Rambling On

As we head into this week of the college football season, one thing is for sure, I cannot break the .500 mark. I went 3-3 on my picks last week. This week, I will go above .500 and get the winning streak going. So here go!

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For Ole Miss, this is the biggest game of their season with the Georgia Bulldogs coming to town. I like the matchup, it’s a classic cross divisional matchup between two SEC powers. Chad Kelly for Ole Miss has to be darn near perfect for the Rebels. On the other side, win or lose, Nick Chubb should be electric. This kid really needs to pick it up. This game will most likely be a shootout between two teams with playoffs hopes. Ole Miss takes the L here and they’re basically done, but it’s going to be a high scoring affair.

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Before the season, no one had Wisconsin in the top 25, now they stand at 11. This week, they head to East Lansing to take on Michigan State. The Spartans are coming off an emotional victory over Notre Dame and hope to continue that momentum. Wisconsin sat down Bart Houston last week, but I don’t expect him to be out for too much longer. But Tyler O’Conner for Sparty might be the X-Factor in this game. He’s a kid that can be the next big QB. He can solidify himself with a win over the Badgers. Being at home really could be the difference in this one, it’s a typical BIG 10 game. Home-field means everything in one of these games and it’s going to matter in this one.

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My lock of the week involves the Stanford Cardinals. The Cardinals stand inside the top 10 and have a trip to UCLA coming up this weekend. Christian McCaffrey is going to have himself a field day as David Shaw’s Stanford team is going to run all over the Bruins in this one.

Along with the games I mentioned, I will be adding in some quick picks as well.

(12) Georgia 43-(23) Ole Miss 27
(8) Michigan State 27- (11) Wisconsin 14
(7) Stanford 37- UCLA 17
(19) Florida 24-(14) Tennessee 17
(16) Baylor 56- Oklahoma State 38
(10) Texas A&M 35-(17) Arkansas 24
Arizona 35-(9)Washington 32

I have an upset as a part of my quick picks. I am not a believer the Huskies.

Heisman quick rankings
1. Lamar Jackson
2. Christian McCafferey
3. J.T. Barrett

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-Jack Corsi (@corsi_light)


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