Euro recap and Transfer News

Copa America was hard to follow because I was in Haiti. Trying to find a TV with cable there, was a pretty tough task. The quest for a TV led me to the type of trap house I envision Future and 2 Chainz shooting a music video in. The tournament went expected in my opinion. Messi still can’t seal the deal, Chile is a force to be reckoned with, and USA did okay. Messi can’t bring a International trophy home for Argentina, after 2 back to back tournament final losses. Those being the World Cup and Copa America. He has a great team behind him, but they always break down in the finals. In my opinion, I just don’t think he is as good when he doesn’t have good play makers around him (Iniesta and Xavi). But who cares, the real important stuff is USA. We were average, but better than I expected. DeAndre Yedlin’s red card really killed us.

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Euro were pretty cool though. Italy played exceptionally well and forced the defending World Cup champions to penalties where they lost after nine rounds. This was probably one of the weakest Italian teams assembled in a long time, so the fact that they made it to the quarterfinals was pretty impressive. Germany however, was a powerhouse on paper. Even though they made it to the semis, they really never lived up to their potential. France beat them because Griezmann was inform. He won the golden boot of the tournament, which means he scored the most goals.

After France beat Germany, all they had to do was beat Portugal. Most experts thought that France was the favorite since they had better overall players.  Wait, what a about Cristiano Ronaldo? He plays for Portugal, he’s the best…15 minutes into the game, he gets injured with a torn MCL. The game was then one of the most boring Euro Finals in my opinion, going scoreless for all of regular time. Then when no one expects it, Eder on Portugal made a run across the 18 with the ball and blasts it bottom left. GOOOAAAAL! Portugal won it 1-0 and France loses on their home soil.

Pogba and Griezmann of France both had a horrible game and quiet frankly, France deserved to lose. Their forwards were given plenty of chances to finish and their midfield played horribly. Other than Sissoko, who kept France in the game.

So with Portugal winning their first ever major international championship, an even bigger debate rises. Who is better? Messi or Ronaldo?

Messi = 0 int’l championships.

Ronaldo= 1 in’l championships.

I don’t know, you be the judge.

Transfer News:

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Paris Saint Germain -> Manchester United

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has decided to take his talent to Manchester United. This is a huge pick up for Man U who desperately needed a striker. All they have right now is Anthony Martial. He is a promising young star, but still has a lot to learn. Zlatan is 34 years old and still tearing holes in opposing defenses. He can teach Martial going forward so when the time comes, he can rise to the occasion. With Zlatan there, all Man U needs is a tweek here and there on defense and they will have great odds at winning the league. Also, Zlatan will give them a great chance at going far in the Champions League. Great overall signing by the new manager Jose Mourinho.

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Dani Alves Barcelona -> Juventus

Another huge signing for Juventus. Dani Alves is just another huge name to add to the list of great defenders on this team. Chiellini and Brazagli at center backs, plus Alves and Evra at fullbacks is a stacked defense. Dani Alves also brings a much needed attacking threat. This signing just made it much harder for any team to compete with Juventus in Seria A. With Alves signed, Juventus is quickly becoming an International powerhouse.

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N’Golo Kante: Leicester City -> Chelsea

After that Cinderella story with Leicester City, Kante wanted out and he got his wish. Coming off a great season, he has signed with Chelsea who are desperate for some changes in the midfield. As a Chelsea fan, I like this signing but wonder if Kante is a good enough player to fill the gaps in the midfield. Overall for Chelsea, he solidifies the midfield and adds even more depth in that position.

Other than that, there are only speculations around the names of Pogba, Gotze, and Bale. So we will see where that goes. Chelsea signed striker Michy Batshuayi who looks promising so the future is bright. I believe Chelsea’s new manager Conte will prove to be very good for the team and will get us back into Champions League.

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