Why We Love College Football

Just 4 weeks in the books, and college football has taken us on a whirlwind journey thus far. The massive upsets have already started, insurmountable comebacks have taken place, and surprise teams and players have shot to the forefront of the college football universe. All these reasons are why we all love college football. In the NFL we worry too much about player stats and our silly fantasy teams. We tend to find ourselves rooting for teams we don’t particularly like because we have their players on our roster, we don’t have to deal with that stress in college football.

In college football we have our favorite teams, for me, that’s Clemson, Notre Dame, and a handful of other teams I claim to be a fair weather fan of (Boston College, TCU, Boise State, and Wisconsin). Then there’s the teams I despise, and you will never ever catch me rooting for them in a million years (Ohio State, Alabama, USC, Florida State, Virginia Tech, and Baylor). I play fantasy football, but I hate the Denver Broncos, but if I have Emmanuel Sanders on my team, I root for him to do well, such a crazy concept, isn’t it? In college we don’t need to worry about that, I root for Clemson every week, and want to see Ohio State lose every week while no one on their team has a good game.

College football players have something to prove. They are playing for an NFL contract. They go out there and lay it all on the line week in and week out to achieve their ultimate dream in life, a shot at the NFL. The college season is shorter, 12 regular season games, hopefully a conference championship game, and then 2 playoff games, assuming your team is having itself a great year. Every game is so much more important in college football, and we all know that for a fact. You lose 1 game and your chances of getting into the playoff drop incredibly, you lose twice, honestly, forget about it. The odds of a two loss team getting in seems so microscopic that it almost seems impossible. But in college football nothing is impossible.

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Louisville demolished Florida State as we watched Lamar Jackson emerge as the Heisman Trophy favorite after the first four weeks. Who? Lamar Jackson of the Louisville Cardinals, learn his name folks, and get ready for a showdown in Death Valley, South Carolina October 1st. Oklahoma starts the season ranked number three, 4 weeks later they are 1-2 ranked 25 in the AP poll. I had Oklahoma in the College Football Playoff, but that’ll never happen at this point. Texas comes out of nowhere and takes out Notre Dame to skyrocket into the polls, then two weeks later they lose to California. Iowa loses to North Dakota State on a last second field goal, and the Hawkeyes drop in the polls after losing to the Alabama (but better) of the FCS. Alabama was going to lose to Ole Miss for the third season in a row, then Alabama did Alabama things and won. Clemson struggles out the gate against Auburn and Troy, then they take advantage of South Carolina State and force the coaches to shorten the quarters in the second half. Michigan is the most solid team I have watched thus far, and after talking to an inside source about Michigan’s playoff chances, I was told “Jim Harbaugh has the biggest [gonads] in college football, therefore they are a mortal lock for the playoff haha.” I like them odds right there, but remember that Michigan State game last year? Me too. That’s what makes college football so great.

When I watch the New England Patriots, it isn’t exciting. The Pats are always up by a solid margin, and the crowd is pretty out of it. In college, you want to crush every team you play by 50, step on their necks, kick them while they are down, and prove that you are the dominant team. The crowd never goes silent unless the road team comes in and shuts you up, and the bands keep playing to keep the morale high. The season is only 4 weeks old but it’s shaping up to be yet another amazing one. Teams change every week and the consistency can be so wild, but that’s what makes college football so amazing. Nothing is given, and you need to win your games, and do it with style. I love you college football, and I know you love me too.

With 4 weeks down I have Alabama, Clemson, Michigan, and Houston in the College Football Playoff, who do you have?



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