Just A Bit Outside

For weeks and weeks on end, I have lived in a hole, sitting, waiting and wishing for College Football to come back into my life. Now this weekend, WE GET IT BACK! Okay, we got to see Cal and Hawaii put up a zillion points but that wasn’t worth it. I’m talking the big time, the Alabama’s and the Florida State’s of the world are about to lace up the cleats and play some good ole football.

This week, I look at the a couple teams that will miss the playoff by just the smallest bit. So in the words of Blink-182, “So sorry, it’s over”. Here are the two teams that I think get left out in the cold when it all comes down to playoff selection.


My first selection will be the Florida State Seminoles. This years club has been said to be better than the clubs led by Famous Jameis Winston. I find that hard to believe. With DeShaun Watson still in the fold in the ACC, I find it tough for Jimbo Fisher and the Seminoles to win their division, let alone the conference. I have them winning their opener against Ole Miss, but this Florida State club could EASILY drop that game. That game, and the season in my opinion, will fall on the shoulders of Dalvin Cook. If Cook is to get shut down by one of the able-bodied defenses of the ACC, then FSU is in trouble. I don’t have them winning too much and will probably be playing in the Chik-Fil-A Bowl when it all comes down to it.

at Tiger Stadium on October 17, 2015 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The other club that I see on the outside looking in is the LSU Tigers. Now many experts are picking the Tigers to join Alabama as the other SEC team to make this set of 4. I don’t see it that way. I really think if you do not win your conference or somehow prove yourself in the conference title game, you have no business in the playoff. The only way LSU gets in is if ‘Bama is to fall to whoever they play in the SEC title game. But if that is the case, that said team from the SEC East could be the team that enters the fold and leaving the Tigers outside. Like Florida State, the LSU attack will rely on a RB, but this time it’s Leonard Fournette. This guy should have won the Heisman last season, then he faced Alabama and curled up next to the fire and fell asleep. He literally fell asleep and didn’t perform for the rest of the season. This team is in much more of a hole if Fournette doesn’t perform. With that being said, he is a huge part of this team.

I really don’t have a clue who the Final Four will be. I honestly think that Oklahoma and Alabama are two of them, but besides them, I really do not know who the other two could be in the end.

You don’t like what I have or have a separate set of teams on the outside ? Shoot me a comment. Let me know. I want to here opinions.

Next week, I will recap and preview. Get ready folks, we are about to take a ride on the WILD SIDE. Mötley Crüe reference there, that is something everyone can enjoy.

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-Jack Corsi (@corsi_light)




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