Not One Failure But Two 

UFC 200 was supposed to be the triumphant return for a fighter who left in a ton of turmoil. That fighter being Brock Lesnar. But now, controversy surrounds Lesnar once again. Why you ask? Two failed drug tests, one from back in June and one on the night of UFC 200.

What a way to return to the UFC and continue your WWE career with not one, but TWO failed drug tests.

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The results were given to the UFC and were released by the USADA. This all after Dana White swore to test all users in the past. Lesnar had a history of PED usage, but after all was said and done, many believed he was clean. I mean look at the guy, c’mon you can’t honestly tell me he didn’t have some sort of PED in his system. I’m a Lesnar fan and when I saw his physique going into the fight, even I thought something was fishy.

The substance that was found to trigger the PED usage was an “anti-estrogen” supplement. I’m no PED expert so I’m not going to try to figure out what this substance is and what it can do. What I know is it is illegal and Lesnar cheated by using it. Maybe not cheating, but you get my drift here. He got caught red-handed, not once, but twice.

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This is me shooting right from the hip and saying that this is disgraceful. The UFC should be absolutely ashamed and so should Lesnar. He’s still on tap to headline SummerSlam for the WWE in August. He won’t be doing that if he gets slapped with some sort of suspension. Readers, I can say this with confidence when I think we are on the same page here. It’s 2016, if you use PED’s, YOU WILL, AND I MEAN YOU WILL GET CAUGHT.

If anyone has the right to be mad, it’s The Super Samoan Mark Hunt. Oh, let me tell you Mr. Hunt is pretty upset. He probably wants half of what Lesnar got for winning. He deserves a big purse for that fight, and Dana White is honestly being a coward for not giving it to him. I surely think that Hunt deserves some sort of reparation for his part in the fight. Hunt got beat up, and beat up pretty good.

So we can now sit here and see what happens to Lesnar. Brock could not only destroy his own reputation, but as well as the UFC’s and possibly the WWE’s. What piss poor effort to stay clean, piss poor.

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-Jack Corsi (@corsi_light)


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