What to Watch: Week 7

London Game:

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Giants vs. Rams – I honestly have no idea how this game will go. In London this week we have two teams playing who never seem to know whether they’ll have a good game or an atrocious game. The Los Angeles Rams face off against the New York Giants, and both teams are coming off good weeks so statistical trends will tell us the London game could be ugly. Here’s the real question: which team will look uglier? The team with the always-inconsistent Eli Manning and an Odell Beckham Jr. who’s on the rocks in his relationship with a punter’s net? Or, will it be the team whose offensive identity is their defense and whose head coach is on a trajectory to be the most losing coach in history? Tune in Sunday morning to find out!

Prediction: Rams Win

 1:00 Games:

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Vikings @ Eagles –The matchup of the week. Hype team versus hype team. Who will win? There’s no telling. The Vikings look to continue to ride high without most of their starters on offense this year. The Eagles have had more trouble after their bye week than they did before their bye week, but that shouldn’t matter. Both teams have solid defenses and a good offense given where people assumed they’d be when the season began. In a common theme this week, a starting quarterback (in this case, Bradford) is going against his team from last year for the first time. Yet, I anticipate this game will be better than the other game with the same storyline.

Prediction: Eagles Win

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Ravens @ Jets – At the beginning of the season I’m sure the favorite to win would be flipped. The Jets have only won one game although they were predicted to continue to give the Patriots a run for their money. The Ravens have come back to form, as is predicted when a team gets solid draft picks round after round because all of their talent was injured the year before. Will it be Terrance West who runs up on the Jets solid run defense? Or will Flacco be able to air out against the struggling Jets pass defense? Lastly, is Geno going to start at Quarterback for the Jets? Regardless of these questions, I have the Ravens winning.

Prediction: Ravens Win

4:00 Games:

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Patriots @ Steelers – A week ago, this would’ve been the clear-cut game to watch this week. With Ben Roethlisberger out, I’m not sure how exciting it’s going to be. The Steelers haven’t been so electric this year, but with the talent around that roster it’s not silly to imagine they’re able to compete this week against New England. Still, I’ll take my chances with New England as my favorite.

Prediction: Patriots Win

Primetime Game:

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Seahawks @ Cardinals – The matchup everyone usually waits for each year but everyone is kind of tired of. Maybe it’s because both teams don’t feel as explosive as they used to be, but I’m more excited for the Monday Night Game than I am this one. Still, both teams are considered top tier. Both teams have solid defense, and both teams are liable to score on you at any moment. I’m sure once the game begins, it’ll be a good one.

Prediction: Seahawks Win

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Texans @ Broncos – Part two of this week’s storyline: When a starter goes to a new team (Brock Osweiler) and faces his previous team for the first time. This game isn’t quite as explosive as the one that shares the same storyline, but there’s more drama around it. Brock was supposed to take over the reins of the Broncos after Peyton departed, but then he up and left for the Texans for more money. At first, everyone thought the Broncos were royally screwed with Mark Sanchez projected to start, but they’ve been head and shoulders above Brock and co. with Trevor Semien and Paxton Lynch starting at Quarterback. Is Brock really just a 70 million dollar system quarterback? We won’t find out this week, but watching him go back to Mile High doing significantly worse than last year will certainly make my Monday night.

Prediction: Broncos Win


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