Heels Make History

History was made in the college lacrosse world on Memorial Day. Never before had a team with 6 losses won a National Championship. Well no one told the North Carolina Tar Heels that. They shocked the world, and me as well.

Carolina came in as big underdogs against the Maryland Terrapins, who were ranked 1st overall. The Tar Heels didn’t care what their rank was as they came, and conquered the Terps.

A thriller in the city of Brotherly Love, a 14-13 OT victory was what the Heels would need to do it all. Chris Cloutier is a name that sports fan need to recognize. During the championship weekend, Cloutier scored 14 goals, yes you’re reading that right, 14 goals. Joe Breschi has to be the coolest coach on the Earth too. Guy screams awesomeness, I’ve got a lot of respect for that guy.

For the Terps, nothing you can do. A bad penalty late killed them. Their goalie on the other hand may have made the greatest save in sports history. Kyle Bernlohr made an acrobatic save to keep the hope alive, but just couldn’t find the howitzer from Cloutier in the extra time.

I’ve never been a huge lacrosse guy. I played a few years of youth lax, and have been on and off with it. But now after this game, I got to say, I’m becoming a bigger fan. That game showed sports excitement and intensity all in one. Got to say the announcers gave the game some of its best moments. Hats off to the gentlemen, they are champions of their craft.

So next Memorial Day, I will have my eyes glued to the screen. After this exhibition of the sport, I will most definitely be watching the tournament. Don’t blink, you might miss the entire game. I sure know I won’t be.


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