Win, Lose, or Draw

The trade deadline in the MLB is a baseball fan’s wet dream. August 1st, marks the day that teams in contention make a last-stitch effort to put their rosters over the top. This year, a total of 32 trades were made. Trades that may leave you puzzled and shaking your head and some that made sense for both sides. In many situations we have teams who are the clear-cut winners and losers at the deadline.


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  1. Boston Red Sox

Yes, I know this is an unpopular pick because most people are saying that the Sox didn’t do enough at the deadline. But that is exactly why I think they deserve the number 3 spot. First, let’s start with the acquisitions they made. On July 14th the Red Sox traded their stud prospect Anderson Espinoza to the Padres for 2016 All-Star, Drew Pomeranz. This move hit the headlines with many differing opinions. Personally, I liked the move. The Red Sox needed depth in their rotation. Picking up Pomeranz gave the Sox just that. Also, the Red Sox retain arbitration rights until the 2018 season. The move made sense team-wise and economically.

The Sox were not done just yet. They also added relief pitchers Brad Ziegler and Fernando Abad. Both were under-rated pickups by the Red Sox front office. Ziegler is a wily ol’ vet whose career ERA is 2.47 and has shown the ability to come into pressure-filled situations and stifle hitters. Abad is a strong lefty arm who has had a career year, compiling a strong 2.65 ERA and a 1.20 WHIP. The addition of both these arms will undoubtedly improve the team and provide much needed depth to a beat up bullpen.

Sometimes the best move is not making a move at all. In this case, this is why I think the Red Sox deserve the spot at number 3. Rumors were flying that the Red Sox were interested in White Sox ace, Chris Sale. The White Sox were not going to let go of Sale that easily. It was reported that the White Sox were asking for the Red Sox top 3 prospects. This to me would be an outrageous offer. Giving up Andrew Benintendi, Yoan Moncado, and Rafael Devers for a guy who pitches every fifth day would leave the Red Sox farm system in utter dismay. I believe it was the right decision to pass on Sale so the Red Sox future can continue to look bright.

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  1. Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers made a huge splash, acquiring the best starting pitcher moved at the deadline, Rich Hill. They also added Josh Reddick in the same trade. The addition of both these players is extremely beneficial to their roster. Reddick provides outfield help that they so desperately needed. Yasiel Puig has been demoted to AAA because of his horrid start and it seems that Reddick would fill his spot in the outfield. Reddick is an outstanding fielder and has the ability to change a game with one swing of the bat. Reddick plays the game the right way, something that the Dodger’s front office hated about Puig. The addition of Rich Hill will propel the Dodgers into the playoffs. Hill has had an outstanding year thus far, compiling a 9-3 record and a 2.25 ERA. Dodger’s ace, Clayton Kershaw has been out since June 26th with a hurt back, so the addition of Hill comes at the perfect time to fill in for Kershaw as he recovers. The Dodgers did a great job accessing their needs and going out and addressing them at the deadline.

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  1. Texas Rangers

Things heated up in Arlington last night when the Texas Rangers added both Jonathon Lucroy and Carlos Beltran. Lucroy and Beltran are fantastic acquisitions to the Rangers’ middle of the lineup, something they desperately needed. The Rangers’ pitching staff has been a huge question mark this season but has the potential to be one of the best once everyone gets healthy. Adding a couple of power hitters to the lineup will surely boost this team far into the playoffs. Look out for the Rangers come October, their team is ready to make a run at their first World Series championship.

Honorable Mentions: The New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, and the New York Mets

The Yankees were sellers during this deadline, but were able to acquire 9 prospects and have started to build a farm system that they were lacking. The Chicago Cubs jumped into the pool when they acquired Aroldis Chapman from the Yankees. Easily the best player moved at the deadline, but may not have been a move they needed to make. When leading after the 8th inning the Cubs had only lost 4 times. The Cubs gave up a lot of prospects for Chapman. It certainly gives them stability out of the bullpen but the trade seems to be a little unnecessary. Lastly, the Mets acquired Jay Bruce. The Mets are horrible when they have runners in scoring position. Bruce is the National League leader in RBI’s so the addition of him to the lineup will certainly address their issue. I don’t believe they did nearly enough to get them back to the World Series.


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  1. Miami Marlins

Surprisingly, the Marlins are in contention to take home a Wild Card spot in the National League, but after their disappointing deadline, it seems as if they are not nearly as serious as their record says. The 57-49 Marlins made one addition, acquiring Andrew Cashner who has struggled in his past two seasons. The 6’6’’ righty has gone 10-23 dating back to 2015 and has continued to steadily decline. The fact that the Marlins did not go out and get more is shocking to me. Finally the Marlins are competitive but end up seemingly getting worse.

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  1. Kansas City Royals

What a snooze-fest!! Even though the Royals are mediocre this year, it is surprising that they didn’t make one move. The Royals have been a disappointment and have been riddled with injuries from many of their key players. Once they return from the DL the Royals could have moved up the standings quickly. Making no moves seemed to a big mistake. I wouldn’t have counted the Royals out but now I think it is time to do so.

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  1. Chicago White Sox

The Chicago White Sox showed exactly how to not make a deal at the deadline. Like I stated previously, the White Sox asked for the top 3 prospects in the Red Sox organization. Nobody in their right mind would ever do that. The White Sox showed exactly how you turn off an organization from making a deal. They were too greedy and now are left with an extremely unhappy pitcher that they certainly won’t be able to keep once he hits free agency. Sale’s value will never be higher than it is now. They could have gotten a lot but what they asked for was outrageous.

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