What to Watch: Week 2

Crack open an ice cold Tab cola and get ready for a good week of football. Let’s see what games to watch for.

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1:00 Games:

Bengals @ Steelers

Of all the division matchups this week, this one is a surefire must watch. Yes, the Bengals make it into my column for a second straight week after capping off a 1 point win against the Jets last week on the road. You know what? Who says they can’t do it again? The Bengals look good again this year, and I may have to eat my words on their lack of weapons soon enough. Still, when we’re talking weapons, look no further than the Pittsburgh Steelers, who look like an elite team with their star running back riding the pine. Pound for pound, the Bengals are the better team because of their overall, talented, and well-rounded roster. But if we’re talking away, in Pittsburgh, I’m going with the Steelers.

Prediction: Steelers over Bengals in a close game.

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4:00 Games

Buccaneers @ Cardinals

Speaking of familiar faces, let’s welcome back the Cardinals to the weekly write-up. I was wrong last week about this team, and doubted my own squad led by Jimmy Garapollo. For that, Jimmy, I hope you can forgive me. This Tampa team is looking to make some noise this year, and I think they can. They have a pretty well rounded offense, and some key additions like Brent Grimes (who’s looking like his old self in a new uniform) could make the defense. With the facts on the table, Koetter isn’t Bill Belichick, and he also isn’t Bruce Arians. I doubt ol’ Brucie lets another loss fly by the tip of his Kangol cap.

Prediction: Cardinals over Buccaneers by 10.

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Primetime Game

Packers @ Vikings

Oh how I wish Teddy Bridgewater was here. Expect the newly acquired Sam Bradford to play this week, as he took all of the first team snaps this week in practice. Last year, I was insanely high on the Vikings, and it’s hard to be enthusiastic with their starting QB out for the season. But, Sam Bradford isn’t just some ham sandwich, he’s a firmly pressed Panini sandwich, and with what appears to be the first quality coaching staff behind him in his career, he may have a chance to shine. On the flip side, the Pack is the Pack, and if Rodgers wants to play there’s not a whole lot of stopping him to be done. Moving Clay Matthews back to his home at OLB actually has him looking good again, and the defense is starting to shine with some young pieces like Clinton-Dix. As much as my heart says Go Vikings, my brain says Go Packers. And for the second time in as many weeks, I hope I’m wrong about my primetime game prediction.

Prediction: Packers over Vikings by double digits.

Other games to watch:

Chiefs at Texans: The Chiefs defense didn’t look like itself last week, and the Texans are still itching for a chance to prove their worth. Apparently the familiar saying is now, “Never rule out Alex Smith”. I expect a good game here. Prediction: Texans over Chiefs.
That’s all I got for you. Enjoy the weekend ahead!


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