NFL Free Agents: Who’s Left on Offense?

As NFL Free Agency comes to a screeching halt, a lot of people seem to forget there’s a nice amount of players remaining that could make a big impact on the right team. Most teams are already all set with their depth charts for next season, but adding a seasoned vet could bring some teams one step closer to being contenders. Without further adieu, here’s who I think is worth mentioning.

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Anquan Boldin – Anquan Boldin is first on this list. A seasoned veteran at the age of 36, Boldin had one of his worst seasons last year, totaling 789 yards and 4 touchdowns. With that being said, he was on the dumpster fire of the 49ers last year, and is probably thankful for his departure from such an awful organization. Boldin wants to play for a contender, and contenders should want him. He’s a tall dude, standing at 6 feet and an inch, and has the ability to go get the long ball as well as play in the slot. Boldin, in his prime, could do it all, and if I were a GM looking to make a playoff push I’d be talking to him for a one or two year deal. Stay tuned on Anquan, because he’ll be signed before the season starts. I think a reunion with the Ravens would be nice, or perhaps Boldin could join Seattle or Oakland and become a key contributor.

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Ryan Fitzpatrick – What does a guy have to do to get a contract around here? The Jets fans were given a blessing in disguise last fall when Geno Smith’s jaw was smashed into pieces in the locker-room, making Fitzpatrick the Week 1 starter for the Jets. Fitzmagic absolutely balled last year, bringing the Jets to a 10 win season with a high-powered offense. Here’s the problem for ol’ Fitzy, he’s 33 years old: AKA he’s not a long term option, AAKA (that’s “also also known as”) nobody wants a rental if they don’t have to have one. Personally, I say why not grab him if there isn’t a better option already behind center? In my opinion, the only team that should consider Fitz right now is the Jets unless a team undergoes a starting QB injury in the months leading up to Week 1.

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Arian Foster – Want to talk about a guy whose career has been hindered by injuries? He’s the definition (along with Greg Oden and Brandon Roy, but that’s a different sport). Foster was once a top tier running back in the NFL, and now he can’t strike a deal. It’s easy to blame the Texans’ game plan, because he was their only option on offense for a number of years. I also blame his rigorous training at the hands of his brother, who was happy to overwork him to a torn Achilles last season. No matter whom you point the finger at, its clear Foster isn’t the running back he used to be. Look for Foster to either retire or become a rotational piece on a contender, as he still has skill but not a lot left to offer in the tank. If I could pick, I think he’d be a nice addition to the Patriots, a team that lives by the running back committee would love to add a player who can do a little bit of everything.




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