Hopes For Harbaugh In Year 2

When Jim Harbaugh was canned from the head coaching job with the San Francisco 49ers, many believed he was done. Cue the Michigan Wolverines. They gave the former Wolverine quarterback a job as the new head coach, and a chance at redemption. That redemption came with a 10-3 record, and 6-2 in the Big Ten conference.

The three losses came to Utah, Michigan State and Ohio State. Now there was room for improvement going into last season, but those three show a lot. Especially the two in conference. The Michigan State loss showed that college special teams is something to really work on. And well, Ohio State just run up and down all over the them.

But for Coach Harbaugh, the Citrus Bowl win in my opinion is what capped off a solid first year. Florida was a team with a lot to prove, and Michigan went in and blew them out.

Now for year 2, he’s got to rally the troops for a possible run into the playoff. He lost Jake Rudock to the NFL Draft, so it will be interesting to see who he picks as his starter. There are plenty of names on that roster, but he needs to find the right one that could be the next “Michigan Man”.

Looking at the bright side, he does have superstar tight end Jake Butt back. This kid is the real deal. Like Evander Holyfield, except for the whole boxing mantra. He catches passes like no other and is a perfect compliment to the receivers. He is most likely their number one pass catcher.

Michigan might have struck gold a year ago with the signing of Harbaugh. But with college coaching, you need consistency. Plenty of guys have come in and been nothing more than inconsistent. Harbaugh might be the guy to lead them to the promise land. Or will we see him on the unemployment line and working at ESPN by the end of next season.


2 thoughts on “Hopes For Harbaugh In Year 2”

    1. If you go back to when Harbaugh was hired at Michigan, many believed Harbaugh wouldn’t have success going back to the college level. When you lose one locker room, doubt swirls around that guy. That’s what I think caused the doubt around him.


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