Interview with Jim Murray

The staff of F.I. is thankful for the opportunity to interview Jim Murray on how the Boston Red Sox are doing and their plans for the future. Murray is the headlines anchor for one of Boston’s most popular sports radio show, Felger and Mazz. Check him out Monday through Friday from 2-6 p.m. where he updates you on what’s going on around the sports world on 98.5, The Sports Hub. Also, be sure to follow him on Twitter, @bigjimmurray.


F.I.: When David Ortiz does retire, who will be the new face of the Red Sox organization?

Murray: Either Bogaerts or Betts. Not only do they both rake, they’re friendly, humble guys who are easily marketable.

F.I.: In the potential pitching market, which starting pitcher fits the Red Sox rotation best Chris Sale or Jose Fernandez, and is the price tag going to make the Sox give up some big name prospects?

Murray: Jose Fernandez is the real deal and has numbers that are comparable to Clayton Kershawn over the last couple of seasons. I’d move anyone short of Bogey, Betts and Moncada for him.

F.I.: With Travis Shaw having a terrible month of hitting in June, do you see him potentially being dealt during the trade deadline?

Murray: No shot. He’ll come around.

F.I.: With Sonny Gray having his worst season so far in his young career, do you think it would be a bad idea for the Sox to go after him at the deadline?

Murray: Considering what they had to give up for Pomeranz (top pitching prospect, Anderson Espinoza), the price would be too much for Gray.

F.I.: Do you see the Sox going after a legitimate outfielder at the deadline since Blake Swihart and Chris Young are on the DL? If so, who? Or will they stick with Brock Holt, Bryce Brentz and Ryan LaMarre until everyone gets healthy?

Murray: Nope, no need. They’ll get Young back soon enough.

F.I.: As far as prospects, the Red Sox Farm system is one of the strongest in the League between Andrew Benintendi and Yoan Moncada. Who do you think will get to the MLB first and who will be more successful?

Murray: Moncada wowed the hell out of me with his appearance in the Futures game this past week, and I have some concerns about what seems like a passive personality in Benentendi, so I’ll go with Yoan.

F.I.: People have been talking about the pitching problems for the Sox, but do you think that the coaching staff has been doing their best and is that a reason for the Red Sox struggles as of late?

Murray: No. John Farrell & Carl Willis strike me as mostly useless and if anything have screwed some of this staff up.

We would like to thank Jim Murray again for taking the time to answer the questions the staff of F.I. came up with!

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