The Fourth’s Favorite Contest 

The NHL has the Stanley Cup, the NFL has the Super Bowl and Competitive Eating has the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest. Every 4th of July, Coney Island hosts the contest and every year, millions upon millions tune into the event. Well a week ago we were witness to the 100th version of the spectacular, and oh was it spectacular.

Joey Chestnut ate 70 dogs. Oh in just 10 minutes as well. That’s just totally insane that Chestnut ate that many dogs. Coming off the devastating loss last year, Joey came to compete on Independence Day. Chestnut redeemed himself big time breaking that record, and beating out Matt Stonie. Stonie ate just 56 dogs, not a good day for Matt.

Embed from Getty Images

The real winner? America. We get this event and why not? We are TRULEY the best country in the world. Showing this event on live TV would not happen in any other country. We show it because we are Americans.

A surprise entrant was Dan “Big Cat” Katz. The Barstool Sports writer was an honorary entrant and had a good amount for a first timer. “Big Cat” ate 12 dogs and well, if anyone can do that for a first time, it’s him. I for one am an avid reader of Katz’s articles and was proud of his stuff. Good for Katz.

The broadcast wasn’t shown until 3 p.m. Eastern time. ESPN totally dropped the ball with the coverage. Yeah I get it, Wimbeldon and the European Championship are important. But we live in America, and those events really aren’t important to us. This should have been shown live and in full action. Especially on the Fourth, it should have been on.

The mustard yellow belt belongs to Joey Chestnut. A red-blooded American man, and he holds it a calendar year. Until net year, I’ll see you later Competitive Eating fans.


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