What to Watch: NFL Week 11

We’re actually into the NFL season! It feels weird. Once you’re deep into the season, you forget about the early season woes. On a sidenote, the NFL should take notes from last week. Do you want good ratings? Make the good teams play eachother on primetime. That doesn’t mean make the NFC East teams battle off, it means make the quality teams go head-to-head. Last week’s primetime game was easily the best of the year. Let’s look at Week 11…

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1:00 Games:

Ravens @ Cowboys –  It seems as if the Cowboys starting Quarterback has been decided, even though I was supporting the other guy. Either way, you really can’t lose. Dak has shown he’s capable of starting and succeeding in the NFL, there’s no denying that. He gets to show off yet again against the Baltimore Ravens, who are coming off of a strong win last Thursday against the Cleveland Browns. I have this down as a game to watch because we all know Baltimore is exactly the type of team to win this game. They are always capable of beating a top team, and I’m not sure why or how but there’s a possibility it happens this week. There’s also a possibility they fold, either way it’ll be fun to watch. 
Prediction: Cowboys win

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Cardinals @ Vikings – This game could be very enjoyable or it could be very ugly. Both of these teams have shown flashes of both great play and atrocious play this year, so we will have to wait until kickoff to see which kind of game we’re going to get. Both teams are in a position where they are losing the division they once held the title for, so this is a must-win game for both parties.
Prediction: Cardinals win

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4:00 Games:

Dolphins @ Rams – Why do I have this game down as a game to watch? Because Miami is kind of hot right now and the Rams defense is actually enjoyable to watch. That, and, I don’t know, the #1 pick in the draft will finally get time on the field this week. That’s right, Jared Goff is apparently ready to play ball after being benched until he showed enough progress to play in the league. For the dumpster fire that the Rams prove to be, they’re really not so bad. A talent at Quarterback could prove to be a game changer for them, that is, if he actually is talented. He will have a solid test against the Dolphins, who refuse to slow down. 
Prediction: Dolphins win

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Eagles @ Seahawks – This could be the game of the week in my opinion. It could also be a blowout, but hey, I’m more of a glass half-full type of guy. The Seahawks are coming off of a solid statement win, and they could easily feast on a struggling rookie Quarterback in one of the toughest arenas to play in. Send out a prayer, Wentz, you’re going to need it this week. On the other hand the Eagles are still good and very interesting; they have a solid defense and spectacular special teams along with a well-rounded run game. Don’t count them out, they can compete. If Russell Wilson is on fire like the past few weeks, the chances of the Eagles winning are slim, but it could still be a good game.
Prediction: Seahawks win

Primetime Game:

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Texans @ Raiders – Laugh all you want at Brock Osweiler, but the Texans are still finding a way to win. Sure, they have one road win, and sure, the rest of their road losses have been blowouts. Still, why not watch for the entertaining Raiders squad as they face a Texans defense that knows how to compete. The flip-side of the field (Raiders D vs. Texans Offense) might be a snooze, but the fun part will be fun enough to watch the whole thing.
Prediction: Raiders win


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