott coming back anytime soon. A guy they could really use when they play the Wildcats. Truth be told, that match-up or the game before with Seton Hall could be the undoing for the Blue Jays.

My guess is Creighton, my next team to lose is most likely Baylor. Like I said, that sketchy Big 12 schedule could be the undoing for the Bears. My other guess would be the Trojans of Southern Cal.

Until next week, keep being handsome everyone.


5 thoughts on “Seven Unbeaten, Who Falls First?”

  1. I thought it was something like that. šŸ™‚
    IMO of the 6 remaining, I actually think that UCLA is the next to go (@ Oregon, Dec. 28th) Also, for the record, I think that Creighton’s first loss is going to be either @Providence or @Xavier in mid-January.


    1. I see what you’re saying, if Ball, Alford and co. can’t figure out that Ducks team they could be in deep trouble. But I stand by my Creighton pick, Seton Hall scares me, and Nova looks unstoppable. But I totally see what you’re saying with that duo of games in Mid-January.


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