Stop With The Player Slandering Already

Ask any 16 year old girl and they’ll tell you how prominent trends are in 2016. Planking, coning and vine are a few from the past. We even had a period where people were attempting at-home cosmetics to increase their lip size in a lackluster effort to look like a celebrity. The reasoning to this day remains a mystery to me.

However, a long lasting relatively ugly trend in New England sports has passed the test of time.

Player shaming, of course has run rampant and no franchise is innocent. Most recently the movements of Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins have caused quite a stir in the north east. Specifically looking at Jamie Collins, who was traded less than a week ago to the Cleveland Browns for a third round draft pick.

Almost instantaneously the feeling among New England Patriots fans was a stage of shock. Which quickly dissipated as mindsets shifted to something along the lines of “Bill is always right!” or “Trust the system! He wasn’t that good anyways! The Patriots are nevah wrong!”

With the rumor of Collins requesting “Von Miller money” emerging from behind the scenes in Foxboro only helped fuel the fire. This, of course was quickly suffocated by the man himself.

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Now, there’s more than enough history to show that in most situations, “Bill does know best.” Up to this point, the proof is definitely in the pudding. But that’s also not to say that the return was potentially a little less than most expected. Especially when you take a look to see where “the hoodie” has hit and missed in the draft. For all intensive purposes, if we could get another Duron Harmon in the third round, you could argue the trade is a wash.

Regardless, there’s plenty of shame to be distributed among the other professional sports teams in Boston.

For Boston’s beloved baseball team names such as Manny Ramirez, Nomar Garciaparra, Jacoby Ellsbury and John Lester, have all been dealt for one reason or another.

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After some digging, an article from August 1st 2008 surfaced, highlighting Manny’s departure from Boston. Needless to say, Ramirez did anything but hold back with his opinions of how players are treated in the city of Boston once their time is up.

In regards to Nomar, it’s no surprise that the general thought process in the years that followed was the noticeable lack of production at the shortstop position. Overshadowing the trade was the remarkable run Boston would make as they captured their first title in 86 years.

Similar to the Red Sox, the Boston Bruins have made major splashes of their own, for all the wrong reasons. Tyler Seguin, Dougie Hamilton and Phil Kessel were highly sought after draft picks. One by one were traded away, and before the door could hit them on the way out, the media already began their attacks. Tyler Seguin was labeled as an unfocused party boy after the controversial trade to the Dallas Stars. Phil Kessel was branded as a locker room problem. Dougie Hamilton reportedly wanted Boston to sign his brother.

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To put things into perspective, Phil Kessel just won a Cup in Pittsburgh and was the driving force behind the run. Tyler Seguin has teamed up with Jamie Benn in Dallas and the two of them recorded seven assists in last nights game. Dougie Hamilton has remained in neutral since being traded, but nonetheless, he possesses more potential than Joe Morrow.

Heading to the parquet floor, we have the Celtics.  A notoriously famous sports franchise that has reconstructed itself to fight yet again for a championship. What the most impressive thing about it all is how they’ve demolished the old foundation and re-surged so quickly.

Buried beneath the collective efforts of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen was Rajon Rondo. Appearing to have eyes on the back of his head at times, Rondo has an unnatural ability to feed his teammates the ball. Instrumental in the teams 17th banner in 2008 and returning to the finals in 2010.

Where things began to get tricky was after the “big three” left town and Rondo was tasked with carrying the load. He and coach Brad Stevens did everything but get along. Rondo lusted to push the pace, while Stevens wanted to slow the game down and focus on establishing solid team defense.

In the end, Rondo lost the case and was traded to the Dallas Mavericks. Dubbed “addition by subtraction” by the media, while it perhaps appeared to be at the time, people lost sight of the big picture. Rondo acted as the back bone to the big three without the recognition. In the end, the treatment he received from the fans that once adored him, was egregious.

Being a Boston sports fan, peoples perceptions get foggy and forget how lucky we are regardless of the sport. The teams are a family and when you begin to tear the layers away, it at times has detrimental consequences. So, before you praise your GM for trading away that once popular player, consider all they’ve done for you before you start slandering them.



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