The Bosa Beef

In a very surprisingly but common dilemma for the San Diego Chargers, the struggle to sign a top draft pick has reached new heights.

Or maybe I should start with an even more interesting statement: Eli Manning is smart after all.

If you haven’t heard by now, lottery pick Joey Bosa and the San Diego Chargers couldn’t reach a contract agreement throughout the summer, and the Chargers have now decided to put contract talks on hold for the entire 2016-2017 NFL season, as his “ability to contribute for an entire rookie season has now been jeopardized by the valuable time he has missed with his coaches and his teammates.” A true power move by the Chargers, who offered more money for Bosa’s rookie season over all rookies but #2 overall Carson Wentz.

Yet, this isn’t as black and white as it seems. In my opinion, it’s Bosa who is primarily in the right here, and the Chargers who have made a significant series of mistakes.

In reality, Bosa was originally offered one of the lowest offers in history for a top 3 pick since the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA for short) restricting rookie contracts, and budged plenty of times on counter offers that simply weren’t good enough for the Chargers to agree. The Chargers should be willing to shell out money for Bosa, as he is their first lottery pick since the CBA began (therefore good reason for him to be their most expensive draft pick since the CBA).

What Bosa wants out of his contract really isn’t that drastic of an offer. It’s not strange to expect to be the highest paid rookie since the CBA when Bosa was picked significantly higher than any other rookie since the CBA. It also isn’t out of the question to not expect contract offsets as a top pick (#1 overall pick Jared Goff has a contract without offsets, and it’s strange that #2 overall Carson Wentz was fine with leaving offsets in his deal). Lastly, it’s not absurd that Bosa wanted at least a portion of his signing bonus before the season begins, which is a common trait with a signing bonus (almost as if it’s in the name itself, huh?).

Bosa even agreed to put off a portion of the signing bonus until March 2017; which is much later than normal so the Chargers could have time to free up some cash. Really, the kid just wants a little bit of cash right away. The Chargers just wouldn’t budge. Instead, Bosa will sit out a year and they will have to re-negotiate next offseason. Bosa is under contract obligation with the Chargers for 4 years (meaning he can only sign to them), and after that if they haven’t reached a deal the Chargers would have the ability to match any deal he does reach with another team until signed.

It’s very concerning that a team sitting at 4-12 would think they have the leverage to keep a top pick and a game-changer off the field. What’s even more concerning is that the only other top draft pick they’ve had this century famously requested to be traded upon getting drafted by the team.

Joey, I feel like we’re friends since your NFL talent father and I went to the same high school. So let me give some friendly advice: don’t budge. The Chargers are making themselves look like morons and eventually they will cave on their own stupidity. Now for a more brash question.

Are the Chargers just an idiotic organization? Yes. But I also believe there’s some motivation here that goes beyond just being stupid. The Chargers want out of San Diego, and they’re willing to do anything to push the fan base to the brink.

Stay classy, San Diego.


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