Covering The College Game

We saw it last week, we saw it back in May and oh yeah, we saw it in in the early spring. Now you’re saying, “Jack what did we see?” What we saw was three other sports besides football and basketball deliver some of the most intense games of the year. But what stunk about it all was the lack of coverage we actually got.

The three sports before I go any further were baseball, lacrosse and hockey. These three sports delivered, and they delivered big time. Some of the best games of these three seasons out-shined some of the big two sports huge match-ups. So here’s what I think about the coverage of the three in general.

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College baseball coverage is alright right now. But if ESPN is really the world-wide leader in sports, give me a few more of the games. With no pro baseball going on some nights, throw a college game of the week in there. I think it gives you something to look for in the MLB draft. If not ESPN, then MLB Network or NBC Sports.

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College lacrosse usually dominates ESPNU during their season. But it’s only like a game a week. What they need to do is to exploit the idea of a Saturday triple-header. Lacrosse has games all day and all the time. If they do that it gets these young athletes air time. And gives lacrosse a lot more exposure at the college level.

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Now for hockey, the sport ESPN always overlooks. If ESPN wants to capitalize on the hockey community, you show one of these games on Thursday or a Tuesday. You keep the primarily college basketball games on Monday and Wednesday. Bing bang boom, you got yourselves college sports in all nights of the week (minus Friday which the NBA owns).

So I think I solved the college coverage problem. Now only if ESPN gave me a call, then everything could be fixed. But until then, we will not really have this spectrum of games. Pretty cool to think I solved a problem, but it’s going overlooked. That happens when you’re this handsome.


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