College Football Tricks and Treats

With October on its way out, it’s time to make way for November, and better yet, the first College Football Playoff rankings! October left us with plenty of trick and treats, but expect November to create even more pandemonium in the college football landscape.

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Saturday morning there were 9 undefeated teams in the country, by Sunday morning there were only 5 remaining, Alabama, Michigan, Clemson, Washington, and Western Michigan. Doomsday fell upon Nebraska, Boise St., Baylor, and West Virginia as they saw their untarnished records go down the drain into Satan’s pit. Washington, Clemson, and Michigan all found themselves in haunted houses on Saturday as all three of them traveled to divisional rivals and all survived relatively close games, if you were a fan of Clemson, like myself, then you were shaking from the second the tomahawk chop started well before the game did.

Tuesday presents the first college Football Playoff rankings, and there shouldn’t be too much to be scared about, this is a treat. The committee has 4 undefeated teams from 4 different power 5 conferences, and all 4 of them will appear in the initial top 4. After that it gets a little foggy. Ohio St will most likely be the first team out along with Louisville, but what the committee is thinking will remain a mystery until Tuesday evening.

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Some big games are coming up next weekend with Michigan and Alabama traveling to Iowa and LSU respectively. One of these two teams are going to lose, book it. I have no idea which one but something crazy is going to happen, and Iowa or LSU is going to walk away with a huge home upset.

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Western Michigan got the biggest treat this Halloween weekend with Boise State losing on a safety to unranked Wyoming. Now Western Michigan is the lone undefeated non-power 5 school, giving them the best shot to crash the New Year’s Six Bowl Games.

There should be no tricks in the rankings of college football, but there are. No one knows how the committee thinks, or why they rank the way they do, but it is such a treat to watch late in the season. The New Year’s Six Bowl Games are the ones you want to play in, especially the two National Semifinal games, which this year are the Fiesta Bowl and the Peach Bowl. The remaining 4 games include the Sugar, Cotton, Orange, and Rose Bowl.

What 12 teams will get to play in these 6 exclusive games? Well I have a treat for all of you and I can tell you exactly what 12 teams we will be watching this bowl season.

Peach Bowl (Playoff Semifinal): Alabama vs. Washington

Fiesta Bowl (Playoff Semifinal): Clemson vs. Michigan

Orange Bowl: Louisville vs. Texas A&M

Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Oklahoma

Cotton Bowl: Western Michigan vs. Wisconsin

Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. Colorado

Check back with me after conference championship week, I guarantee I am right, Happy Halloween!



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