The Sweet Talk Heard Round the World

If you ever find yourself watching basketball with anyone who isn’t a millennial, you’ll likely hear them gripe about how the NBA isn’t “like it used to be.” They will tell you about how “dedicated” Michael Jordan was or how much of an a**hole Magic Johnson could be.

It seems as though they are stuck in an age of the past, where talent tended to separate, and dynasties were the result of one man. Now, the NBA is much more interesting and equally compete—OH MY GOD J.R. SMITH WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

I can’t. I really, truthfully cannot understand this. Jason Terry is still in the league?

Sorry, back to our main topic. OH MY GOD J.R. SMITH WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? I know you are a defending champion and the fact you found your shirt again is a miracle in itself, but this is too far. We have seen instances of “softiness” in the past, but this takes it to a whole new level. It’s one thing to let a 40-year old man take a few soft pitches down the middle in an All-Star game, but it’s totally different dapping up a 39 year-old guard on the Milwaukee Bucks while there’s a real game going on with real consequences.

Of course, Smith’s blooper caused quite a stir on our old friend the Internet, so fans of basketball both new and old shared a good laugh at our loser of the week:

It’s been well established that if you mess up in sports, you will be incorporated into whatever meme is hot at the time. JR is the latest of many victims.

It’s hard not to wonder how often JR Smith is intoxicated after watching him win his first ever NBA title.

Turns out, Tyronn Lue actually did talk to JR about the incident.

After the clip went viral, Smith answered questions in a ski mask and said it was his alter ego that did it. The video has since been removed by many sources, and all we have left is one hell of a meme:


Don’t be ashamed, JR Smith. Jason Terry wasn’t good enough for your attention anyway.


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