Start Thinking About Fantasy Football

Yes my good friends, football season is almost upon us. You know what that means; Pre-season chatter, discussion of Madden player ratings, and fantasy football. We are a few weeks away from the hotbed of fantasy football drafting, and if you’re obsessed like I am now is the time to dive into mock drafting.

I did my first mock draft of the year this past week, let me give you my reactions so you fantasy football heroes know what to expect when your time to shine comes around.

For starters, you’re reading the analysis of an absolute fantasy professional. In 6 years of fantasy football I have 3 championships, multiple runner-up seasons and many more. There have only been 2 seasons where I missed the playoffs, and last year I finished in first place in all 4 of my fantasy leagues. Enough about me, let’s start talking football.

I did an ESPN 1 PPR draft, and began with picking apart some of my initial reactions to draft board placement. Immediately I was shocked by some of the early running backs in the first round.

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First round running backs are usually an anomaly, there’s very few completely dominant running backs in the league so people want to take the good ones in the first round. I get it, but this year there’s a lot of question marks. By projection, the 6th overall pick is rookie running back Zeke Elliott. Zeke was great in college, and the Cowboys have a very talented offensive line, but why is a rookie going 6th overall? We have literally no idea how we will pan out because he’s a rookie. Further, running backs with only a year under their belt are both in the top 10 (Gurley, David Johnson). Don’t get me wrong, these three are talented and will probably do well, but I just find it surprising that overall unproven NFL talent is going so high in a draft. Other players that I was stunned at their positioning were wideouts AJ Green (15) and Demaryius Thomas (30) who seem to be as high up as they are simply because of name. I’d stray away from picking them at their predetermined positions, if they drop then it seems like a safer pick.

Some high value guys that have head-scratching spots are Aaron Rodgers at 49, Big Ben Roethlisberger (69), and Cam Newton (35). These three are all explosive quarterbacks, and although quarterbacks aren’t highly regarded in fantasy football this seemed strange because many would put these 3 in their top 5 active QBs.

I like Lamar Miller at 14 overall, he did pretty well for himself with a confused Miami team last year, I think he will do even better with a revamped and defending division title Texans team that is known for giving their running backs a decent workload. Miller, to me, always seems like a safe player to bet on.

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Now it’s time for the meaty value of the draft. I love wideout Jarvis Landry at 42 overall, who statistically was one of the top wide receivers in the league last year. This combined with the new pass heavy offense can only be a good sign for Jarvis. Running backs Kendall Langford (58), Ryan Mathews (57), and Latavius Murray (59) are quality RB 2’s that split workload last year but will look to get bigger roles with their teams next year.

As always, there are plenty of players that aren’t in accurate positions for the preseason. And as always, we will have to wait for the season to play out to see how these players do. Good luck fantasy players.


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