Place Your ‘Betts’ On the Red Sox Future

Last night, Mookie Betts launched three homeruns in the Red Sox 6-2 victory over the Baltimore Orioles. The win has propelled the Sox to a three game lead in the A.L. East. The young talent on this team is absolutely extraordinary. Whether it is Jackie Bradley (age 26), Xander Bogaerts (age 23), Betts (age 23), or Travis Shaw (age 26), the young guns continue to produce. Everything seems to be looking up for Sox fans. For years to come, the Red Sox will continue to be in contention to take home consecutive A.L. East titles. Unfortunately, the future should not look so bright, and I’ll tell you why.

Looking years down the road, I see a few problems arising, mainly with the contract situations of both Bogaerts and Betts. Ideally, both these players would be on the Red Sox for years to come. Unfortunately, this may not be possible. Both players are represented by baseball’s favorite agent, Scott Boris. This name might not mean much to you but when I hear it, it makes my skin crawl. Boris is known to take his representatives to free agency and will not listen to contract negotiations until the contract is fulfilled. This allows all his players to hit the open market, making them free game for any team to offer them gobs of money.

Currently, Bogaerts is making $650,000, which is great for people like you and me, but for arguably the best shortstop in the league, it is chump change. Bogaerts and Boris are going to demand a contract that makes him the highest paid at his position. The young shortstop’s contract expires in 2019 after three more years of arbitration. The same thing goes for the Red Sox star right-fielder, Mookie Betts. Betts’ contract expires in 2020 and is currently making a measly $566,000. Both these players are going to receive huge contracts when they hit the open market in a few years.

This is where the problem lies. It may be nearly impossible to lock these players up for years to come because of the idiotic signings the Red Sox have made recently. Big ole’ Pablo Sandoval is eating up $17 million a year until 2020. Rick Porcello has been better as of late, but certainly does not deserve the $20-21 million dollars he currently is receiving. Wasting money on players like Sandoval and Porcello will hamper the Red Sox chances to sign the players that deserve to be paid.

I haven’t even mentioned the Red Sox hottest hitter, Jackie Bradley Jr. Bradley is up for a contract in 2020 as well. If he keeps up his performance, you can bet that he will demand the top dollar. Bradley’s hitting has been a shock to many people around the league and his work in the field has been perfect, just like expected. Is it possible to sign Bradley as well?

The Red Sox need to be careful when making moves in the future. If they sign another Sandoval, the Sox may ruin their chances to sign Bogaerts, Betts, or Bradley. So I plead to all Red Sox front office members, please don’t do anything stupid. The amount of young talent on this team is astonishing. I doubt John Henry or Larry Lucchino will read this, but my one piece of advice to them would be to keep the core players and get rid of the waste when they have the chance. These players deserve to be paid and I hope they realize that making moves along the lines of Sandoval will ruin the future of this team.


2 thoughts on “Place Your ‘Betts’ On the Red Sox Future”

    1. I can see the sox parting ways with swihart, Henry Owens, or even buchholz if anybody would even want him. They have depth in the minors but if they were going to give up one of their stud prospects they better get something valuable in return.


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