Rivalry Week, Do Or Die

The final week is finally here, and per usual with college football, we have some controversy. We have multiple Big 10 teams in the running for a playoff spot. Ohio State, Michigan, Penn State and Wisconsin all have a shot at the final 4. No, this isn’t college basketball, we got ourselves some madness: college football edition.

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 19 Wisconsin at Purdue : News Photo

Right now, as we look at the playoff, Alabama is the top dog. No surprise there, the Tide have been steadily the best team in the country all season long. Ohio State and Michigan battle it out this week, and it looks like the winner of that could be the one to make the playoff, unless they run into a pesky squad in the Wisconsin Badgers. But they both could make some major noise. Then at 4, is Deshaun Watson and Clemson. This team needs to play Alabama, it just needs to happen. A rematch in the first round could cause a major rift and perhaps a major upset. The two on the outside that I think are VERY much alive are Oklahoma and Washington. Oklahoma, if they crash the party, could be the team to go the distance and steal the National Championship. It will be rather interesting come Conference Championship week.

So now let’s get to one of the best weeks of the year….RIVALRY WEEK.

Ohio State v Michigan State : News Photo

The big one, the one that decides, in my opinion, the Big 10 champ, Michigan vs Ohio State. Let me be blunt, this game might get ugly quickly. I think the Buckeyes are the more complete team and have one of the most important things out there, a healthy QB. JT Barrett may not be a Heisman favorite, but he is arguably one of the best in the game right now. Jabrill Peppers must be perfect and if they have their regular QB, the Wolverines have a shot at the title. Urban Meyer will be licking his chops and may serve Wolverine this Thanksgiving, because it looks like his Buckeyes are heading back to the Big 10 title game.

Arizona State v Washington : News Photo
Now we head west for the Apple Bowl between Washington and Washington State. If you were to tell me this game would decide the Pac-12 North in the beginning of the season, I would have laughed in your face. But Jake Brownie and Luke Falk look like pro-style QB’s and are destined to give us a good one in this storied rivalry (even though the two programs have struggled at times). I think that the defense of Washington is going to be too much to handle for Mike Leech’s Cougars. They may record up to 6 sacks in this one. I am not saying there won’t be fireworks, but the Huskies should come out on top.

University of Colorado : News Photo

The other side of the Pac-12 will be decided in a game between Colorado and Utah. I’m dubbing this the Rocky Mountain War, both teams ranked inside the top 15, and look primed for a date in the Pac-12 title game. Only problem is one of them goes and one sits at home waiting for a bowl game. Colorado has not looked this good in years, and this could be the turning point for their program. For Utah, they are like this every other year, and could really use a rematch with Washington. This game being on FOX in primetime and in Boulder makes me love the Buffs in this one.

Oklahoma v West Virginia : News Photo

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State will play a winner take all game for the BIG 12 on December 3rd. I like the Sooners in this game. Baker Mayfield and Dede Westbrook has been unstoppable since the early season losses to Houston and Ohio State. The Sooners can sneak into the playoff with some help around the country.

My picks are as follows, I had a tough week last week and will look to rebound this time around.

(6) Washington over (22) Washington State

(2) Ohio State over (3) Michigan

(10) Colorado over (12) Utah

LOCK (7) Wisconsin over Minnesota

(1)Alabama over (15) Auburn


So until next week, stay handsome everyone.


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