What to Watch: NFL Week 10

1:00 Games:

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Broncos @ Saints – The Broncos will be tested this week against one of the top offenses in the league. Will New Orleans’ passing attack challenge the Broncos to a shootout, or will they fold this week against the tough Denver defense? I think it’s clear if New Orleans can get the offense going, they’ll probably win the game. I just don’t see Denver’s offense able to keep up if the Saints fire on all cylinders. Von Miller and company has an interesting game on their hands this Sunday.
Prediction: Saints win

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Falcons @ Eagles – This game feels similar to the one mentioned above, where a team capable of an upset at any moment can turn the tides for a top NFL team. The Falcons are riding high, and they have a potential MVP candidate with Quarterback Matt Ryan. While Eagles QB Carson Wentz has had his rookie struggles, there’s no denying the talent is there. Plus, this Eagles team has a roster that could upset just about anybody. I wouldn’t be shocked if they snuck away with a win here, but then again I wouldn’t be shocked if they lost.
Prediction: Falcons win

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Packers @ Titans – This game might not seem huge, but I think it could be. On one hand, you could see the Packers handle this game like many would normally expect. But there’s another hand here folks, and it’s Marcus Mariota’s right palm. How do I envision Mariota’s hands? They’re probably golden tan, they’re soft but they’ve got some wear and tear. Just enough wear and tear. Jokes aside, this Titans roster is sneaky talented, with a running back that has proven himself to be as elite as everyone thought just a few years ago, a solid young QB and a surging set of wide-receivers. The Titans could sneak away with their division, and a nice place to start would be at home against the Packers.
Prediction: Packers win

4:00 Games:

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Dolphins @ Chargers – A joke game last year, both these teams are on the rise midway through the season. The Dolphins have found their guy in Jay Ajayi, and the Chargers team is looking all-around solid for the first time in a long time. This could be one of the better games this week, get a chance to catch some minutes if you can.
Prediction: Chargers win

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Cowboys @ Steelers – What’s up with the Steelers? Their defense has the ability to play well any given Sunday, but we haven’t seen too much of that so far. Steelers’ offense has been banged up all season, but they’re not performing with their essential players on the field. On the flip side of the field the Cowboys are red hot, but maybe this is the week the Dak train stops rolling. On a side note, YOU PLAY ROMO WHEN HE’S HEALTHY! Dak is clearly the future of the team, but let’s get some points across right now. 1. Romo hasn’t played with a Cowboys roster this well ever. The only contender would be from Murray’s historic year, and even then I’m not sure. Still, they were able to make some playoff noise that year. Reason #2 is that Romo has the veteran intangibles that Dak doesn’t. Before you make a Romo sucks joke, let it go. He’s been the scapegoat in a stagnant Dallas team for too long. You play the veteran; you trade him in the offseason and let Dak Dynasty lift off. But for the playoffs, whom do you trust more? Against top defenses (which Dak has played 0 games against), whom do you trust more? You go with the veteran. Don’t make a Brady reference, this is different. The Cowboys team is reliant on their offense, Brady’s breakout year they were very much reliant on defense. There’s a big difference here, and everybody just likes drinking the rookie story Kool-Aid. I like Dak a lot, but I’m using reason here. Jerry Jones should try it out sometime.
Prediction: Cowboys win

Primetime Game:

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Seahawks @ Patriots – In a failing NFL season financially; we might have our game of the year right here. Amidst deflategate, we have a Superbowl rematch of one of the greatest football games to ever be played. Brady hasn’t really been tested yet, and the Seahawks defense is still as elite as ever. Meanwhile, the Seahawks offense finally broke out the passing attack last week, which means this game isn’t a surefire win for Brady like everyone thinks. One thing’s for certain, it’ll be a hell of a game.
Prediction: Patriots win


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