Making Sense Of The Final 4

The conference championships have come, and they have gone. And per usual, people are upset with whose in the final 4 for the College Football Playoff.

We will get Alabama and Washington, as well as Ohio State and Clemson going to battle. I like these match-ups, and I like them a lot. I think the contrast of styles in the first game, along with the QB play makes it very interesting. Game 2 has a coaching and QB storyline as well. But I’m not going deep into that just yet, we got a few weeks before those games actually happen. But many are fuming that two teams were left out, those two being Penn State and Michigan.


Let’s start with the Nittany Lions of Penn State. Go back all the way to the beginning of the year and a game with the Pittsburgh Panthers. Penn State dropped the road test to Pitt., and something that could have been a credible road victory. What also killed the guys from Happy Valley was the blowout loss at the Big House to Michigan. The Wolverines made the Nittany Lions look like a box full of kittens, walloping them 41-10.Those two losses, in my opinion, are the reason why they are in the Rose Bowl against USC.


Now for Michigan, this one will take a minute to explain. Obviously the loss to Ohio State in double OT kills them, but I don’t think that is all the reason. Losing to Iowa is a big hit, but now look at the common opponent between Washington and Michigan. Both teams played the Buffaloes of Colorado. Washington won in convincing fashion 41-10, while it took some work for Michigan to overcome the deficit by winning 45-28. That difference, along with the lack of a conference title is what essentially knocked the Wolverines out of the playoff. One last bit of info of what I look at is the quality of losses. Washington’s lone loss came against the hottest team in the country in USC. While Michigan’s lost came from a underwhelming Iowa and Ohio State. Sorry Michigan, Washington beats you there again. Maybe next year Jim Harbaugh.


I think the committee got it right, but there needs to be some change soon. Make the playoff a 6 or 8 team bracket, not 4. Four is a good base, but eight makes it all the interesting. But the change may never come, or it could be within the next two years, college football is unpredictable.

That’s all I have for this week, keep being beautiful everyone.


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